Friday, August 9, 2013

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew says he wants to die quickly

Ladies and Gentlemen,

AFP and several other news services have reported the Singapore dictator Lee Kuan Yew who has ruled the island since 1959 and is 92 years old having said in a book that he recently wrote that he wants to die quickly in the event of his becoming comatose and a vegetable. Please see Yahoo News with the AFP report

In the article which reads Singapore's Lee wants a quick death, it states Lee has visibly weakened since then and revealed in the book that despite daily exercise and a disciplined lifestyle, "with every passing day I am physically less energetic and less active."

I am not a vindictive man but I have to say that those who have suffered terribly at his hands,  persecuted, jailed and tortured for his selfish reasons to maintain his grip on power may perhaps not have as much sympathy or be gracious for what he is going through.

Indeed they may cherish the fact that he is now literally suffering, with according to him "aches and pains" which he has to endure, not knowing for how long.

In the sad state that he now is, this is what I will say to him.

Remember Lim Chin Siong, once his colleague in politics whom had arrested, and tortured for many years, forcing him into exile in England, reduced to selling flowers in London's Covent Garden with his wife, impoverished and subsequently returned to Singapore and left to die. Did he torture, imprison and destroy Lim Chin Siong for the sake of Singapore or did he do this crime to retain his control over Singapore.

Remember Chia Thye Poh, another of Lee's victims whom he accused of being a Communist and jailed him for no less than 31 years. After his release, Chia has been living an obscure life in Singapore having lost everything including his entire youth spent in jail.

I met Chia once around 1988 before I left Singapore in 1991. He was then required to live in Pulau Blakang Mati, now called Sentosa island, an amusement resort for tourists and Singaporeans. He was given a small former colonial house along the street where thousands of tourists and visitors pass. Did Lee Kuan Yew imprison Chia for the good of Singapore or was it to secure himself in power. Why was it necessary to demand that Chia live in an tourist entertainment island deliberately located at a spot for the entrainment and curiosity of tourists?

Was it necessary for him to use his Kangaroo Courts to bankrupt and impoverish a once very wealthy Singapore lawyer and politician Tang Liang Hong just because he had questioned Lee about some dubious property purchases which indicated corruption and bribes having been paid. Tang was forced to escape to Melbourne where he now lives. Did Lee do this for the sake of Singapore or was it for himself.

Lee is reported to have said in his book that he neither believes in God and neither does he deny God. In the past he always maintained that he did not believe in God. Why the sudden reservation about God, and a qualified statement which is neither here nor there. I can tell you why. He realizes that he is at the throes of death. He is at the door of Hades. And then he remembers all the terrible things he did in his life, to keep his power and to enrich himself and his family. What if there was a God. Will he have to burn in Hell till eternity? So as the cunning fox that he is, he conveniently now tailors his views so that if God is hearing perhaps he may still have the slightest of chances of redemption.

I think the same sort of feelings was felt by the other corrupt dictators of the world, General Pinochet of Chile and Mobuto of the Congo. They too tortured and jailed their opponents to enrich themselves. I suspect that they too at the throes of death did look back with pain at the terrible things they did. They too must have gone through a long and painful death and they too must have questioned their actions and must have felt a terrible pain reliving the pain they caused others.

Feodor Dostoevsky had written a wonderful book Crime and Punishment. It is the story of a man who kills another but justifies his actions because it would do society good. Eventually his guilt and conscience consumes him and every minute of the day he is tortured in his mind by the crime he committed. Dostoevsky argues that much worse than any Hell after life, Conscience is a far worse living Hell and those who do evil suffer much more in life than they can ever possibly suffer after death. Just like Lee Kuan Yew today, the character in Crime and Punishment also yearns for death to be relieved from his tormentor, his Conscience.

In Lee Kuan Yew's case Dostoevsky is proved right. Lee's conscience is torturing him and tearing him apart in his old age. He would rather die than be reminded every minute in his mind as to what he did to Lim Chin Siong, Chia Thye Poh, Tang Liang Hong, Toh Soh Lung and countless others whom he tortured and destroyed in the name of Singapore.

