Monday, June 17, 2013

Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's obedience trained citizens

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you want to train a dog, you reward him with food when he obeys and punish him if he does not. Lee Kuan Yew has been using the same technique on his people throughout his one party rule since he came to power in 1959. His unwavering purpose was to achieve total submission throughout his island as it is easier to govern an obedient submissive population than a questioning thinking one.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that he has achieved total and compete success, a feat even more remarkable given the fact that in this day and age, he had to contend with the Internet,

Today he has the dubious distinction of being able to say unequivocally that even in the 21 century, even in the day of the Internet, at a time when such a feat is almost impossible to achieve; he alone, unlike all the other dictators of the world, has managed to train an entire island of people, like well trained dogs, to jump when told without question. There is no living Singaporean today in that island who would dare to publicly disobey him.

In Singapore, there is no real constitution. The guarantees in that document of free speech and expression, assembly and protest are all made illegal. Yet in spite of the islanders having had an education, there has not been a single person who has had the courage to stand up to question this. An outsider unaccustomed to Lee Kuan Yew's rule might find such total submission unbelievable but it is true. Lee Kuan Yew's obedience training over his people has been so sustained and thorough over the decades which continue up to this day, the brainwashing of his people has been a complete success.

This is how it is done. The principle applied is always the same. Reward for obedience, punishment for disobedience. Like a dog, a bone for obedience, a stick for disobedience.

The victims in the past were such people as JB Jeyaretnam, an opposition politician. He not only refused to obey Lee Kuan Yew, he made it known that he intends to topple him. So out comes the dog training. He was repeatedly sued for defamation of character in Lees' Kangaroo Courts ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages, bankrupted and jailed. These facts were daily publicized in headlines in Lees' state controlled press. The effect of this naturally was to frighten every single person in his island from ever disobeying Lee Kuan Yew his family and friends.

The same well tuned and well tested procedure of reward for obedience and punishment for disobedience goes on even today. After JB Jeyaretnam, there was Chee Soon Juan, another citizen who refused to jump when told. He too went through the same obedience training. He too was repeatedly sued, impoverished bankrupted and jailed. His punishment too was prominently displayed each day in Lee's newspapers. And the people reading of the punishment naturally decided that the best way to live in Lee's island is to shut up or better still, join him.

Fearing the Internet may embolden the islanders, Lee has accelerated the obedience training. In the last few months we have seen increasing well publicized incidents of the Attorney General threatening bloggers, graffiti artists and cartoonists with jail and contempt of court actions if they continued to criticize. Naturally it sends a chill down the spine of every citizen even remotely contemplating challenging Lee Kuan Yew reminding them that they better think twice.

In my last blog post yesterday, I wrote of a Singaporean woman Lee Seng Lynn who prefers to be called Lynn Lee (although Lee Seng Lynn seems pretty all right too) who was threatened by the Attorney General with contempt of court for publishing 2 videos she made of Chinese national bus drivers who were arrested for going on strike.

The bus drivers claimed in the videos they were beaten and threatened in custody to plead guilty to the charges. On getting wind of these videos, the Attorney General claimed that because there was an ongoing investigation, the videos were sub judice and she is liable for contempt, which by the way was a completely baseless excuse, without any grounding either in law or fact.

The Attorney Generals purpose was very plain. He was not prepared to allow anyone, not even a person who claimed to have been beaten while in custody to complain. In Lee’s Singapore, these victims of assault and battery are expected to take the beatings without more and Lynn Lee is not supposed to report it either.

Lynn Lee was subjected to several hours of interrogation  at police headquaters, her government owned apartment was raided and her computers seized and investigated and she was finally only released after stern warnings that she is not to mess with Lee Kuan Yew's government and that next time was not going to be as easy as this one.

Lynn Lee's predicament was naturally widely and prominently published in the state controlled newspapers and also carried over the state run TV and radio, giving the message that if you try to expose the wrong doings of Lee's government, you will be punished.

The Attorney General had made it known that in this case, he is not going charge Lynn Lee with contempt of court as in his view, a warning is sufficient. As for Lynn Lee, I suppose she will count herself lucky to have escaped the jaws of the tiger this time and would very probably go away making sure she never again crosses the mighty and all powerful Lee Kuan Yew and his Attorney General. As for the rest of the Singaporeans, I suppose they count themselves lucky not to be in Lynn Lees' shoes and would I suppose be even more careful not to offend Lee Kuan Yew and his powerful friends.

But then there is another side to this story. This total submission to Lee Kuan Yew must be unpleasant to anyone who knows that he has any human rights. Many such people have the means to leave the island for settlement abroad. So as Lee Kuan Yew continues on his obedience training of his people, many simply emigrate to the West. These who do are the best qualified, people who have confidence in themselves and the belief that they can succeed abroad.

