Friday, July 19, 2013

Singaporeans enslaved in the box

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We always hear of the box and the qualities of human beings being able to think outside the box. Unfortunately for Singaporeans under Lee Kuan Yew's
no-nonsense-immaculately-manicured-lawn -mowed-island doing this outside that imaginary box is simply impossible. For Singaporeans, the reality is, they not only cannot think outside of that box, Lee Kuan Yew has literally enslaved them in it from which they simply cannot get out.

Bill Gates and Larry Ellison have had their success famously attributed to be able to do their thinking outside that imaginary box, which thanks for their physical positioning while they were doing it, were not only able to bring unimaginable riches to themselves and to motivate millions of others both in the USA and elsewhere towards inventiveness, creativity and many other good things, they were able to bring unimaginable credit to their country in science and technology.

However it has been proven and well known that it is simply not possible to achieve any of this, if you wrongly position yourself inside the box, which is exactly what Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew wants. Why, because he fears that if allowed to engage in this prohibited activity of thinking outside the box, you may threaten his continued grip on power and what is worse, even topple him .

In Singapore's official philosophy, conformism is good. Independent thinking is dangerous.

Just go to Singapore and see for yourself. You see an island wide mindless conformism. Civil servants have nothing to say about how their island is run, and if they did, it would very probably mirror the views of Lee Kuan Yew and his political party, which are: free press is bad, state controlled press is good; rule of law is bad, and Kangaroo courts are good; Gopalan Nair and troublemakers are bad, K Shanmugam, Tamil Minister for Law who parrots the government line is good; free speech is bad, but government licensed speech is good; peaceful assembly is bad but government licensed assembly is good; and so on. In other words, according to the Singaporean island manual for success, being a moron is good, independent thinking is bad.

As a result, civil servants have nothing to say, lawyers have nothing to say, doctors have nothing to say, the air conditioning mechanic has nothing to say and everybody goes on their lives as an imbecile robot, with nothing to say.

They were some who had something to say, and thought outside that box, but they have all been promptly punished. JB Jeyaretnam had something to say but he was locked up, bankrupted and removed. He has since died. Chee Soon Juan had something to say but we don't hear much of him now. He too has been severely dealt with.

In the 1980s while I was in Singapore I too had something to say. I was thinking outside the box, because it seemed a good idea at the time. I thought that perhaps Lee Kuan Yew rule was not a good idea after all and I stood for elections. That sort of thinking turned out to be a bad idea. It was obviously clearly done outside the box. Had I done that thinking inside that box, I would never have come up with such an un-Singaporean thing, un-Lee Kuan Yew like thing. I too was punished for the unconventional thinking which led me finally to move to America for good.

Of course in the USA, I can think outside the box anytime I want day or night. In fact I don't need to be anywhere need that odious box.

In Singapore island to survive without any trouble, you have to position yourself within the box if you were planning any thinking. Translated into reality what this means is to keep your mouth tightly shut and do what you are told. While doing this, you will be a dull boring moron with no ideas at all. But at least you will be safe from Lee Kuan Yew's clutches. You will be going about your life like a lifeless ghost, keeping your views and yourself safely inside Lee Kuan Yew's box.

How do you feel about that?

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

We are coming out of the box very soon... Mr Nair, how can We undo and claim back those millions dollars dictators paid themselves using their own controlled law, big fat projects awarded to their crooks, how can can we claim back the corruption money like the Jews hunt down the Nazi?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous,

For a start, you have to stop being anonymous anymore, identify yourself, and agitate openly for justice. You are not going to achieve it, by writing to Singapore Dissident anonymously. That much is certain.

Anonymous said...

goapalan i agree with u , that bastad lee and his son and wife as long they are around Singapore will never progress. their excuse for such iron fisted rule that rules yr mind and body is because Singapore needs to be a safe place free of crime. thees bastards engineered yr mind and body so that u are deficient to go against their regime what these 2 bastards are afraid of is not some petty criminals or crime rate but true creativity and free will of people for their tyrant dictatorship will not survive free will . Now they show themselves in the foot . kovan double murders and corruption scandals from officers of their own regime , high crime like rate fixing in the banking sector in Singapore now due to the many low quality immigrants , theft robbery hapening everywhere in Singapore