Sunday, October 20, 2013

Singaporeans in Australia say "I love Singapore". Only problem, noone wants to return! Ha ha. Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Singapore government has expended a large sum of taxpayers money recently in Sydney Australia to host a party which they call "Singapore Day" to reach out to Singaporeans who have decided to emigrate to encourage them to return. This party is held once a year in the cities of the world such as London and New York.

Singapore is suffering from an unprecedented rise in the numbers leaving the island for settlement abroad and with a local native born population of not more than perhaps 2 million in a tiny island, they are losing the best of their citizens. At this rate, they simply cannot function.

In this post I want to tell you why the Singapore government's attempt to lure overseas Singaporeans back to Singapore is simply a waste of money. It simply will not work. In fact despite these efforts, the numbers leaving for settlement abroad continue to mount. Once one person leaves, he gets his other family members, his friends to join him. With this multiplier effect the numbers leaving is constantly increasing multifold. Below are a few Singaporeans videos of the Singapore Sydney Party, again produced I am sure with taxpayers money, to promote their doomed plan to hopefully lure these frustrated Singaporeans abroad back.

In the videos you see the government's hand in trying hard to make Singapore look good, with elaborate career promotion stands all shipped from Singapore for jobs in the military, business and government.

You see elaborate stage managed stage performances of attendees singing songs in praise of Singapore, like the Hitler youth sang for their Fuhrer, and huge signs with the words "I love Singapore", which begs the obvious question, if you love it so much, why did you leave in the first place! It is simply not possible. They will simply not return. This is why.

Australia is a far superior country than Singapore. Compared to Australia Singapore is just a banana republic. If those who left did not know this at first, they would have known this within a few weeks.

The average Australian is a normal human being. Singaporeans are not. You may first think this is a gross exaggeration and unfair to say Singaporeans are not normal. But a closer look will confirm this.

An average Australian would tell his government that he is unhappy with it if that is what he thinks, without hesitation; a normal human reaction. A Singaporean is unable to do this because he fears reprisals from the Singaporean dictatorship. He has a fear in him which has been entrenched in his psyche since childhood. So when he begins to live in Australia, he would soon realize how much more comfortable it is to live in a place where you can speak your mind.

In Australia there is rule of law. If your rights are violated you have a remedy in the courts, regardless if you are white, black or multi colored. In Singapore it is not like that. Justice depends on who you are. If you are connected to the government, it is one rule, if not another rule.

If you openly criticize the Australian government, they are not going to sue you for defamation of character, contempt of court or some other law. They are confident of their reputation and need not resort to the courts for reassurance. In Singapore they are not so confident. If you criticize, you stand to be punished. As a result the average Singaporean has no opinion of anything. He is a programmed machine which will come up with the right answers anytime.

In Australia it is illegal to racially discriminate. In Singapore the Chinese majority are encouraged to discriminate by their government against the other races, Malays and Indians. This makes Australia attractive to Chinese Singaporeans unhappy with the government racial discriminatory policy and for Malays and Indians who are second class citizens.

Now I would ask you to view the videos.

You will see that almost every single person there is an ethnic Chinese Singaporean. Except for one Malay and one Indian, there are none.

This does not reflect the Singapore population in Australia which is already huge and growing. There are far more Malays and Indians in Australia except you don't see them in these videos. They want nothing to do with Singapore anymore. They refuse to attend these functions. They don't want to stay connected, thanks very much. They don't want even to be called Singaporeans. Like a bad dream, they have once and for all, rid Singapore from their lives and their minds.

Australia politicians don't pay themselves millions like the corrupt Singapore politicians. Today each Singapore minister pays himself officially $3.7 million a year, much more secretly. In Singapore the politicians are not accountable to the people; in Australia they are. An Australian politician won't even dream of paying himself even a fraction of what is paid in Singapore.

On the whole Singapore has lost it's credibility. In order to retain it's people, the government has to have some respectability. Singapore has simply lost it. They cannot hope either to stem the biggest brain drain nor try to coax any Singaporean who has left to return.

As for the ethnic Chinese Singaporeans you see in the video, most of them are mere opportunists who will go to Australia if the money is better. Otherwise they will return if the money is otherwise. On the whole they have no qualms even if their ministers were monkeys.

