Sunday, August 24, 2014

Singapore children are deprived of a childhood. They become adults the moment they are born

updated 08/25/2014: A sentence has been removed so as not to offend the feelings of the majority ethnic Chinese population in the island.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If I was to have a conversation with a 12 year old boy, I would much prefer to have it with an Australian boy and not a Singaporean one.

Why? Because it would be far more interesting with the Australian.

The Singaporean one would probably be able to read and write better. But he would have nothing original in his head. This is why.

An integral part of human development requires that children are allowed to play. An Australian boy would probably study a few hours, even less, but would be spending the rest of the time playing around in his yard, chasing Kangaroos, playing with other kids, talking, laughing and doing the things children normally do when they are 10.

This is the part that Singaporean children are completely deprived of. Apart from the fact that there are no Kangaroos to chase around, being a tiny sardine packed concrete jungle, they never get a chance to relax and play like other kids.

In Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, they always have to get top marks in school, the only thing that matters in that blasted island.

Even at the age of 6 or 7, they return from spending half a day in school studying and spend the rest of the day studying at home.

Not that the Singaporean kid has realized at that tender age of the importance of an education, it is because he has no choice. On the one hand, the classes are so rigorous that a 6 year old boy is expected to function as a 16 year old anywhere else, because as I said in my earlier blog, if he fails that most important test at the age of 12, he is delegated to the dumb class, a path that leads to Singapore's dumb jobs, such as running around as Lee Kuan Yew's policemen arresting anyone who shows any independent thinking, or some puny clerk in some office somewhere.

On the other hand, if he does well at studies, he can hope to land one of the professional jobs, where he can strut around in a white shirt and a tie, or if he is very lucky, become a Minister in Lee's government where he can literally earn millions, or a chance to be corrupt, to put it another way.

Naturally no parent would want their kid to end up as a coolie in Lee and Son's Singapore, so the pressure is from both sides, one at school and the other from the parents.

Question is, does this torture that children go through in Singapore make them any better. Absolutely not.

They become dull, dumb and totally devoid of any independent thinking.

Their spending long days sitting on a chair and doing homework makes them both physically and mentally weak. They lack the art of social graces, because they spend their time in isolation in front of a book.

The lack of sunlight and physical exercise makes them even paler and insipid. You won't expect a Singaporean to play rugby in the All Blacks, not because they were born physically any weaker but because the Singaporean upbringing makes them not only physically weak but mentally as well.

If you were to ask an Australian child what he wants to be, you would be surprised to find that he might want to be mountaineer, a policeman, a fire fighter or even a cyclist and win the Tour De France. The Australian boy would be far more articulate compared to the Singaporean one who would very probably not even speak because he is afraid to say the wrong thing. Even if he did, he would probably say he wants to be a banker and make lots of money, something he probably heard from his mother.

Although Australia has a slightly larger population than Singapore although a vast continent, their accomplishments far exceed what any Singaporean has managed to achieve. What this shows is that more and more studying does not make people any better. In the Singaporean case, it makes them dumb, which is exactly what Lee Kuan Yew and Sons, who own that island,  want them to be.

The reason for this diabolical education system for children is the master plan of Lee and Sons. When they make the exams for children so difficult, only a few will manage to succeed. And large numbers would be delegated to the lower classes, which will provide the numbers for Lee's menial jobs, to mow his palace lawn for instance. And Lee could conveniently say that it was not his fault that you have to mow his lawn, it is your own fault because you failed the test.

Unfortunately I too was the product of Lee's education system and had I not left early enough, I would have ended up exactly where Lee wanted me, to mow his palace lawn. But at an early age, I was able to leave, first for Germany (then West Germany) and later to England. As a result I managed to escape some of Lee's brainwashing although it took me awhile adjusting to society elsewhere.

