Thursday, January 30, 2014

Singaporean young man of Indian descent claims false arrest, abuse of police powers and denial of civil rights

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I received a telephone call from a woman who claimed to be the mother of a young Singaporean who she claims was falsely arrested for making a telephone hoax or threats to a Singapore government agency, tortured and his human rights violated.

I cannot vouch for the veracity of the claims he makes because I do not know them or am I privy to any of the claims herein.

The mother who telephoned me from Singapore had requested that I post this on this blog. She said she is fully aware of the possible backlash to her son from the authorities by doing this but wants it done anyway.

In compliance I am attaching the Email I received from them. The young man in question is a young Singaporean Indian named Vickreman H Chettiar

The Singapore Court Case Number and the Police Report Number are DAC 28930/13 (SPF Report No. J/20130722/0263)

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California USA

 Jan 29 at 9:09 AM
01. Vickreman was prematurely born in 1990, after a gestation period of just 38 weeks, to Singaporean clerk and an Indian veterinarian. His father, an Indian national, was unable to be in Singapore at the time of his birth, but managed to visit him in 1993 for a period of about 2 weeks. Vickreman's father divorced his mother in 1997, and thereafter could not afford to visit him or make child support payments for his upkeep.

02. Vickreman attended Primary 1 at Blangah Rise Primary School in 1997, where he was viciously bullied by a group of Malay boys of varying ages. Blangah Rise was the only school at which he remained for a whole year. Vickreman attended six other primary schools, and was bullied in each school due to being different in a way which no one understood. He remained in each school for less than six months, and was finally forced due to being bullied to drop out of school in the middle of Primary 5, and was unable to complete his primary education. He never sat for the Primary School Leaving Examination.

03. During his teenage years, Vickreman both studied on his own and attended adult education classes conducted by the Institute of Technical Education, and sat for and obtained passes in three GCE 'O'-level subjects as a private candidate.

04. In 2007, he was brought by his mother due to depression to the Institute of Mental Health, where he was diagnosed by Dr Chua Tze-Ern with: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, Clinical Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Tourette's Syndrome.

05. He was subsequently exempted by Dr Jared Ho from National Service due to autism and Asperger's Syndrome.

06. On Friday 26 July 2013, at around 4:00pm, Vickreman was arrested at home by the police. During the course of his arrest, the police conducted a search of the apartment; which included the tearing of holes in Vickreman's bed, and the breaking of various appliances and furniture around the house. The arresting officer, SSSgt Ramesh Shangkaran, seized several of Vickreman's possessions, including: both of Vickreman's computers and his mobile-phone, his USB 2.0 flash drives, his handwritten personal journal, a black pouch, several items of stationery, an EZ-link card, $20 in cash, and even Vickreman's 5mm kidney stone!

07. Vickreman was charged on Saturday 27 July 2013, in Subordinate Court 26, under Section 8(1) of the United Nations (Anti-Terrorism Measures) Regulations Act, with allegedly transmitting an electronic message containing false information regarding a terror threat to the police. The District Judge, at the police's request, remanded Vickreman to police custody for a period of one week; but the length of the remand period was not made known to Vickreman, who was instead given to infer that he may be being detained for a period of one year under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act.

08. During the one-week period of remand in police custody, Vickreman was housed in Cell C17 in Jurong Police Divisional Headquarters. He was provided only meager amounts of food, made to shower in ice-cold water, and denied visitation and even pain medication. He developed a high fever, and suffered head and body aches, but was denied medical treatment. He was also not given the midday meal during two of the seven days, on account of fasting during the Muslim month of Ramadan, although Vickreman is from a Hindu family background, and has never practiced or adhered to any of the tenets of Islam.

09. At the end of the week in police custody, on Friday 2 August 2013, Vickreman was brought back to Subordinate Court 26, where District Judge Kessler Soh Boon Leng, at the prosecutor's request, remanded Vickreman for a period of two weeks to the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric evaluation. During the two-week period of remand in the non-air-conditioned Remand Ward 75A at IMH, Vickreman suffered the ill-effects of heat and insufficient ventilation, which induced insomnia, but was denied barbiturate medication. He was also issued clothing which was two sizes too small for him, and due to severe constriction caused by the tightness of the clothing, he suffered deep venuous thrombosis, which caused severe pain and muscle atrophy.

