Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Singaporeans in Australia say "I love Singapore". Only problem, noone wants to return! Ha ha.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits Times of Oct 15, 2013 has the story "Foreign guests can attend Singapore Day but admission is by ticket only: Organizer" Please see report http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/foreign-guests-can-attend-singapore-day-admission-ticket-organiser-201

A little background. Tiny Singapore continues to have a major disastrous unsolvable population problem. The island is very tiny a mere 274 square miles. The local native born population has been declining through the world's lowest fertility rate. In other words almost no children are being born. Second the brain drain is the highest in the world. Every person capable of leaving for the West has already left or is in the process of leaving. Third, the island today has no more than perhaps 2 million native born citizens, and shrinking.

The problem for the shrinking population, the world's highest brain drain and the world's lowest birth rate is because the people have lost confidence in their government. In Singapore, there are no human rights; no right to free speech, expression or assembly. The entire media is state controlled and the courts and judiciary are no longer impartial. They have become an extension of the government one party police state.

In this scenario, with the population being English speaking, it is not too difficult to move to the West. As a result any capable person able to emigrate is doing so. If not they are sending their children abroad for education after which they do not return. And once their children are settled in the West, they arrange for their parents and relatives to join them. And with this multiplier effect, the number moving abroad increases multifold with each passing day.

Realizing that the government simply cannot function without any skilled educated Singaporeans, they had sent out numerous high ranking government officers including the Singapore dictator himself Lee Kuan Yew and other Ministers to go the capitals of the world to persuade Singaporeans to return evoking their sense of loyalty to their country of birth.

Unfortunately for them, none of these tactics worked and the Singaporeans who have left not only refuse to return but in fact are encouraging their friends and relatives to join them thereby increasing the rate of brain drain.

You can see no doubt that a tiny island with a tiny population such as this simply cannot survive under these circumstances.

Realizing that the battle is lost and Singaporeans abroad are simply not going to come back to the one party police state of Lee Kuan Yew and his son, they have done the next best thing. At the Singapore taxpayers expense, they have set up Singapore government funded organizations around the world and they now try, instead of persuading them to return, "to keep in touch with their homeland"  instead.

I doubt very much whether any of these foreign Singaporeans who were so eager to get out of Singapore are bothering to "keep in touch" with Singapore, but that is another matter.

One such function organized by these overseas Singapore associations in this case is the Sydney Australia Singapore Day.

It appears as many as 6,000 Singaporeans living in the Sydney area have turned up to for the event (which shows how large the overseas Singapore population has grown)  which has put up a huge sign saying "I Love Singapore". But there is only one catch to this. They may love Singapore, but they simply don't want to come back. Not only that, while loving Singapore so much, they are persuading ever more of their friends and relatives in Singapore to join them in Australia.

Even though I find this funny, I also consider this a tragedy. If only Lee Kuan Yew, his son will understand. The West is far superior to Singapore because they are democracies and their inhabitants have freedom. And as long as Singaporeans are treated as "digits" as Lee Kuan Yew has called them with no freedom, no rights and Kangaroo courts, no foreign based Singaporean would ever want to return and ever more Singaporeans given the choice would leave for the West.

And you can go on putting these lavish parties in Sydney and elsewhere and call them Singapore Days and put up huge sings saying "I Love Singapore" but it is simply not going to do you any good. The sooner Lee Kuan Yew  and son realize it the better.

And the sooner they stop wasting taxpayers money with these lavish parties and big signs saying "I love Singapore", the better. They should get this into their heads; they simply don't love Singapore because if they did, they would not have left.

I live in San Francisco, California. I have no intention of returning to a one party police state like Singapore. I think those in Sydney think so too.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

The local native born population has been declining through the world's lowest fertility rate.

- Yes. Thanks to Lee Kuan Yew's hare brained stop at two policy.

Truth be told, LKY was concerned that the Malays who typically had larger families (> 5) versus the Chinese 2, would become the largest racial group in Singapore.

But his stupid plan backfired - the Chinese stopped having kids.

Anonymous said...

Second the brain drain is the highest in the world.

Any person with a brain wants to leave LKY's totalitarian country, as only his sons and relatives can aspire to high office.

Why stay and serve the Lee Familee, make your sons do NS, and watch all the jobs go to FT.