I am not a child psychologist by training but common sense says that this sort of punishment for young children, almost totally depriving them of a childhood does long lasting permanent damage to any child's development. They end up as adults weak both in mind and spirit and totally unprepared to life in the outside world, except of course in Singapore if they did what they were told and did the jobs allocated to them by Lee and Sons.

What angers me is that Lee does this not because he thinks this system is any better, he does this for dishonest reasons, to create a population which would never have the courage to question him, because they simply cannot think. And an unthinking population is what any dictator anywhere dreams of.

I am not sure how you can take your kids out of this brainwashing, but my advice to you this. If you want your kid to grow up normal with ideas of his own and the courage to do it, send him elsewhere. Send him to Australia, to England, Europe or Canada or the US or to any other respectable country that is honest with their people. Otherwise you are damaging their minds permanently and they will end up as the dull witted Singaporean version of an adult that you see everywhere in that island today.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

Could you explain me something? I don't want to insult you or
blackmail you, I respect you as a human being, but I don't understand
intentions of this blog. I just need to know the truth. Why do you write such obnoxious things? Why
are you so cruel? Lee Kuan Yew sacrifices his whole life to transform old Singapore to actual state.
Singapore is a beautiful place with so many awesome, modern skyscrapers and high class attractions
such: Flyer, tropical Zoo, Sentosa Island. It's also very safe, friendly and clean place. There are religion
tollerance, everyone accept people choices and don't disturb their lifes and beliefs. Singapore is full of outstanding
environment, nature and trees and it coexists with modern architecture. Law is strict, but fair. Why you don't like this place?
Why can't you respect LKY for his achievements? There aren't many brilliant people like him on the Earth!
Because there is no freedom of speech? Look, I'm from Poland, people talk what they want about the government,
they use the most ugly words in dictionary to describe politicians, and so what? They also complain. All the time.
"How the politics is wrong, how this country is so bad". Polish people are dangerously unhappy. So why Singaporeans should
have a privilege to making protests? Because they would like to complain loudly? They won't change anything, they will just
waste time for being tedious. People complain, it's their habit. Even if they live in heaven, they will complain that clouds are too soft.
I hate listen to it, so it's good in Singapore that someone command some fretful people to shut up. Lee Kuan Yew is doing something for
Singapore all the time, but Polish government ignores our needs. Cities are dull, grey, boring and dirty, people have lot of addictions. It isn't
very safe even. Some aggresive supporters can hit your head with the bottle of glass. People here don't understand a religion and telling bad things about it,
people here don't understand that someone may have for example green hair, it is just another reason to insult. If Singaporeans come here and watch it,
they will return to Singapore with pleasure. Intelligent and responsible people, who know
more about Singapore and visit it regularly (like me), are telling unanimously, that Poland need someone like Lee Kuan Yew. They admire Singapore.
Poland needs strict law because people have to to learn some respect. It doesn't matter that stupid persons will not understand it and call it "a regime", they will complain forever. Law must be prepared for fair and responsible people, and this people expect respect, loyalty and safety. If someone is intelligent and clean, he will understand
that this high fine for littering is neccessary to keep country safe and it's not like "limit expression". I don't want to experience expression of stupid people
on the street, who will littering, complaining, shouting and calling it "freedom of speech". And if the educational system destroys someone's mind, as you wrote, you
should know that people don't need to work in the office for whole life, nobody will force them. They just can open their own business and be individual then. If someone lose individuality in the school, he's just too weak to be individual from the beginning. Why you don't understand such obvious things and comparing Singapore to North Korea? Beautiful, high class modern place for smart with totalitarian beast? Did someone brainwash you?
Or you have to write something like this for American Citizenship because they command you to do it? Is this blog some kind of propaganda?
Tell me, why are you savage? You should be really punished for this :(

Anonymous said...

Here is an article from San Francisco on why Asians (what Chinese) are referred to in the USA.
The Confucian values are a ball-and-chain.