10. At the end of the period of remand at IMH, Vickreman was brought back to Subordinate Court 26 on Friday 16 August 2013, and was granted bail, which was set at fifteen thousand dollars. His mother bailed him out on the same day, and took him to Alexandra Hospital, where he received treatment as an outpatient for a knee injury which he sustained earlier in the day, while he was locked up in the courthouse basement.

11. Vickreman's personal journal, which he refers to as his Blue Logbook, constitutes an irreplaceable written record of 51 months of his life, and is of significant emotional value to him. And being a handwritten paper document, the Blue Logbook would have little, if any, relevance to the investigation of an electronic crime.

12. The data contained in Vickreman's Windows computer and his USB 2.0 flash drives constitutes 45 months of his intellectual and artistic endeavors, comprising up to five thousand hours of creative labor, and represents an enormous corpus of work, which is of great intellectual and emotional value and utility to Vickreman.

13. At each of the six Pre-Trial Conferences held up to the present, Vickreman's attorney requested the judge to order the return of all or at least some of Vickreman's seized items, but the judge has consistently refused to order the return of any of the seized items. Furthermore, at the third Pre-Trial Conference on Tuesday 5 November 2013, the prosecutor alleged that Vickreman had transmitted a second message to the police, on or around Sunday 27 October 2013, due to which the prosecutor indicated his desire to seek forfeiture of all of Vickreman's seized items under Section 364 of the Penal Code, although Vickreman has neither been convicted of the current charge, nor been charged with transmitting the alleged second message.

14. It would be illogical for Vickreman to have transmitted the alleged (second) message to the police, as in so doing he would have borne the risk of the revocation of his bail and consequent remand to the Changi Prison Complex. And since the time of his arrest, both of Vickreman's computers and his mobile-phone have remained in police custody, which is where they continued to be on Sunday 27 October 2013.

15. The police have cloned all of the data on both Vickreman's Windows and his Linux computers, his USB 2.0 flash drives, and his mobile-phone; thereby obviating the need for them to retain any of these items for further investigation of an electronic crime which by its nature does not involve any physical evidence. The police are unwilling to give Vickreman even a cloned copy of the data on his Windows computer and flash drives!

16. Due to having been denied access to his invaluable data for the past twenty-seven weeks, Vickreman has been unable to continue with his usual intellectual endeavors, which include; mechanical engineering, hardware modelling, linux open-source software packaging, and printed circuit board design; and has consequently sunk into a severe bout of depression.

17. The day after Vickreman was arrested, just after he was charged in court, SSSgt Ramesh Shangkaran (who was at that point in time still the Senior Investigation Officer), no longer wishing to handle the case, transferred the case to ASP Lim Luo Ren, who then became the Senior Investigation Officer for the case.

18. On the day of his arrest, Vickreman weighed around eighty-eight kilograms. Eight days later, when he was brought to the Institute of Mental Health, his weight was measured to be just eighty kilograms. The meager amount of food provided for each meal in police custody constituted no more than a quarter of Vickreman's regular food intake, and would be sufficient to satiate only the most diminutive of persons!

19. Vickreman's attorney wrote to the Institute of Mental Health, during his two weeks of remand there, to ask that Vickreman be given the option to request pain relief or treatment for his ailments. Vickreman was duly given said option, and when he exercised it by requesting pain relief, he request was denied!

20. Each morning in police custody, Vickreman was made to shower in ice-cold water in full view (as he was not permitted to close the cubicle door) of several male and female police officers who derided him and made jokes at his expense, then (as no towel was provided) had to first stand then squat naked on the bathroom floor for up to an hour while brushing his teeth and waiting for his skin to dry, only after which he was allowed to get dressed in the remand uniform which consisted of a threadbare white t-shirt and torn blue shorts. Several times each day, a few police officers would enter Vickreman's cell, order him to stand with both hands against the wall, and search him by pulling his t-shirt up and his shorts down, and would sometimes also probe his genitalia and anorectal cavity.