This emigration, which continues to increase over the years is hurting Lee Kuan Yew very badly. He needs highly qualified people but they simply refuse to live in his island of mindless conformism. With each passing day, he finds those remaining in his island to be a weak spirited society lacking in passion about anything. All his Singaporeans are capable of doing is to simply to follow orders, as any independent thinking can land them in serious trouble before his Attorney General and his attack dogs, the island police.

I am not sure how successful Singapore can ever be if all their capable people are leaving Lee Kuan Yew’s island in disgust at this brainwashing, while the only ones remaining are a spiritless weak minded dull bunch of sheep, lacking in imagination or spontaneity. It is one thing for a country the size of Russia to face a brain drain. It is quite another for a tiny island which only has about 2.5 million locally born citizens. At the rate the educated are leaving Lee Kuan Yew’s Alice in Wonderland, there would only be dummies left there waiting to be told to how high to jump.

I certainly would not have been able to live a single day in Lee Kuan Yew's paradise, that much I am sure. Given my refusal to obey any dictator’s orders, I suppose I would be spending most of my time in his jails while every instance of my disobedience would have been carefully reported in his state controlled media with a stern warning to all that they should never ever try to be like Gopalan Nair.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Aryan-Dravidian said...

Agreed. But tyranny has NEVER been and will NEVER be eternal. If our race had even defeated the mighty British and chased them out of India without so much as raising a finger what can a bunch of over-rated slitty-eyed gangsters do? Heck, the Japs had a field day overcoming token and feeble resistance at Nanking. We might be Singaporeans but there is no escape from Mendelian genetics, it shows through, NO MATTER WHAT. From a mere 4% of population, the likes of JBJ, M Ravi, Vincent Wijeyasingha, James Gomez, Viswa Sadasivan, Gopalan Nair, Gandhi Ambalam (need i go on??), have been championing democracy fervently and relentlessly while e certain majority was too busy queueing up for free Hello Kitty dolls, fattening their bank accounts and hiding behind the Great Yellow Blanket. Like I said, Im sure they still think that it was IP MAN who founded Kung Fu. Go and read your History, tell your kids during bedtime that instead of being afraid of the "Appu Neneh", tell them that it was an INDIAN FROM TAMIL NADU who brought KungFu to Shaolin and taught them TCM, tell them it was the Indians who had the first ever record of a University, who invented "zero" and the Hindu-Arabic System without which there will be NO MATH as we know it, teach them that 2 Indians who won the NOBEL PRIZE FOR PHYSICS and worked with Einstein as far back as 1940. Teach them that Tamil is the most ancient language, even pre-dating any Oriental ones but in Spore, its being usurped by Tagalog. Teach them that there is more talent at the humble but now extinct, Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre than multi-million dollar Hwa Chong Instituition. Teach them that Kerala in India has an almost 100% literacy rate WITHOUT paying their politicians millions.Teach your kids, the TRUTH and to appreciate and treat ALL MEN EQUAL UNDER GOD.

Anonymous said...

This story by LKY's daughter about LKY's mother is telling.

... once when she was staying at younger son Freddie Lee’s [LKY's brother] home in White House Lane off Stevens Road, Freddie and wife Eleanor forgot to ask her down for dinner, so Mak went downstairs and smashed all the antiques that were in the house.
Smashing expensive antiques because someone forgot to ask her down for dinner. How infantile.

You can see where LKY has inherited his hubris and hot headedness from.

It is actually disturbing that LKY's daughter describes this mentally-unbalanced behavior with fondness.

With such a mother, jailing someone without trail for more than 30 years must come naturally to Lee Kuan Yew.

What a Familee.

Anonymous said...

Dr Tan Tai Wei:
June 18, 2013 at 9:44 am (Quote)

Went upstairs and smashed all the antiques, and only because she wasn’t called first to dinner?! As a doctor, Dr Lee should suspect this couldn’t be just a normal abnormality that can be just excused as “aggressive kindness”. I have sometimes wondered whether some of LKY’s extremities indicated psychopathic tendencies. They were too much beyond what even mere political pragmatism would call for, indeed often too personal to be political. So, is Dr Lee confirming genetic inheritance of that sickness?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Aryan Dravidian above,

I am sorry I have to object to many things you have said. First, except for JBJ, I don't like being considered similar to M Ravi, Vincent Wijeyasingha, James Gomez, Viswa Sadasivan. As for M Ravi, other than running around claiming to be a human rights lawyer, he hardly champions any of it. He is far more concerned making sure that he is not arrested. As for Vincent Wijeysingha, except for writing blogs in Singapore and promptly apologizing when faced with the Singaporean allmighty, I am not sure if he is doing anything that you suggest. As for James Gomez, he has dissappeared altogether and we would probably see him again either with the SDP or some other party in 2016. As for Sadasivam, except for the fact that he was once a Non Constitunency member expected to toe the line which it appears he did so only partially, I have not heard of him since.

