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Singapore. The Peter Lim sex for contract case. Judge Hamidah Ibrahim's questionable moral character.

Edited June 2, 2013, George Pereira's address should read 141 Middle Road, #04-02/03, GSM Building, Singapore 188976

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yesterday Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times reports of the conviction of Peter Lim, senior government officer who ran the state security agency, Singapore Civil Defense Force, for corruption because a woman named Phang who worked in Nimrod, a company, which stood to profit from his contracts had given him a blow job. He will be sentenced next week.

Lee Kuan Yew government having engaged in this total waste of time of reporting on this seemingly insignificant matter of one woman having given a single instance of a blow job to this man, for weeks and months in their state controlled media, in great detail, describing who was it that unzipped his pants, how the blow job was executed and so on and so forth ad nasuem makes one wonder, are Singaporeans a bunch of perverts with nothing else to think about other than sex and blow jobs in parked cars?

Surely, with Lee Kuan Yew's worry that Singapore is not producing enough ethnic Chinese babies (Lee does not want any Malay or Indian babies), since these two are ethnic Chinese, should they not be encouraged to have sex instead at government expense, hotel rooms at government expense.

Indeed, why not have a line of ethnic Chinese women all lined up in a row, lying on their backs and ordered to produce the desired number of babies with men such as Lim who I am sure would willingly come forward and provide the necessary exercise with or without pay.  

This case was an utter waste of time not only because it was about a blow job, which natural men would usually like unless you are gay, and something which happens every day all over the world but also significantly because it was never proven that he had given her any contract after he got the blow job.

And it would be silly to assume that Lim would have given her a government contract for such an insignificant thing like a blow job which he could have had a thousand times over elsewhere for almost nothing.

But I digress too much. What I wanted to say was the judge in this case Hamidah Ibrahim should look in the mirror herself before castigating this man for such high minded stuff as immoral conduct, unethical conduct as a government servant and conflict of interest. Her own conduct, which you will see, leaves much to be desired.  

I know Judge Hamidah Ibrahim in so far as I was a practicing lawyer in Singapore from 1981 to 1991. I had just returned from studying law in England and started practicing law in the island. At this time this woman, an unmarried Malay Muslim was a judge as she is now in courts where Lim was convicted.

I don't ever recall ever appearing in any case in her court although I appeared in the other courts there. My ex-wife, Elizabeth Veronica Charmaine Cardoza, who had returned to Singapore from California after our divorce, in 1999 or so, had then worked in the Singapore Legal Service as a government employee. At this time, she told me that she and Judge Hamidah Ibrahim were friends. My ex-wife works now in Singapore as an Adjunct Professor at Singapore National University and I believe the Management University. (Adjunct is a fancy word for temporary. It means sometimes you have work and sometimes you don't). This information about her is available on the Internet by Google.

What she also informed me is that this unmarried Judge Hamidah Ibrahim had a boyfriend, a Singaporean Indian lawyer called George Pereira. Pereira was an insignificant little known lawyer who worked for some small Singaporean Chinese law firm. Today he similarly is in a small law firm with himself and a Singaporean Chinese called Pereira and Tan, GSM Building #04-02/03, 141 Middle Road, Singapore 188976. His telephone number is 63390359. In this street you see small sized law firms working their trade.

At this time, I was already an open critic of the Lee Kuan Yew establishment and had already contested one or two elections as an opposition Workers Party member. As in any fascist state like Singapore, political opponents to the regime are shunned and as Pereira was seen either as a person with no political views whatsoever or a government sympathizer, he as well as almost the entire legal profession kept a distance from me. Therefore I did not know him personally but I knew who he was. In appearance he was nothing to speak of, just an ordinarily looking fellow, short and brown in appearance with a poke marked face. His distinguishing mark is his squint eyes. One eye looks at you and the other looks at a slant.

Any way my question to Judge Hamidah Ibrahim and her presumably highly moral stand, a tone of indignation and outrage, chastising Lim for the reprobate and dissolute character that she claims he is with unzipped pants and blow jobs is this; what were you doing with your boyfriend George Pereira for all those years while you were an unmarried Malay Muslim woman and a Singapore judge on top of that?

Were you, Judge Hamidah Ibrahim also unzipping the lawyer George Pereira’s trousers and giving him blow jobs too? What else were you doing with George Pereira? Were you also doing somersaults in bed with him? 

And if you were sleeping with George Pereira, is it not a conflict of interest for a Singapore judge to be having sex with a practicing lawyer in the same jurisdiction? Is it not an ethical violation? Were you also not guilty of corruption and should you also not be sent to jail as you are about to do to Lim? 