21. Sanitation in the jail-cell consists of a squat-toilet equipped with a bidet embedded in the wall, and a faucet embedded about three feet above the bidet in the same wall. The bidet spouts ice-cold water for the washing of the posterior, and the faucet dispenses equally cold water for drinking and the washing of hands. Neither toilet tissue (for wiping the posterior after defecation) nor any form of soap (for sanitizing of hands) is available. The entire floor of the jail-cell (including the area around the squat-toilet) is very smooth and provides little friction; wherein even a small amount of moisture can cause the accused individual to slip, fall and sustain (potentially deadly) injury.

22. Although Vickreman slipped and fell several times on the jail-cell floor, he fortunately did not suffer any injury more serious than blood clots and bruises. The squat-toilet is located at a corner of the rear wall of the jail-cell, and the side walls of the latter are plain and featureless. The door and front wall of the jail-cell are both made of iron beams and strong, transparent glass; which affords any passing police officer a full view of the jail-cell's complete interior. Affixed to the jail-cell's ceiling are two powerful fluorescent lights, which continuously remain turned on all through the day and night, thereby preventing the accused individual from sleeping soundly during the night.

23. The accused individual is made to sleep on the jail-cell's bare floor ( which is cold to the touch in large part due to the police station being heavily air-conditioned), with no form of bedding whatsoever; neither a mattress nor even a straw-mat to lie on, nor even a pillow upon which to rest the head. Due to sleeping on the cold floor during his week in remand in police custody, Vickreman suffered rigors and body aches. The hardness of the jail-cell floor caused Vickreman to develop chronic neck, shoulder and upper back pains, with which conditions he continues to be afflicted to this day.

24. The police's continued retention of Vickreman's Windows computer, USB 2.0 flash drives and Blue Logbook is an enduring act of injustice; and their refusal to even provide provide Vickreman with a cloned copy of the data contained on his Windows computer and USB 2.0 flash drives is an act of sadistic cruelty.

25. Their continued retentiom of the miscellaneous items (i.e. the black pouch, EZ-link card, $20 cash, stationery items and 5mm kidney stone) for further investigation is an act of astounding absurdity!


Lim Chin S said...

For a moment I thought I was reading about torture in North Korea.
Amazing how Singapore has gone down the road under the PAP.
After all having unfettered power for the last 50 years has given them the right to flush the Constitution down the toilet.

Luck of Fire said...

is this for real?

if I was that guy I would have committed suicide.

Anonymous said...

Of course the prosecution won't give back the data or journal yet lah, they will use these all as bargain chip for plead Guilty. If go trial, whether ultimately get conviction or acquittal, either way the prosecution kena very angry, sure will section 364 forfeiture!

No use also talk to the same judge anymore lah, either plead Guilty or send public petition to President to get prosecution to give back. President will of course throw the petition, but it will show the public pressure support.

Does this guy has a lawyer or not, coz otherwise he sure kena screwed. I know about Lim Luo Ren, last time he is inspector, he very slimy one, but sure will always get the guy to confession!

Cheng Wee Pang said...

The police search the house, but why they must tear holes in the bed and break the household appliance? And all the data clone already, what for the computer must still keep? Also how they get the kidney stone - did they pull it out of the guy's cock with tweezers or what? Must have been very painful, the police very rough one.

Marcus Chan said...

Only those who never confess cannot close the shower door, must squat naked (sometimes got in front of female officer some more) until dry enough to dress. The prisoner all who give confession already can close the door for shower and stand inside the cubicle until dry enough to dress.

The search in the cell, everybody also get pat-down, but only those who don't confession get strip and the finger insert, the rest only get pat-down only no strip.

This guy must have never confess, hope he has a good lawyer. I been arrest for minor offence, but I give confession and cooperate totally, so I okay, but I seen other prisoners all get treated like that.

Belinda said...