Simple - emigrate.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Day in Australia
- organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit under the Prime Minister’s Office with the aim of keeping Singaporeans living abroad connected to their home country.
- Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean and Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Grace Fu.
A comical event, indeed. These people were pleading with the attendees to please come back to Singapore.

Every person at this function has told LKY and his son to f*ck off and left Singapore. They want a better life for their children.
No way are they going back to that concrete swamp run by Lee Kuan Yew and family.

BTW, Australians keep asking if Singapore is located in Chinese as everyone looks and behaves like the come from the PRC.

Anonymous said...

LKY and the PAP should stop wasting taxpayers money on these stupid events.

Instead they should use these funds to help the poor and elderly back in Singapore.

Go to Singapore today and you can see 70 and 80 year olds working at hawker centers clearing tables.

And the sad faces of the old people at MRT stations selling boxes of tissues.

Anonymous said...

According to LKY, he is the 'father' of modern Singapore, and his wife, the 'mother'.

But Mr. Lee, how you explain so many Singapore people. your children, emigrate each year. Very soon, more Singaporean overseas than in Singapore, right?

Why, they have no respect for you and your son?

Why they don't stay or come back?

Anonymous said...

Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew — Geoff Wade

"At a time not too far distant, Lee Kuan Yew, the font of all authority, legitimacy, orthodoxy and indeed fear in Singapore for over 50 years will no longer be with us."

"...the death of Lee Kuan Yew will greatly diminish the authority and likely the legitimacy of Lee Hsien Loong both as leader of the party and as Prime Minister."

From the Malay Mail.

No one in the Straight-jacket Times will dare to publish such an article. Cowards.


Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said

"Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew — Geoff Wade"

Geoff Wade the Australian researcher no doubt got it correct that once Lee senior dies, his son's legitimacy will be greatly diminished.

Only problem he didn't go far enough. I would say, not just greatly diminished but destroyed altogether.

But his observations of George Yeo being some formidable threat for leadership is completely off the mark. Obviously Wade is not savvy of what has been going on in he island.

Let me tell Wade this. If Lee Kuan Yew wanted to get rid of Yeo tomorrow, he can do it, no problem. There are enough Kangaroo judges in Singapore to call Yeo a serial child molester if necessary and have him destroyed instantly. Perhaps he has not heard of the late JB Jeyaretnam.

And furthermore he has got the Workers Party intentions completely wrong. He does not appear to know that the WP is none other than the PAP in disguise.

And Lee government has successfully fooled Singaporeans into thinking that it was the genuine product. No, voting for the Workers party is not going to bring any political change in Singapore. This must be obvious since Sylvia Lim continues to work in a government college, and Low Thia Khaing continues to draw his salary. Otherwise they would have been bankrupted and thrown to the streets.

Of course I don't blame Wade of getting the ground wrong. He lives in Australia. But we thank him for his interest in the island.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan

This article actually appreared in Yahoo 2 years ago & now reappeared in Singapore recently.


Anyone wanna disagree with Steve Wozniak?

P/S I don't come from Singapore. I have left some comments in this blog previously. Sometimes I wonder will Lee send his judges up to KL to force me to shut up?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans talk out of both sides of the mouth: "I love Singapore, but I prefer to live in Australia."

No respect for Dear Leader's achievements and filial piety.


Basically, people are saying FU to LKY and his son.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a bit confused. Everywhere I read, online/offline, it seems that the SIN government would like to increase the population. Well, I have a niece who just had a minor operation 'cutting off' her productive system in a Govt hospital. Sorry, I don't know the name of the procedure. This will of course make her unable to reproduce in the future. She already have 2 biological kids. Guess what, she is being paid for it like a compensation. Yes, you're right she is Malay.

So, which is which? If S'pore needs more people, why do some S'poreans are encouraged to not reproduce themselves?

I am confused.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Singapore is that the ministers have set themselves up very well with high salaries and no one is going to chop off their money tree by calling out that the Emperor is naked.

I say "chop off" because these ministers are probably ex-SAF paper officers who will be unemployed if they leave the cosy office of the elitist bureaucrats.

Can they do much for the country or the people in this uncertain world?
Probably not much while they hide themselves in the Lee fortress.

It is better in Australia.

We have a PM fighting bushfire. Not for popular media, mind you. He has been a volunteer fire fighter for the past 13 years and is trained as a specialist breathing apparatus operator, chainsaw operator and tanker driver.