I am not trying to be too hard on anyone but my philospohy has always been, if you want to fight, then fight. Don't go around in a half hearted measure skirting Lee Kuan Yew and friends instead of taking the bull by the horns. True, it is dangerous and could ruin your entire life, but that is a choice one with any balls has to make. Otherwise clear out and go to Australia and take the fight from there. Continuing to live in Singapore and obeying Lee Kuan Yew are not the hall marks of a freedom fighter. More the signs of a person who is confused as to which way to turn.

When I was in Singapore before leaving for California, I did exactly what should be done. I openly joined the WP, contested the elections, lost, was repeatedly persecuted, realized the futility of a life in Singapore and left for California. From here I attack the Lee Kuan Yew dictatrship which you are reading. At least I have the courage to identity myself, both in Singapore and here. You feel safer calling yourself Aryan something.

Again as for what happened in 2008 in Singapore while I was there, you know it exactly.

As for your claims of Tamil superiority over others, I take objection to this. Tamils are no better than the Chinese or anyone else. So take your views on racial superiority and tell it to Adolf Hitler, not to me.

And finally let me warn you that I do not want this blog to be seen associated with some nut and his Tamil superiority philosophy. I am posting your comment this time, but if you want any coverage in this blog, I suggest you look at yourself and use your head for a change. I will not post your comments if you persist. Be warned.

Anonymous said...

US scientist's family says Singapore inquest 'a sham'

In her message to AFP, Mary Todd repeated claims that her son's former employer, Singapore's state-linked Institute of Microelectronics (IME), was more closely involved with China's Huawei Technologies than stated at the hearings.

In earlier statements to the inquest, Todd's parents said that before he died, the researcher expressed fears that he was being made to compromise US national security in a secret project involving the two companies.

A US congressional committee last year labelled Huawei and ZTE, another Chinese telecom firm, as potential security threats that should be excluded from US government contracts and barred from acquiring US firms.

Anonymous said...

I read a few chapters of "Why Nation Fails" recently. This book was mentioned by Dr. Chee and it explains in details and real historical nation e.g. Roman and Communist Russia, how it fell. Interestingly, it follows a similar pattern towards degradation and I am afraid to say that Singapore is already heading towards that stage.

Anonymous said...

In addition to having an incompetent one-party (People's Action Party) government, Singapore also has a polluted air:
"Haze in Singapore hits historical high, PSI at 290"

It's so hazy in Singapore. The haze is causing breathing difficulties and headaches.
"Hourly updates of 3-hr PSI readings are provided from 6am to 12midnight. - See more at:"

The Pollution Standards Index (PSI) reported by the government, through its National Environment Agency is merely an average. I.e. the actual PSI has already exceeded 290.

201 - 300 Very unhealthy.
Above 300 Hazardous.

The air in Singapore is currently Hazardous! no wonder my family members are having headaches!

Anonymous said...

Garden City no more. Singapore is now Gutter City - a degraded and squalid state of human existence, figuratively. It may appear to be prosperous with its skyscrapers and its tourist spots on the outside, but it's rotten on the inside.

Anonymous said...


"The Singapore Flyer, the city's landmark giant observation wheel that was recently put up for sale over unpaid debt, had but a handful of patrons riding its capsules Wednesday afternoon." The tourists didn't see anything because the visibility was that bad.

This is really frustrating. Not everyone in Singapore works in an air-conditioned office environment. Similarly, not everyone in Singapore lives in an air-conditioned apartment/house.

I'm already staying indoors, but the haze is still causing health problems because I don't have an air-conditioning unit installed at the apartment I stay in. My eyes are sore and my nose and throat hurt. I've used a lot of eye drops this week. And I've been wearing a mask-even when I'm indoors-for the past few days!

Anonymous said...

The Last of the Native Singaporeans

LKY, calling his own citizens daft and needed to repent despite bragging about having the best education in the world. He further insult his own citizens by saying that PRC immigrants are smarter and more hardworking than native Singapore despite bragging that Singapore has the best workforce in the world

Ironically, it would be left to the once despised diaspora ex-Singaporeans called the Quitters to tell this sad story.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, LKY was asked at an interview in Australia 730 Report on whether he was concerned about its citizens leaving. His answer was 'no, because only the second best is leaving, the best has decided to stay' or words to that effect. I left and happy to be the second best.

Irene Puah Siew Hoon said...

It is perhaps poetic justice that we now suffer under such severe haze. After all, we have been offering a safe haven for all the money from the black economy in Indonesia. It success is now coming back to haunt us. Well done LYK, well done PAP.

Anonymous said...

Just one of the many real incidents happening in Singapore to disprove Lee Kuan Yew's claim that PRC immigrants and foreign talents are smarter and more hardworking thatn native Singaporeans:

It's ridiculous how a politician, who draws millions in salary every year, can make such baseless, racist generalization against his own people and yet still hold office for decades. I guess it takes shameless despots like Lee Kuan Yew and Chiang Kai-Shek to do so.