When I was a young adult at 19, I was at Newton food centre after clubbing drinking in a club, there was a fight and the people left, so my friend and I decide to take the empty table. Young and ignorant I am, I ignore one of my friend's advice to leave the fighting scene. So few of us took that table and order our food.
Then the police came, and we really had no answer for them and instead of leaving us alone, they took us and jailed us. So we spend 1 day in the jail where there is nothing but the floor and toilet bowl.
They took our urine but we weren't on drugs at all but they charged us with a charge, something like disturbing peace in public.I thought the police was disturbing my peace instead???!!! Is a public place for eating.
My dad pay for lawyer so I walk however, my friend without a lawyer is fined $800
Of cos it doesn't concern me anymore cos I had moved to a better place, and now i am in my 40s.
Just posting to show that There really isn't any rights at all in sg.
I really enjoy gopalan nair writings. Keep it up.

Belinda said...

When I was a young adult at 19, I was at Newton food centre after clubbing drinking in a club, there was a fight and the people left, so my friend and I decide to take the empty table. Young and ignorant I am, I ignore one of my friend's advice to leave the fighting scene. So few of us took that table and order our food.
Then the police came, and we really had no answer for them and instead of leaving us alone, they took us and jailed us. So we spend 1 day in the jail where there is nothing but the floor and toilet bowl.
They took our urine but we weren't on drugs at all but they charged us with a charge, something like disturbing peace in public.I thought the police was disturbing my peace instead???!!! Is a public place for eating.
My dad pay for lawyer so I walk however, my friend without a lawyer is fined $800
Of cos it doesn't concern me anymore cos I had moved to a better place, and now i am in my 40s.
Just posting to show that There really isn't any rights at all in sg.
I really enjoy gopalan nair writings. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting behaviors for an advanced country like Singapore.

Singaporeans should search their conscience to check if this is the kind of place they want to live in.

Perhaps Singaporeans are too busy trying to keep up appearance, because their minds are compartmentalized into two simple parts.

The first part is that if they do the right thing, they should be alright or even rewarded.

If they stray from the norm, from the tight "right" path, they are wrong and deserved to be punished. Circumstances like mental illness - just too bad. unlucky lor.

There is no time for complexity here. This is called PAP 'education'

Zakaria bin Mohd Abdul said...

Among those who refuse to admit the confession, the non-muslim men all who never circumcise, the procedure must pull back the foreskin to check. I have do that many time during my Police NS, I always pull gently, but some of the salaried very forceful, sometimes the foreskin edge scratch a bit and some blood also come out. Even very small scratch also the prisoner always cry a lot - very pitiful.

Maybe the foreskin more feeling than the rest of the cock, I dun know.

Zakaria bin Mohd Abdul said...

Those who never confess, the backside also procedure must check, and they make us NSmen do the dirty work. With glove on, one finger must insert into the backside, and rotate 270° degrees to check for hidden objects, e.g. shiv. But I never find any hidden object - only shit come out.

Backside checking prisoner never cry anywhere near as much like pulling back the foreskin one.

Anonymous said...

I served my Police NS 2006-2008 attached to the 'J' Division HQ, and I am acquainted with SSSgt Ramesh Shangkaran (back then he just was a Sergeant). He is easy-going and a devoted Hindu, and he would not have torn up this guy's mattress or broken his furniture without good reason, as other it would be Investigative Misconduct.

Vinod said...

The police would have needed to open up the bed and furniture to check for concealed data storage devices, e.g. USB thumbdrive - this fellow could have concealed any thumbdrives containing evidence of his crimes inside his mattress, and the police have to check to make sure.

He complains that he wasn't told how long he would be in remand, but he doesn't say that he actually asked any policeman. How is the police to know his own inferences - they are not psychic! Besides, only the SIO would know the remand period, the duty officers are not given the facts of the cases of the prisoners who they look after.

Further, everyone in remand gets the same amount of food for every meal; if the food was not enough for this fellow, may be he is too fat and needs to lose weight; and his weight problem is not the police's fault.

His complaint that the uniform in IMH is too small for him only proves that he is overweight. If the uniform was so tight that he got DVT, who ask him to keep it on? He could have chosen to strip - who in their right mind would rather suffer DVT than go naked in an all-male ward?

IMH Remand Ward is well-ventilated, and there are fans in every cell. It is not possible to get heatstroke in IMH. Maybe Mr Vickreman has his house aircon, and is too pampered to tahan without aircon.