Furthermore beside the fact that you are a judge, you are also a Singaporean Malay Muslim. Is it not a violation of your religion for an unmarried Malay Muslim woman to be sleeping with a man, let alone an unmarried Singaporean Indian Christian lawyer? Is it not wrong for an unmarried woman to have sex and worse to have it with a non Muslim?

Let me be very clear. The words of my ex-wife to me were that he was her "boyfriend". She did not at any time say that they were having sex. She also said that they were in a long term relationship. They could still be in that relationship now, I do not know. I remember distinctly asking her why she was not marrying Pereira to which she said she did not know. I am assuming that if a couple were in a long term relationship, they would probably be having sex. Most normal people would not be content to just sing folk songs to each other.

Additionally, sometime either in 1990 or 1991, by chance I met Judge Hamidah Ibrahim and George Pereira in the Johor Bahru Railway station coffee shop. There was another person with them; I cannot remember a man or a woman. They were seated in a table and recognized me and called me. I said hello and a couple of words and that was that. I remember it to be either 1990 or 1991 because my son was with me. Since he was born in 1987, he had to be either 3 or 4 years old because he could walk with me. It couldn't be after 1991 because I left Singapore for the last time in 1991 December permanently to settle in California.

I do not know what Pereira was doing with Judge Hamidah Ibrahim with one another person in Johor Bahru Railway station. There could have been a completely reasonable explanation since there was one other person with them. Even if the judge and Pereira had not gone to a Johore Bahru hotel for hot sex, the fact that they were together away from Singapore does corroborate the fact that they were friends, and according to my ex-wife, boyfriend and girl friend.

Should not the Singapore police investigate Judge Hamidah Ibrahim? Should not the authorities be calling my ex-wife for an account of what she knew? Should not the entire career of Judge Hamidah Ibrahim be looked into, how many cases did George Pereira have with his girlfriend judge, was there corruption and who should now go to jail.

Judge Hamidah Ibrahim has egg on her face now. That is for sure. As for me, if the Singapore authorities want me to swear an affidavit under oath that all this is true, I am prepared to do it, knowing that under California law, there are severe penalties for lying under oath. I do not have to remind you that California and the USA is a law abiding country that prides itself in the rule of law. Furthermore I am also prepared to testify to the veracity of what I say over Skipe or other electronic means. However I am not prepared to step foot in Singapore as I do not trust the legal system and the Kangaroo courts of Singapore.

I have so far refrained from making any reference to my ex-wife all these years. She is 60 now and best to let her live out the rest of her years in peace. But in this case I had an obligation to name her since the information came from her and the need to identity her as the source of my information.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Why Singaporeans are willing to suffer under LKY:

Stockholm Syndrome.

Add this to Confucianism, you end up with 50 years of LEE Family in Singapore.

Stockholm Syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.”

Explains why some people will always support LKY/PAP.

Anonymous said...

MDA’s new online regulations

The LEE family realises that there will be a deluge of venom directed at them when LKY dies, most likely before the 2016 elections.

They are trying so desperately to control the Internet and stifle discussion - as if they can. The fools.

Anything related to Saddam has been erased from Iraq. And so too will the same happen to LKY.

Anonymous said...

I dare say you ex-wife might have succumbed to the Stockholm Syndrome.

Why would any rational person, especially a non-Chinese, leave the USA to move back to SinaPore?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said

"Why would any rational person, especially a non-Chinese, leave the USA to move back to SinaPore?"

True, most people would not. But you must realize that the USA is a very competitive place. Not like for some jobs in Singapore like the legal service where she worked before where you have very secure employment provided you don't rock the boat.

It is hard to explain but let me put it this way. The USA is a place if you have dreams of reaching the sky and willing to work to reach it. For people who simply want to have a pretty comfortable life without having to hustle too much, Singapore may be better, provided you are not too worried about the fact that you live in dictatorship with Kangaroo courts. I reckon that is how my ex-wife was.

But we should leave her alone

Anonymous said...

No debate in Parliament.

Internet regulation – even MPs and the MLC not consulted?

Meanwhile, LKY and his idiot son, are no where to be seen.

Netizens, give these scoundrels and their butt kissers hell.
Start with Yaacob bin Ibrahim, him with the American wife and children with American citizenship,.

Anonymous said...

Former NUS law professor, Tey Tsun Hang, who was involved in a sex-for-grades case has been sentenced to 5 months’ jail and ordered to pay a penalty of $514.80 by the court today (3 Jun).

The amount includes the balance of a dinner bill and the cost of two tailored shirts paid for by former student Darinne Ko Wen Hui.

Shouldn't Ms Ko also be prosecuted?

Or is justice is Singapore selective?

Anonymous said...