Many of them in Australia (those in the video) work in Singapore companies or seek contracts with the Singapore government. They would sing a tune for Singapore today if it is profitable. Tomorrow they will sing a tune for Australia if the profits are the other way round. They will dance this way or that depending on which way the wind blows. These characters are simply spineless who would winningly prostitute their souls for the highest bidder. There are not many of these. You can disregard them.

Once Singaporeans leave for these free democracies like Australia, it wont' be long before they realize how much their minds and their lives have been damaged by the country of their birth.

Once they see how free Australia is, with their respected laws and their government which allows everyone to be counted, a government accountable to the people, they are never going to return to a dictatorship like that of Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

If Singapore wants to retain it's people, they should make travel outside the island illegal; like Cuba. They should restrict the Internet. They should isolate their people like the North Koreans do.
Otherwise as soon as people are able to travel abroad and taste the life in Australia, Canada, the UK or USA, they simply will not ever come back.

And the sooner they stop spending taxpayers money on these lavish parties in Sydney and the other capitals of the world, the sooner they could put this money to good use such as feeding the Singapore poor whom this government has simply chosen to ignore.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

As for the ethnic Chinese Singaporeans you see in the video, most of them are mere opportunists who will go to Australia if the money is better

Opportunists, indeed.

They are happy to have Dr. Chee and JBJ and others stand up to the LKY regime. But will never fight the battles themselves.

Spineless cowards.

Their biggest fear in Australia is facing discrimination from the local whites.

Kevin said...

Mr Gopalan Nair, your expose of this event is rather astute. As a Singaporean (of Chinese heritage) who left and has absolutely no plans whatsoever to return, even if the government threatens us or lures us, I agree with the majority of what you said. Singapore does not have rule of law whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Another group of opportunists are the highly paid Government Ministers.

They dare not speak up against LKY as this would jeopardize the princely 'salaries' pf $3 million plus.

These Ministers, who are indentured to LKY via their scholarship bonds, know that they will not be able to get (steal?) similar salaries in the private sector. After all, they have simply gone from school, to university, to the SAF and then become ministers.

No experience at world leading companies such as GE, Facebook, Exxon, Microsoft, Amazon, ...

So, the private sector is not interested in hiring them should they leave the Government.

So, as economic animals, they say yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir to LKY, and keep collecting their million dollar salaries, which neither Obama or Cameron get.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note a comment about Singapore Chinese migrating to Australia for money.
If you want to make money, stay in Singapore.

Go to Australia if you want to live without fear of offending some big shot elite and you want to find your voice, express your opinion or even fight for a cause.

If you follw the politics here in OZ, you will know that Singapore politicans are really bad at lying and they leave too many questions unanswered.
This could be due to YES men and groupthink.

You will learn to deal with human issues like racism as well as natural disasters and deadly animals, with a sense of humour.

Singaporeans are scared of everything. We see a lot of things, no big deals. We passed the situation handling test.

You can improve your creativity and discover the joy of standing for your own rights. You will learn survival skills required fr anyone living in a free world.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said

"Go to Australia if you want to live without fear of offending some big shot elite and you want to find your voice, express your opinion or even fight for a cause".

Well said. Spot on. Thank you. Right on, mate.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous who said

"Go to Australia if you want to live without fear of offending some big shot elite and you want to find your voice, express your opinion or even fight for a cause".

You are absolutely right when you said Singaporeans are far too delicate. If some are racist, no big deal, just like some are fat and some are not. If some idiot turns around and calls me a gorilla, I will call him a white ghost and show him a finger as well. Just as we deal with dangerous animals, we can deal with idiots too. That is what men should be. Not the sissies that Lee Kuan Yew produces.

Thanks again

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous above,

Sorry to belabor your comment but I simply love it.

"You will learn to deal with human issues like racism as well as natural disasters and deadly animals, with a sense of humour."

"No big deals"

I simply love that

Anonymous said...

This event from the sg Propaganda Dept. ?
Seems like only the TV station staff, the Singaporean students and work expats are invited to the event.

With a govt. minister in attendance , patriotic nationalist songs being sang and what appears to be discrimination against non-Singaporeans attendees (The angmo in the picture is probably accompanied by a Singee), I will stay far from this event.

Anonymous said...

How can the average Singaporean guy leave? I am 25 but I don't think I have the financial capacity to go to a better country... sometimes I feel trapped by my fate of being a Singaporean guy who prefers the way of life in those other countries.