He should be thanking the police that he wasn't charged for sending the second message. If you are charged with a second crime while you are out on bail, the court will not offer you bail for the second charge - you will be remanded to CPC until the conclusion of the case.

He complain about no privacy in the prison shower and the jail cell toilet, of course the police need to supervise the prisoners. By law, only female prisoner male officer not allowed to supervise, male prisoner anybody also can supervise.

He embarrased to shower or shit in front of police officer, should have thought about that before he commit the crime!

Gopalan Nair said...

To the Readers,

As for Anonymous who said

"I served my Police NS 2006-2008 attached to the 'J' Division HQ, and I am acquainted with SSSgt Ramesh Shangkaran (back then he just was"

and Vinod,

the reader has to be warned. Because if the overwhelming opposition to the Lee Kuan Yew and his son's Singaporean dictatorship on cyberspace, the government, just as in Communist China have set up a cyber brigade to counter the opposition. These are government paid employees using false names and identities who attack anyone who criticize the Singapore government. Beware, these 2 characters may well be from the Singaporean cyber brigade. As such you may want to disregard their comment.

Julian said...

I feel sorry for this guy, autistic probably difficult to adjust to jail, but at least the police station not so bad as in prison. In Queenstown Remand Prison, the bathroom got no separate cubicle, is all open shower area, at times your water splash the next guy or his water splash onto you, a bit unhygienic but all part of prison life.

Anonymous said...

The police station shower actually is not so bad - only the policeman will watch you, and seldom anybody will make fun of the prisoner unless he is (or looks) homosexual.

In Changi Prison Complex, there is toilet and shower inside every cell, but no door or screen. Eight inmates to each cell, and each inmate has to shower, scrub, urine, pass motion, etc. in full view of the other seven.

Passing motion in front of other people very embarrassing at first, but then you get used to it after the first few days, and eventually everyone also shit in full view of everyone else so is not awkward anymore.

Hope he don't get sentenced to prison.

Ibrahim said...

I dunno about Jurong but in Cantonment homosexual prisoner the police will make fun of in the shower, ask ugly questions like have you ever fuck your mother, etc. Some very ngiaou police will also tell the homo prisoner to strip and masturbate during the interrogation to "soften" the prisoner to give confession.

Maybe this guy autistic the police mistake for homosexual, policeman is not psychologist so cannot tell the difference?

Singapore, North Korea, India, China all the same in terms of police station. Haiz.

Hannah Ong said...

If this guy cannot afford Heenan Blaikie LLP, which is probably the case as they are a very expensive MNC law firm, he should go for M Ravi, who is a famous human rights lawyer in Singapore and does mostly pro bono (i.e. unpaid) work.

AFAIK Mr M Ravi stays at:
Block 81 Kovan Road, #02-03, Singapore 548173. HP: 9138-8327

Tariq said...

Except for Gas Chamber and Medical Experiment, all the disgusting thing the Singapore police doing to the prisoners is just like what all the torture the Nazi soldiers do to the Jew people in Germany during World War 2.

All this prisoner abuse the police are doing in the name of the people of Singapore, and 60% of the voting people by still voting for PAP are agreeing for this kind of thing to be done in their names. The 60% should hang themself heads in shame!

Support PAP = support the police to abuse and torture the prisoners for confession!

Erna bte Saleem said...

At least Vickreman he is 23 years old is not so bad, being adult prisoner, he dun have to be scared of adult-age homosexual cellmate molest him.

Sometimes for young prisoners (ages 7 to 16) who refuse to give confession, after the interrogation session, the police will make them strip and send them back to the cell naked, and put them with adult homosexual cellmate to make them scared - of being molest or rape by the homosexual cellmate.

And some of the policeman who do all this atrocious to young prisoner, themselves also have small children!

Anonymous said...

Since Vickreman computer still with the police on 27.10.2013, and yet they say get second message from Vickreman computer on that day, the police must have use the computer to send message to themself, and then frame Vickreman with sending for the second message!

Outragged Singaporean said...

Making prisoner to pass motion in full view of other prisoner or police officer is Cruel & Degrading Punishment, also the same for making to strip and masturbate during the interrogation. Why the prisoner must humiliate like that? Prisoner also still human being with feeling, the police officers who treat them like dog have zero conscience, are themself not human!