In a paper Gee published this year, he noted that factors preventing more Asian Americans from moving up the ranks include a traditional deference to authority, ineffective communication skills and an aversion to risk taking. Many Asians, he said, are brought up with an emphasis on acquiring skills and achievements, but not on the "soft skills" necessary for managing people at a high level.

Anonymous said...

> Poland need someone like Lee Kuan Yew.

You did ever since the end of Seconds World War. How did that work out for you.

LKY controls a country that used to be 12 miles by 25 miles (19km x 40km). This is smaller than many Polish cities.

Why are educated people from Singapore emigrating every year if Lee Kuan Yew was doing such a wonderful job? Ask yourself this and stop reading the propaganda put out by Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Nair,

How long have you not been in Singapore? The mouth speaks what the heart is full so it is clear you miss Singapore enormously.

I am not clear what you are trying to achieve, but you are borderline crazy. Do you realize that nobody is paying attention to you? At best, people will find you pathetic. Dude, you are scary.

Personally, after reading some of your rantings, I feel sorry for you. Do yourself a favor. Take a break - Move on.

Anonymous said...

To the guy from Poland: May I ask you whats your job?

Anonymous said...

I don't know also, why you, Mr Nair, praises western countries without any objectivism.
Everything there is so magnificent, in Singapore everything is bad... Who is a bootlicker right now?
Please, be responsible for your words. Everyone know, that level of education
in USA fell down. USA promote petty, stupid values like sexual immorality and parties.
It's enough to show your boobs or ass to make a career. It's called a "freedom of speech".
Teenagers can drink a lot of alcohol, watch porn movies on the ipad and stupid mtv programms.
It's obviously a "freedom of speech" and Singapore needs this kind of "freedom" to make
citizens happier. Mhm... Instead I would like that my child in future will sit all
day with books and get a lot of top marks, really. With Singapore diploma you can find
a job in any country. You just need to work hard and sacrifice. If you're some kind of redneck, you should
really emigrate to USA. Singapore is a place for smart and intelligent people, it connects Asian values
with best western values like prestige, modernity, future design and fashion, but it's still
not enough for you. You' re calling Singaporeans as dumbs and insulting them, and you don't see that some USA
citizens are totally dumbs. I think you have a lot of anger in your heart, and you'd like
to take a revenge right now, because you didn't pass these Singapore exams.
It wasn't fault of politics government, it wasn't a bad luck - it was only you. If you passed
your exams and got a good job in Singapore, you would praise Singapore as an ideal country. It's so hopeless.
Instead of working in my corporation in Poland in high position and watching grey, boring and dull cities
full of narrow - minded people, old rusty garages from my window view and hear a rude words from
bald men in tracksuit at cold, windy nights I would like to be this "dumb clerk" with smaller salary in Singapore, and in my
free time come to Sentosa and take sunbathing, go for Clarke Quay for something to drink etc. People in
Singapore maybe are not so outgoing, but are cultural and nice to foreigners, I feel safe and have a lot
of development ways with tropical scenery and for me this is much much better than living here.
The next example - people in Singapore start many conversations from eating questions, people in Poland -
from alcohol questions. I don't mean a good alcohol like martini/whisky, but the cheapest, 1-2 SGD piss to get drunk.
This kind of "freedom of speech" ruin health of these people, but they still don't see it. In my country function some stereotypes, that
polish people are robbers and alcohol addicts. Unfortunely, they fall down in this pattern. Examples - my friend left
cigarettes on table in pub and went to toilet. After coming back cigarettes were gone, of course. He tried to explain this situation,
but people only mocked and laughed at him. The next - I made an experiment,
I left my broken phone on the tram seat. As I predicted, it was a rat race to kidnap this phone and go out from tram. These behaviours in
Singapore are unacceptable, of course. So I repeat, law can't be prepared
for people with deviations, addictions and mental problems. Law must be strict and fair like in Singapore. If you're stupid, you will call it
as Orwellian because you can't freely spit on the pavement.
I answer a question - the capital of Polland, Warsaw, is smaller than Singapore. If Singapore was bigger, I think
LKY would also pull it through with his knowledge, money and influences. So please, Singapore citizens, admire
your beautiful country and be happy to live there!

