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Singapore Island selects obedient immigrants

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Suffering from it's perennial unsolvable problems of a depleting population, already tiny for a start of no more than about 2 million native born Singaporean islanders; the world's lowest birth rate with baby numbers not even replacing one parent let alone 2; and a massive emigration rate to the West, it knows that unless it does something drastic, the island's people will completely  disappear.

And the cause of these problems is the same government which has been clinging on to power since 1959, and simply refusing to go. They have done this by destroying political opposition through fake criminal charges, rigged elections and threatening voters. Just like any other dictatorship around the world they wish to cling to power never mind if the island goes to the dogs. And today to the dogs it has gone.

In their greed and corruption; they pay themselves $3.7 million a year each; they are responsible for the state the island is in today. It is their abuse of the rule of law, using it as a tool to silence dissent and thereby completely discrediting its legal system that is primarily responsible for this helpless situation in the island.

If a government is permitted to abuse the rule of law, they can and they have denied the fundamental rights of citizens such as the right to a free press, the right to free speech and the right to criticize, the right to have free and fair elections. None of these rights exist in the island because this government has decided to do away completely with the rule of law, leaving it's citizens totally under the mercy and whims of the government.

Naturally in a situation such as this, no one in his right mind capable of leaving would want to stay. Which explains the massive brain drain from an already tiny population. Anyone with any ability to leave is leaving. And no one in his right mind would want to make a home in the island where once again you live in a society where the government can do anything they want to do to you with impunity. This is why native Singaporeans do not want to have children. It has the lowest birth rate in the world.

In order to replace the almost extinct native Singaporean they bring in massive numbers of immigrants. Since a lot of things are done in secrecy as is the case in all dictatorships, the government does not publish the requirements to qualify as an immigrant. Immigration into the island is completely at the discretion of the government and they are not obliged to give any reasons for denial. This is not the case with any other respected country in the world. Australia has legal requirements for immigration and candidates are allowed to appeal a decision which is against them.

In Singapore, if you look around today, most faces you see are Chinese faces, and not faces from other parts of the world. And the large proportion of them are unable to speak English but only Mandarin. The Singapore dictatorships selective immigration policy must be very clear to see, selective not for the best qualified but for characteristics such as submissiveness, ignorance of Singapore's history and a lack of understanding of even rudimentary politics.

In other words the island is looking for immigrants who would simply obey the government without question, like these Chinese from China would. Of course this is good for the Lee ruling family because with a people such as this, they will be able to remain in power forever.

And Chinese from mainland China fit this role perfectly. In China they have no idea of democracy or such things as human rights. By law the Communist Party will be the government; no other. And hopefully when they come to Singapore, they will accept Lee Kuan Yew, his family and their PAP the government and none other.

Their understanding of life, unlike someone bought up in a democracy, is to obey a government under which you live and hope that they will give you a job, goodies and cakes. Rights such as the rights to free speech and expression, the right to assembly and the right to change the Communist government of the country does not exist. As long as the government can give them a living, they will carry on without complaint. And this is the sort of people Lee Kuan Yew and his government wants.

I suppose an imaginary immigration interview in Mandarin would go like this:

Singapore: Would you object if you knew that Lee Kuan Yew pays himself $3.7 million a year in taxpayers money as a salary?
Chinese immigrant: Why should I care. After all he is King. He can do as he wants.

Singapore: Would you object if you were told that you have no freedom of speech, expression, assembly or a free press?
Chinese immigrant: Why should I care as long as I have a job.

Singapore: Have you heard of a thing called the Constitution?
Chinese immigrant: What in Heavens is that?

Singapore: Congratulations. You are accepted as an immigrant. Welcome to Singapore. You are a dummy and we love you. Please pick up your Singapore citizenship on the way out. And please tell your friends about us. We want more like you. Thank you.

Singapore will not accept large numbers of Australians because in a short while they would refuse to obey the dictatorship. Of course there are some Australians in the island who do high level jobs for large salaries on a temporary basis. But they won't allow you to insult them by calling them Singaporean's which they are not and never will. The same goes for the other Caucasians from the West in the island who run the banks and the financial institutions. They have no simply respect for local Singaporeans and stay away from them as much as possible.

Lee Kuan Yew and his son have successfully turned the island into another Dubai. With passing time, there will be a handful of Singaporeans comprised mainly of the Lee family and his close and distant relatives who live like Kings, as they do now, who would employ these hoards of Chinese from China who would work and live in the island without complaint. Without any rule of law, as is the case even now, Lee can send them packing if he doesn't want them and replace them with the millions of other impoverished Chinese waiting in line in their country. As the ubiquitous Indian, Pakistani or Filipino who do the dirty work in Dubai, in Singapore you would have the Chinese coolies doing the work for the Lee extended family.

I am not sure how long he can carry on this way, as these Chinese from China are incapable of servicing a modern English speaking city state which it is supposed to be. In no time, simply because there won't be sufficient numbers of English speakers left in the predominantly Chinese speaking island city state, they would have to do away with English as the lingua franca and replace it with Mandarin Chinese.

By the way, the local Indian and Malays, although citizens are nowhere in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore plans. Already today they are forgotten.

I don't think tiny Singapore island city state, with an already tiny population, can have much of a future as a Mandarin speaking China satellite island and Lee Kuan Yew and his family would have successfully destroyed Singapore which in fact would have had a very bright future were it not for the greedy selfish near-sighted corrupt regime which governs it today.

I am attaching below an article from today's Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times on the fast diminishing childbirth which I told you about and more than half of children born there has at least one foreign parent if not both.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
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Fewer kids with both parents from Singapore

A rising number of babies are being born to Singaporeans with foreign spouses. Theresa Tan and Jane Ng examine the implications of this demographic shift.

Published on Jul 21, 2013
9:12 AM 

Posed photo of a woman carrying a baby. There were 42,663 babies born in Singapore last year, but only half of them had parents who were both Singapore citizens. Their proportion of all births shrank sharply from 2000. -- ST FILE PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG
There were 42,663 babies born in Singapore last year, but only half of them had parents who were both Singapore citizens. Their proportion of all births shrank sharply from 2000.
The rest were born to citizens with foreign spouses, or foreign couples. And this group swelled considerably from before.
It is a significant demographic shift, experts say, with implications for what it means to be Singaporean and how to integrate foreigners who are here to stay.
The data on parents' nationality appears in the Report on Registration of Births and Deaths 2012, published by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) this month.


Anonymous said...

First came the Chinese wave, now it is the Indian diaspora.

Statistics showed that by 2010 Singapore had given PR to about 110,600 Indian visitors, a prerequisite to becoming citizens. This compared to 237,000 Singaporean Indian citizens.

The new wave of migrant workers has so far brought into Singapore some 400,000 Indians and 800,000-850,000 mainland Chinese.

Other large foreign communities are 500,000 Malaysians, who have longer and deeper ties here, 200,000 Filipinos and about 100,000-120,000 Westerners.

Taken from

Anonymous said...

They have noted your comments and increased the number of Filipinos to ensure that Singapore will still be able to speak english, but at an even higher standard.