Anonymous said...

One thing I do know about Singapore is how those suffering from mental health problems are treated with disgust, and that there are just insufficient training to deal with mental health problems.

The police force is supposed to be professional and not some sort of barbaric tribe.

Singapore can learn from Hong Kong Police.

Digested Singaporean said...

Even barbarian also never sexual assault the non-confessing prisoner daily in the disguise of security check!

Even Idi Amin never make prisoner shower and shit while other people watching them. All the Singapore police is sick in the mind, execlude the NSmen who are compulsory no choice.

SPF = Sexual Pervert Force

Conspiracy Theory said...

Who has six PTCs? Normally, after 2 or 3 PTCs, goes on to CCMS, and CCDC, and then six weeks later, go to trial already. Except for drug trafficking, rape, kidnap or murder case, nobody has half a dozen PTCs before their CCMS & CCDC!

The police and prosecution are doing very fishy business here - they must have got something to cover up, so dragging the case until the defendent will agree to plead Guilty already. For some reason they must want to avoid a trial; maybe they dun got any real evidence to show to the court

Anonymous said...

I admire Mr Vickreman's courage, he is very brave to tell what really goes on inside Singapore's police stations to "uncooperative" accused, but having reveal all this, hasn't he contravented Section 225 of the Criminal Procedure Code?

Refer to the ten relevant sections of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Now the police can put second charge on him, and he won't be given bail again if already on bail, instead will be remanded in Changi Prison until the whole case is conclusioned; and during the time while he is inside, the prison guards sure will beat him up and torture him a lot more!

'Uncooperative' Accused PIC said...

ASP Lim Luo Ren is a slimeball snake who put me in prison for six months, by making me give confession to his subordinates. They broke my two front teeth, after I come out of jail, I spend almost $6K over four months for dentist appointment to repair my gums and put in two fake teeth.

Click on the name link to see his picture. Let's everybody make this muther-fucking bastard famous for his atrocious doings! So if people see him on the street, they will know who he is and what he done.

Enraged Citizen said...

Even assuming that Vickreman did commit the crime, the only damage that he would have caused is some public air travel disruption (and hassle to travellers) and the waste of the police's manpower resources, for which he would deserve either a fine or maybe at the most a short prison sentence.

He didn't deserve to be physically deprived, emotionally abused, psychologically tortured, sexually humiliated, or most of all denied medical treatment. In civilized countries, even death row convicts are given proper clothing and bedding, and have access to medical treatment.

Forced nudity and sexual humiliation are common (but nonetheless illegal) interrogation procedures used against enemy combatants to extract useful intelligence in military prisons such as Abu Ghraib, but to employ such tactics against a vulnerable and defenceless suspect (probably in order to extract a confession) is the height of inhumanity.

There could have been no justification to dehumanise an accused person in such a manner, especially before he has actually been convicted of the crime.

Hannah Ong said...

If M Ravi is not available or unable to take on any more cases, Vickreman could also try approaching Ms L F Violet Netto, who is a prominent and Singaporean civil rights lawyer. She is well-known for being sayang on teenagers and young adults who are coerced by police and / or facing lengthy jail sentence.

Her personal phone number and is 6299-1639, and she stays at Block 9 Gloucester Road, #14-19, Singapore 210009.

Abused Singaporean said...

SSSgt Ramesh S/O Shangkaran is a self-claimed Sai Baba follower, usually he is nice to those who give confession and cooperate, but he has a vile temper and bad tendency to beat up people who never confess (especially Muslim). Lucky he never beat up this guy for confession, he is very tall and strong, sure would have broken some bones or teeth.

His house phone number is +65-6363-2484. Let's everybody call him (from outside Singapore) and ask him why he and his police khakis abuse and humiliate prisoner for confession!

Anonymous said...

OMG after all that emotional abuse, psychological torture, sexual humiliation, etc. any ordinary person (autistic or normal) would most likely be suffering with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Has Vickreman seen psychiatrist? If may be he dont want to go back to IMH for treatment / counselling, he can go SGH's Psychiatric Specialist Clinic, got top-notch high-experience psychiatrist Dr Leslie Lim there.