Even though I am not a vindictive man, I cannot help but wish that he live many more years, while he gets weaker and weaker by the day, while he pains over every bone in his body, while his memory takes him back all those years when the tortured, jailed and destroyed perfectly innocent people to ensure that he alone remain on the throne in his island.

A quick death would be too good for him and will not do justice to his victims, many in Singapore, some abroad and one in Fremont, California USA

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 5104914375


Wong S Ken said...

This is the same man who ensured that his wife the evil dowager was kept alive by artificial means even though it meant that she would suffer extreme pain in the process for 5 long years. He was content to hear her daily moans and groans. What he did to others he did the same to his own wife. On reflection why did he do this to his wife whom he proclaims to have loved greatly.
God works in strange ways. The "lover" ultimately became the "tormentor".

Daniel Kevlar said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you sir.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan, this is an excellent piece of article, minces no words, hits the nail right in the head. A quick death for him would do no justice to the countless who has suffered unjustly under his hands. I will like to add that he is the only person I take pleasure in seeing suffer (apart from North Korea's Kim). For these hands of his are stained with blood, destroying not only his political opponents but the entire nation of Singapore with his selfish elitist policies, causing the mass exodus we face today, creating economic growth through unlawful means, boosting the nation's coffer for him and his ministers to feast on. This man is exceedingly disgusting, far worse than the filthiest garbage one could ever think of.

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to join me for a bottle of champagne when the old man kicks the bucket? I'm planning to celebrate the anniversary of this evil dictator's death every year for a long long time. I feel no sympathy for a man or his family who prostituted this country for financial gain. 1/3 of this country is filled with foreigners who compete and deprive the locals of their jobs. Ever increasing costs of living and wages that stagnate. People are fearful to get married and have kids. Our country is plunged into the dark ages. HDB flats that cost half-a-fucking million dollars. I won't cry when this old prick dies neither will I feel sorry when his party loses another few more GRCs during the general elections. In fact me and my friends are looking forward to it. We've gotten our champagne glasses out, nice expensive cigars...we're ready to celebrate! :)

Anonymous said...

YES this old emperor is too much.he encourages Singaporean to produce more babbies.but his policy is killing us.expensive housing,food,medical ,educations and etc is killing Singaporean .how to have mood for sex when this fart even banned adult websites. too much .what the point of paying your internet when most of the websites get freedom of speech .no freedom of sex!!!!! I think conSENsual adult above 21 yrs old should have access to adult movies in the privacy of our own house.chee bye knnnbbb how to have mood on sex if you banned this? it like you can have sex but YOU ARE TOLD IT IS LEGAL TO ENJOY about come he banned this when he want sporean to produce more babbies.what a contradicting law.if sex is immoral why red district area prostitution is allow wherelse husband and wife cannot enjoy viewing adult movies by themselves. WTF POLICY.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe the filthy old fart
about a quick death. He is so extremely greedy that he is trying to sensationalise to sell his nonsensical book. I am sure many idiotic Singaporeans fall for his usual dirty trick and rush out to buy his book.

Kev said...

Maybe he will go for more blood transfusions so as to maintain his health and longevity? Seriously, he exhibits none of the health or glow that Japanese women and men(centenarians) display, but looks almost cadaver-like. I don't even see a smile on his face one bit in all the public pictures taken of him! He has seriously lived way enough, and tormented Singaporeans in the country long enough, fleecing them off to feed his megalomaniac wishes for power over the country, even staying on as minister 'mentor' when he should have retired long ago. Maybe people should continue to remind him of his son's mistakes to drive him to his grave faster!

Anonymous said...

He has lived longer than he should but he's not old enough to die. He needs to be alive when his party loses the election. That will not happen soon but I hope he's kept alive by all means possible so he'll live to see that day.