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Singapore's China Dynasty style Scholar Ministers.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew, was the world's longest serving Minister when he finally stepped down in 2011. Despite what the Constitution says he decided on his own style of government which is, he alone is in charge of Singapore, like a God or a Fuhrer. In order to govern, he needs Ministers and civil servants which he personally selects and forces them upon his people.

These handpicked ministers are accountable only to him. If he is no longer pleased he simply removes them. The people have no say in any of this.

This is how the selection takes place. He holds island wide elections every five years. Instead of leaders in society coming forward to contest them as the people's representatives, he orders scholars who have returned from abroad on government funded scholarship to attend at his office in his Singapore palace, the Istana. This is locally called "an invitation to tea".

The invited scholars naturally jump at the opportunity as they know this is the moment of their lives they have been waiting for. If Lee Kuan Yew selects them into his political party to stand for elections, they will not only win, they would overnight be transformed into leaders and Ministers in his government which means astronomically high salaries turning them into millionaires in no time. They are set for life under the patronage and protection of the most powerful man in Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew.

At these "tea party" invitations at his palace, these lucky shortlisted candidates are put through a series of psychological tests, IQ tests and a number of other tests such as judging them for their acumen at teamwork and other qualities. They are also asked to swear their undivided loyalty to him as is the case in all dictatorships.

Once selected, the lucky candidate is fielded at elections. He will invariably win, no doubt about it. This is because the people have already been sufficiently intimidated and terrified after what has happened in previous elections to know that you not only have no chance of winning against Lee's party, it may also seriously damage your health, your pocket or even your liberty. 

The people are already aware that standing for elections against Lee Kuan Yew would attract his wrath, resulting in defamation actions which he will always win resulting in your bankruptcy. His judges where your case will be heard are his Kangaroos who will do whatever he wants.

Alternatively you may be criminally prosecuted with fake charges and sent to jail. What happened to JB Jeyaretnam, an opposition candidate who was repeatedly sued, jailed and bankrupted is still very fresh in the average Singaporean's mind. So is the plight of Dr. Chee Soon Juan another victim who had the misfortune of challenging Lee Kuan Yew at the polls.

As a result, Singaporeans have already been sufficiently intimidated not to stand in Lee Kuan Yew or his son's way. Lee Kuan Yew is not too dissimilar to the South African snake the Black Mamba. If threatened the Black Mamba is known to repeatedly strike his victim making sure he doesn't get away. 

In the 2011 elections nearly all constituencies were contested. However no single constituency was won by any real opposition. Loh Thia Khaing of the Workers Party succeeded in winning seven seats. But Lee has managed to ensure that Loh is not the genuine product, he is not going to further the cause of the opposition. He has been around for a decade if not more, during which time the peoples rights have further diminished, not advanced.

In fact Loh has himself admitted that his job is to ensure that Lee Kuan Yew and his party remains in power. All he will do, by his own admission, is to be a watchdog for the Lee government, by which he means that occasionally he would make a few subdued noises in Parliament and then go home.

As a result of his being literally a double agent, like a spy who is working for both sides, the people of Singapore have been effectively fooled. Any vote for Loh is in fact a vote for Lee Kuan Yew and his son. Voting for the Workers Party is like getting two Lee Kuan Yews for the price of one.

After winning these stage managed elections, these Lee Kuan Yew scholars are thrust upon the people through the state controlled press. Their pictures are prominently displayed in the propaganda media. From that point, they will begin to advice people how to live, what they should do, and what they will do for the people, although in reality they don't in fact represent anyone. They are literally thrust down the throats of the citizens through rigged elections.

If you are asking why they would always win, this is the reason. Firstly no sensible person in his right mind would really want to challenge Lee Kuan Yew or his son. As a result, just as in the last elections every single opposition candidate was a timorous terrified reluctant soul carefully self censoring himself to make sure the mighty Lee Kuan Yew is not offended.

There is a pervasive fear running across the island against voting for a non-Lee Kuan Yew candidate. Everyone in Singapore lives in a HDB flat which is owned by the Lee Kuan Yew government. Under their lease agreements the government is entitled to terminate the lease and throw you out in the street, with or without reason. It is a document in fine print that runs into reams of pages, which if you read would probably give you a headache.

Also, the people have a fear that your vote can be traced to you and if they find out you voted for the opposition, you may lose your apartment. They fear that Lee may cause you to lose your job, your prospect of promotion, your livelihood. They fear that Lee may even harass and victimize your entire family.

In Lee's thinking, Loh Thia Khiang is seen as a supporter. In fact he doesn't mind your voting for him. He would actually encourage you to vote for Loh as he serves a valuable purpose. It gives the impression to the world that Singapore has a multi party system because he has got the votes, while at the same time Lee knows the Workers Party is no threat thereby enabling the  PAP to continue their one party rule. Voting for the Workers Party for Lee is like killing two birds with one stone.

Singapore's is a government on the same style as the Chinese Emperors of ancient China. There the Emperor enabled those who passed exams, thereby becoming enlightened, to rule over the illiterate masses. These scholars do not have to represent anyone. They become instant leaders by virtue of the fact of having passed the exams. They are only answerable to the Emperor, not the people.

Lee Kuan Yew's government today is run exactly the same way as the Chinese Emperors. Lee chooses bright students who have been sent abroad on government scholarships. On passing their exams they are fielded at elections which they will invariably win at which point they are commissioned with the authority to rule their subjects, regardless of the fact that you may have never seen or heard of them before except at the last election. And by the way each one of them is paid millions, $3.7 million each annually, the highest paid politicians in the world. From that point on, their stars shine on them thanks to Lee Kuan Yew and Imperial China.

This is why it makes my blood boil to have to read in their state controlled papers that Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has advised us to do this or do that, or the Tamil law Minister K Shanmugam is telling us that it is like this or like that, let alone their passing whatever legislation they wish to pass to deny ever more rights of their subjects.

Which makes me want to ask them the question, who the Hell do you think you are anyway? These people have no legal authority let alone any moral authority to tell us anything because they were never elected in any free and fair election. They were simply thrust upon us.

And never mind how many exams each of them have passed, they simply are not representative of a single human being in that island. In fact each of them is merely an ugly unethical opportunist who was lucky to have done well in school and passed his exams and managed to catch Lee Kuan Yew's eye; enabling them to become very very rich at the expense of Singaporeans.

This sort of system might have worked in ancient China but it will not work in Singapore today. If it has managed to last this long, it is just because the people did not have the Internet and there weren't people like Gopalan Nair to point out to them that they were being taken for a ride. And write this with impunity I might add because Gopalan Nair lives in Fremont California and Lee's Kangaroos in his Kangaroo Courts have no jurisdiction where Gopalan Nair lives. And therefore Gopalan Nair can write this and go to bed without having to fear of any defamation action, fake criminal charges or imprisonment.

Singapore people today are either going to be dumb and accept such nonsense or they would just pack up their bags and emigrate to the West. Or even better take to the streets and demand an end to this nonsense.

This is why the numbers of Singaporeans who leave their shores for the West continue to climb while the tiny population continues to comprise increasingly of recent arrivals from the neighboring impoverished countries who don't care one bit if they are ruled by a monkey.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com

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