Angry Secretary said...

I enquire to the Deputy Public Prosecutor office, using the case number (DAC 28930-13), and found out that the prosecutor for this case is one Ms Nicole Loh Wern Sze, who got a well-known reputation for being a bulldog who always will get conviction.

Ms Nicole Loh Wern Sze's work telephone number is +65-6435-5110. Office telephone number is have to pick up and answer, cannot ignore the call! Now anybody can call and harass this government prostitute, and let's disrupt her all-important "work"!

Innocent Ex-Convict said...

In 2004, I was wrongly arrested for molest offence - picked up by the police just because I match the description of the suspect and was wearing same colour clothing like him.

In the police station, first three days in remand, I never confess. The police take away my clothes and make me stay in the cell naked, no blanket also during the night I shiver a lot. In the interrogation, many times the officers slap me, twice I get punch in the stomach, and after the second punch I vomitted some blood!

Fourth day, I cannot tahan anymore, so I admitted to everything, and then only I get remand uniform. From then on I cooperate and plead guilty, and I tell to the judge I am very remorseful, so the judge let me off with $4,000 fine.

In Singapore, once you arrest already, no point telling the police you never did it, better to just give confession and try to mitigation for lighter sentence, otherwise you will suffer many terrible things in the police station.

Anonymous said...

Vickreman is very brave to tell all this, to expose the police wrongdoing, taking the risk of being re-arrested and remanded again to police station.

Most people who have been remanded in police station are very ashamed, and many people choose never to talk about it. Some, expecially teenager, are very traumatised and soon after they come out they commit suicide.

Vickreman has a powerful spirit, a lot of courage and fortitude, if he manages to get acquitted, he should join the Workers Party and become Member of Parliament.

Court Clerk said...

I don't know where "Angry Secretary" above got their information from, but it's wrong. Ms Nicole Loh Wern Sze is a District Judge, not a Public Prosecutor!

The prosecutor for DAC 28930/13 is Ms Chloe Mercy Lee Weiming, who contrary to her name, is usually asks for the maximum number of strokes of the rotan available under the law for the particular offence. It's not clear why she was assigned to Vickreman's case, as the penalty does not include the rotan. If anyone wants to call to harass and disrupt the work of the prosecutor, please harass the right person!

Ms Chloe Mercy Lee Weiming
Tel: (+65) 6908 9170

Police NSman said...

In practice, when the police seize property for investigation purpose, if there are some kichi-kichi items among the lot, they will dispose of the kichi-kichi items, because nobody wants to spend the time to list down every miscellaneous item into evidence.

In Vickreman's case, the stationery would have been added to the IO's desk, and the EZ-link card and $20 cash would have been pocketed by the arresting officer. The black pouch may have gone into evidence, but more likely one of the officers would have pocketed it.

The kidney stone is medical waste and could have germs on it - either it would have been disposed of hygiene reason, or if it looked like drug crystal, then it would have sent to HSA for laboratory testing, where they will dissolve it for gas chromatography purpose.

The electronic items (computer, mobile-phone, flash drives, etc.) will be sent to the Technology Crime Forensic Bureau for technical analysis and investigation purpose. These will be returned upon court ordered by the judge.

The "handwritten personal journal" being a paper document, it is considered an "original document" and will become part of the Case for the Prosecution. It cannot be returned, as it a evidentiary property, and has to be retained for 25 years for court record purpose.

