Monday, March 10, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 wing probably ripped off in mid- air

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Although this aircraft may have crashed for a multitude of reasons, my guess is that the probable cause for this accident is the wing being ripped off the aircraft. This is why I say this.

The events so far, which we all know, are that there was no distress call and the plane suddenly disappears from radar, indications of a sudden catastrophic event.

According to the information on this particular aircraft, it appears that " a minor incident while taxiing at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in August 2012 resulted in significant damage to one of it's wingtips which broke off while striking the tail of another plane" See Wikipedia "Malaysia Airlines Flight 370"

It is very likely that if the repairs to the wing in August 2012 was incorrectly or incompletely done, although the aircraft had successfully completed many flights after the incident, over time the improper repairs may have caused increased metal fatigue to the joints connecting the wings to the fuselage.

This may have resulted in the wing finally giving way and breaking off from the fuselage. This is especially so in the case of the wing which has to withstand a great deal of stress, in flight and turbulence.

Although initially after the repairs, assuming they were faulty,  the wing was able to hold, the repeated flights after the repairs in 2012 may have increased the damage due to the initial incorrect repair.

An example of this was in the case of Flight JAL 123. In 1978 this Boeing 747 Jumbo suffered a tail strike (pilot raising the nose of the aircraft too high during take off resulting in the tail hitting the runway) while take off from Osaka International. The flight was successfully completed without incident and the aircraft was sent in for repairs. These repairs were done incorrectly, but even so the aircraft managed to fly without incident for the next 7 years until 1985.

In 1985, 7 years after the incident, it was scheduled to fly from Tokyo Haneda to Osaka International. About 12 minutes into the flight, the aft bulkhead gave way and the aircraft lost pressure. The tail (vertical stabilizer) was ripped off. Unable to maintain level flight, the plane crashed killing over 500 passengers.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the damage to the tail of the aircraft was directly attributed to the earlier faulty repairs. Here too, although this aircraft had managed to make many successful flights over the 7 years since the faulty repairs, eventually the damaged area got worse and it blew off. See wiki Japan Airlines Flight 123

This accident pattern appears directly similar to that of MH 370. You have a catastrophic incident, indicating a probable wing being ripped off in mid air.

Additional information also increases this possibility. It appears the pilot of MH 370 tried to turn around, presumably to head back to Kuala Lumpur. This is probably because his cockpit instruments may have indicated a damage to the wing, and since he is only an hour or so from Kuala Lumpur, he may have tried to head back. This probably increased the chances of the accident.

An aircraft wings while banking increases the stress on the wings, unlike in level flight. And furthermore, in his hurry to turn back, he may have entered a steep bank which increases even further the stress on the wings. This turning may have been the straw that broke the camel's back resulting in the wing being ripped off entirely. Perhaps it may have been better for him, on hindsight, instead of turning, to hope for the best and continue on level flight to Beijing and request a straight in approach for landing.

I think what the authorities should be doing now is to look into the maintenance records of this aircraft to see if the 2012 wingtip incident at Shanghai was properly repaired.

I guess either the pilot did not have the time to radio the distress call or the accident was too sudden he simply did not realize the impending catastrophe.

There is also a report from an unidentified pilot in the vicinity that at the request of Vietnam Air Traffic Center, he did make contact with the KH 370 requesting that he make contact with Vietnam's ATC.

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Anonymous said...

It is quite a refreshing and a surprised twist to your usual speciality contributions targeting L.K.Y when you give your opinion about the lost Malaysian plane.
L.K.Y should thank you for giving him a break from your relentless barrage of assaults.

Anonymous said...

I doubt L.K.Y ever do that. For a man who is ruthless to jail, bankrupted, and even exile his enemies, does such gratitude ever exist?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said,

"It is quite a refreshing and a surprised twist to your usual speciality contributions targeting L.K.Y when you give your opinion about the lost Malaysian plane".

The reason why I refer to Lee Kuan Yew as if he was synonymous with Singapore should be known by anyone who knows the island. Just as you would refer to Hitler and not the Nazi Government of Germany simply because Hitler controls everything that happens there.

And I refer to Lee Kuan Yew and not his son by name, because his son exists only because the father is around. When the father goes, the effeminate little boy will be promptly history.

Anonymous said...

This incident occurs just 2 days after China's president voiced 100% support of Vladimir Putin for his Ukraine venture. The zionists-US have been trying to control Ukraine to contain Russia by putting in their puppet ruler there by force. I suspected this as a Mossad operation after hearing of the fake passports. Remember how Mossad agents use fake Australian and NZ passports to enter UAE and murder Hamas' leader in the country?

Mossad agents has been in Malaysia for years, its SOros-funded NGO funding the Bersih demos and rallies to destabilize the country. Anwar Ibrahim himself is a Zionist agent. Now attacking MAS enroute to China with majority Chinese citizens on board is killing 2 birds with one stone.

I did also think for the plane to integrate just like that, as if pulverized, no wreckage found, even a small piece, sounds like what happened to the buildings on 9-11; they literally turned to dust, quickly collected for disposal and until now cannot be studied and tested bec the govt made sure they disappear...

And then there are the answered phone calls...

Sinagporeans must learn to be more critical and less reliant on mainsteam media. Yahoo is one of the worst ones, but what to do... Singaporeans are using it to voice their grievances. I'm greatly disappointed by their ignorant and simplistic comments on there, very ignorant of world affairs. If they know who is really comtrolling the world right now, theyd know how much they complain and complain PAP is here to stay, under the wing of their elite-master. They think the elections is a sure, honest thing, even cite Obama at times as if the USA is the beacon of true democracy. Heck, even Obama was chosen to be president since he was in high school.