Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Singapore is just waiting for racial violence

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The tense calm that exists between the races in Singapore island will not be so calm much longer.

If multi racial Singapore was allowed to exist with equality among the races, it would not have been what it is today, of a overwhelming vast majority of Chinese with a handful of Malays it's original inhabitants.

Singapore dictator Lee Kuan Yew, completely ignoring the Constitution which requires equality among the races,  decided a long time ago that the island will remain predominately Chinese, his own race, precisely comprising 75%, about 15% Malay and the rest Indian and a handful of other races.

If childbirth will not hold these percentages, he continues to bring in the necessary numbers from China to keep the Chinese at this majority. Since the Chinese have lower fertility compared to the Malays or even Indians, he has continued bringing in huge numbers of Chinese angering the Malays, Indians and even the local Chinese.

His reason for the Chinese preference is his Hitlerain belief that they are superior, more hardworking and responsible than the Malays for whom he and his son display derision and contempt. He characterizes the Malays as lazy and irresponsible and the Indians as unruly and troublesome almost taking a page out of Hitler's Mein Kamf.

And don't forget, all this he and his son, the Prime Minister do openly  in total violation of the Constitution.  Shows how much respect they have for their citizen's intelligence.

Since my earlier life in Singapore and since writing this blog, I have personally heard of numerous instances of racial discrimination against Indians and Malays in jobs, in housing and in career promotions, a problem compounded by the fact that most private businesses are in the hands of the Chinese.

This racial discrimination is prevalent in every aspect of both public and private life,  including jobs both government and private, housing, and in every other manner that you could possibly think of.

Singapore's Malays and Indians simply accept this discrimination without complaint as there is nothing they can do. Those who can emigrate to the West, those who can't simply eat humble pie.

The unhappiness of the Malays and Indians in Chinese Singapore is simmering under the surface. It may be dormant but it is nevertheless there.

This new Singapore of majority Chinese immigrants with locals becoming the minority begs the question, will this explode into racial violence with foreign Chinese attacking the locals or the Malays attacking the Chinese?

I think it will.

If the Singapore Malays and Indians have been sufficiently intimidated not to create a revolution against the Chinese majority, they may very soon do it.

Remember, the Chinese from China are a very different animal from local Singaporeans. He has not been trained to be submissive and tolerant to other races, which are non existent in China. It has been said that the Chinese from China consider themselves superior to local Chinese, never mind the Malays or Indians.

A few nasty remarks to a Singaporean Malay, an insult here or a there against local Chinese Indians or Malays may ignite the individual confrontation in a sardine packed overcrowded island into bloody island-wide mayhem. 

If this happens, the local Chinese, thanks to the Lees who think they are superior to the Malays and Indians may join the recent immigrant Chinese and you are looking at a bloodbath.

Already in the island, one hears on a daily basis of confrontations with these recent immigrants from China. If these incidents are not publicized, it is only because the local state controlled newspapers are not reporting it for fear that it may in fact induce further violence.

It is unwise for any country to indiscriminately import human beings from abroad not knowing whether their temperament comports with that of a tiny island which today has perhaps not more than 2 million people.

Can you imagine what England would be if they brought in 30 million Afghans tomorrow? In fact, relative to Singapore's tiny population, that is exactly what they have done.

Not only for fear of inter racial violence, it is a bad idea because it turns the character of Singapore into something it is not.

Chinese form China have not been given any sufficient instruction or training on the peculiar situation in Singapore where there are other races too.

The happening of racial violence is increased by reports of the local population having lost their jobs or unable to get them because employers prefer newly arrived Chinese immigrants who accept lower wages.

There is an article in the magazine The Diplomat (please see earlier blog post come for the link) of widespread sporadic instances of racial friction in public places, of insults and abuse thrown, not only at Asian immigrants but also Western immigrants.

There was one instance of Dutchman who had relocated to Thailand with his Thai pregnant wife after she was told that her unborn "whore" child is not welcome in the island. The report also talks of Caucasians being told at their workplaces to go back where they came from.

Anton Casey, an Englishman was faced with massive island wide abuse and insults and run out of the island when he wrote disparaging articles of the locals.

As time goes on, not only for the Indians and the Malays but also for the local Chinese, it is going to get harder and harder to find jobs so as to satisfy the government's determination to keep wages low to be competitive in the global market place, a thoroughly heartless policy.

I have no doubt that with each day passing, and with no sign that the government will reduce the flow of Chinese migrants, it is only a question of when, not whether, racial violence will erupt in Singapore. The racial policies of the Lee Kuan Yew and son regime has created a time bomb, waiting to explode.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com

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Anonymous said...

In the Anton Casey case, he bloody deserved it. Some of the things he said were racist and just plain snobbery. If you post derogatory remarks on social web-sites like Facebook about the local people in the host country you live in, then you're just asking for it. I have no sympathy for the man. He was just abusing his expat status in white-worshipping Singapore.