Extracts can given from it upon application to the court, and payment of the relevant fee, but application for extract must include substantiated reasons for why you need the extract. Hopefully the "handwritten personal journal" is not too lengthy, because the the fee for court document extract is $32.10 for application plus $10.70 per page.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's failure to ensure international human right standards are respected and enforced. Singapore is a party to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability(UNCRPD). UNCRPD defines persons with disability as one who has physical,mental,intellectual or sensory impairment. Singapore authorities claim that they will "enABLE and ensure that every person with disability lives a dignified life"(see foreword in "We are ABLE" Singapore's easy to read version of UNCRPD). Not much of a "dignified life" for Vickreman.UNCRPD grants a series of human rights in Articles 5 to 30 to persons with disability. Art 14(2) says State Parties are to ensure persons with disabilities deprived of their liberty are entitled to guarantees in accordance with international hjuman rights law and shall be treated in compliance with the objectives and principals of UNCRPD.Art 15(1) says persons with disability have right not to be subjected to torture or to cruel,inhuman or degrading treatment and punishmentArt15(2) places obligation on state parties to take all effective,legislative,administrative, judicial measures to protect persons with disabilities from torture or ill treatment on an equal basis with others.Art 16 persons with disability have right to be free from violence and abuse Art 16(3) requires state parties to have effective legislation and policies to ensure that instances of violence and abuse against persons with disability are identified,investigated and where approprite prosecuted.Art 13 says state parties are to ensure effective access to justice for persons with disabilities( Many more rights see UNCRPD at your complaint to: Petitions Team-UNCRPD, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland.( Fax: +41 22912 9022. E-Mail: ).
If any other relative or friend of a person with disability, has a complaint then if they like should send a petition with as much details of complaint as provided in the e-mail from Vickreman's mum. You will also need to provide your details. If you fear victimisation by singapore authorities then say so in your petition and ask for your details to be kept confidential.

Correct URL said...

Section 225 of the Criminal Procedure Code & the nine other sections referred to in Section 225.

The above link doesn't work - click below for the correct URL.

Section 225 of (Chapter 68) Criminal Procedure Code

Court Clerk said...

I looked up DAC 28930/13, and the next (7th!) PTC is on 18.02.2014 at 2.30pm in Subordinate Court No. 19

If anybody in Singapore wants to support Mr Vickreman, they can turn up at the PTC to show their moral support.

Court Clerk said...

I looked up e case number coz I curious about e result, n find out the case still ongoing after 1+ years! This guy kena arrest again on Feb 19, charge with extra count of United Nations plus one charge of Criminal Intimidation also for pointing parang at policeman when break into the flat for arresting him.

Later the second United Nations charge upgrade to Telecom Act. Now Vickreman waiting for trial with the following dated charges with these punishments.

• 2013 Jul 22 — Bomb Hoax — § 8(1) of UN(ATM)R2001 — 5 Years Prison Sentence & $100,000 Fine
• 2013 Dec 8 — Rioting — § 148 of PC — 10 Years Prison Sentence & 24 Strokes Rotan
• 2014 Jan 18 — Other Hoax — § 45(b) of Telecom Act — 3 Years Prison Sentence & $10,000 Fine
• 2014 Feb 18 — Bomb Hoax — § 45(a) Telecom Act — 7 Years Prison Sentence & $50,000 Fine
• 2014 Feb 20 — Criminal Intimidation — § 506 of PC — 2 Years Prison Sentence & Not Specified Fine

Overall, now this guy going for maximum of 27 Years Prison Sentence, $160K+ Fine and 24 Strokes Rotan!

Aug. 19, 2014 his lawyer M Ravi's whole law firm kena discharge by force by Prosecutor claiming "Conflict of Interest" in connection to 2014 Jan 18 charge. Now Mr Vickreman has got no lawyer, and his 16th (sixteenth) PTC is coming up on Dec 2, 2014 at State Court 19 at 2:30pm.

Court Clerk said...

Accordingly the court record, there are these 3 prosecutor for Vickreman's case - one Assistant Public Prosecutor plus two Deputy Public Prosecutors to assist him.

APP Mr Ashraf bin Hassan
Tel: (+65) 6908-9314

DPP Ms Chloe Mercy Lee Weiming
Tel: (+65) 6908 9170

DPP Ms Selene Yap Wan Ting
Tel: (+65) 6908-9331

Wah, even drug trafficking or murder case also only two prosecutor - one to lead and one to assist!

Court Clerk said...

OMG! Vickreman Chettiar now represented by Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian – i.e. the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC and Chairman of Workers Party.

The law firm where Sylvia Lim works is own and run by Mr Peter Cuthbert Low – this the same guy who represent "Marxists" Vincent Cheng and Chng Suan Tze against Internal Security Act from 1987 to 1989.

The 16th (sixteenth) PTC time now change to 2 December 2014 at 9:30am timeslot in State Court 19.