Sunday, December 22, 2013

Singapore gives jobs to Filipino tourists while locals are unemployed

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have known all along Singapore's bizarre unexplainable neglect of their own citizens in employment preferring foreigners instead!

One of Singapore's state owned news agencies Straits Times reports on Dec 23, 2013 titled " Filipino professionals head to Singapore as tourists to seek jobs"

The story talks of Filipino national Mr. Ramz who came in March as a tourist to Singapore and candidly discloses that he came specifically to look for a job, not to visit.

In any other country Ramz would be treated as a visa violator, as his visa application as a tourist was fraudulent, having no intention of visiting Singapore but to seek employment.

But this sort of behavior is, totally acceptable for Singapore which appears to favor foreigners over locals for jobs.

It seems according to the report, he remained in the island for 4 months, having one meal a day to save money while he researched every job agency for employment finally obtaining one as a financial analyst at a salary of Singapore $2,800 a month.

No other country in the world allows this sort of thing.

In fact it is very probable that Ramz , like most other Filipinos, would have preferred to have got a job in the United States, Australia, New Zealand or Canada rather than Singapore which was his last choice.

In fact Ramz would not have even been allowed to step foot in any of these countries and probably not have been issued with any visa because there is a strong likelihood that, if allowed to enter the US, he will not return to Philippines.

Singapore it appears has very low standards and will allow anyone in, which is why, Ramz is not only given a visa to enter Singapore, he is able to get a job right away as well.

What is more, no one knows whether Ramz is a serial murderer in the Philippines as unlike other developed countries, Singapore does not require a background check before being given residence and employment.

This is an example of the poor quality of foreigners who are admitted into Singapore, a place that will accept anyone who wants to come in.

Locals always come first before foreigners in every other country.

This sort of total disregard for the interests of Singaporeans in their own country, is one reason why young Singaporean men and women should show no loyalty for Singapore.

When the island's million dollar ministers plead and beg asking their citizens to remain and not emigrate, they should be told their entreaties sound very hollow.

Why should any Singaporean in his right mind have to do national service and give up 2 years of his life to his country when he is treated worse than this Filipino who can simply walk in and find a job, totally regardless of how many Singaporeans are unemployed.

In every single country in the world, citizens have advantages over foreigners. Singapore is the only country in the world where, for jobs, it is the other way round.

Which is why young educated skilled Singaporeans should have no hesitation in refusing to do national service and packing off to Australia where he knows, when he becomes an Australian, his country would protect jobs for him and not give it to a Singaporean tourist.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

Who cares if Singaporeans suffer.

Its all about growing the GDP while keeping wages low.

Your truly,
Loyal PAP supporter.

Anonymous said...

As Singapore gets richer, more people left behind

But still they keep voting for the PAP and LKY.

I cannot fathom these people.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said

"But still they keep voting for the PAP and LKY."

Please don't hold too much hope on elections. The Lee Kuan Yew family has so much hold, at least now, that regardless of how many opposition get voted in, they will still control the organs of state power.

It is feared the corrupt judiciary will remain corrupt and obedient to them, and the police will still obey them. This is the fear.

And the newspapers which they own will still trumpet for them.

Gopalan Nair said...

I predict with the death of Lee Kuan Yew and the continuing loss of talent to the West, the island will reach a point of total instability and chaos. And out of those ruins like a Sphinx which rises from the rubble you may see a new Singapore or you may not.

Anonymous said...

... you may see a new Singapore or you may not.
The die has been cast. Singapore has become the Monaco of Asia, where the rich, the tax evaders, and other miscreants flock to.

For the economic model to work, wages have to be kept low by important temporary labour from rest of Asia.

To keep the wealthy and others safe, there will be more police patrols and swift action against any form of dissent ala Bahrain, Dubai and Qatar.

PAP, WP, SDP - it does not matter. They will all find it impossible to change the economic model.

The non-elite Singaporeans are screwed. The lucky few will emigrate to Australia and NZ, but the rest will remain trapped in Singapore.

Just be glad that you live in Fremont, California.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree your article. I find it very interesting to see so many foreign executives in Singapore and yet there are Singaporeans who are un-employed.