Anonymous said...

Mr Poland, you must be a foreign talent, FT, with skills that locals don't have right?

Or did you just take a local Singaporeans job?

BTW, smart Poles come to the USA. Those that cannot go the places like Singapore, I think to become FT.

Anonymous said...

Mr Poland, you claim to be in Singapore.

Why don't you tell us why Singaporeans are emigrating to Western countries?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said

>Do you realize that nobody is paying attention to you?

They why are you reading this and responding? Did you political master LKY instruct you to do so?

Everyone is paying attention to Roy Ngerng and the CPF issue.

Don't you get it. These bloggers have can express their opinions as they choose. Something you obedient Confucians just cannot understand.

that factors preventing more Asian/Chinese Americans from moving up the ranks include a traditional deference to authority, ineffective communication skills and an aversion to risk taking. And they are the smart ones. The Singaporean variety is truly uninspiring bordering on stupid. Its the education and value system.

Anonymous said...

Am I God to answer all your questions?
People from Poland emigrate, people from Usa emigrate, from everywhere,
if they want and they need. The world is open today. So some Singaporeans may also leave their country,
of course. The reasons: climate / weather (tropical is not like European mild, of course), too expensive prices / high cost of living / properties /, too high
education level / health issues... Every case is different.
I have my job in Poland, have some interests in Singapore with firm transfer,
I also visit this place in my free time, have some friends there, good knowledge, so I think
I can speak about Singapore because I know this subject. Not all things
of course, but many things.
I don't understand this life approach - "take a local job from someone".
If you try to find a job, you're doing it for yourself and your family, or
for harming someone poor and take his all goods? This is stupid. Especially that Singapore has really,
really small level of unemployment, right? It's not just one person can have everything,
and another can have nothing. It's just the question of mentality and way of thinking. There are different life starts, but
it depends on you will you bounce, or will you fall down to zero point.
I am just good in psychology. If someone foreign get a permanent job in Singapore (I will try),
he should be proud and have no qualms because he works hard and deserve it.
Don't say something like "take from locals", because it's narrow - minded and xenophobic.
Everyone should worried about himself and make his dreams come true - using his strengh, not hurting anyone. It's not materialistic, it's just real life.

Anonymous said...

Asian values

Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee has a truly formidable presence within South Korea, but his presence within his own company is apparently something else altogether. Bloomberg reports that, during one visit to a factory, workers were told that they shouldn't watch through the windows as he entered the building, because they should not look down at him. Factory employees also had to park their cars in a rear lot so that Lee wouldn't have to see them (their cars were, apparently, not nice enough for his eyes), mints were placed in the bathrooms so that workers could improve their breath, and a red carpet was set out for Lee to walk down as he entered.

And they wonder why their people need to copy Apple.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Poland, Because you are not from Asia, you are not afraid to express your opinions. Thank you for your answers.

>Especially that Singapore has really, really small level of unemployment, right?

You are wrong Mr. Poland. Ask how many taxi drivers have college degrees but have lost their jobs to Foreign Talent?

Ask now many IT people have lost their jobs to lower-cost Foreign Talent.

Singapore men have to serve NS and then do Reservist training for 3 weeks every year. Bosses don't like losing workers for 3 weeks every year. So they prefer to hire non-Singaporean.

Among Singaporeans unemployment and wage stagnation is serious problem.

Mr. Poland, You may not agree with anything on this blog but I encourage you to keep an open mind and ask questions. Most Singaporeans are Confucian Cowards and may be too afraid to tell you the truth. But over time you will gain more insight.
Życzę zdrowia

Anti-منافق said...



– 老子,《道德經》

“Some time ago, on a rare trip to Paris, so a well-placed friend told me, Lee [Kuan Yew] was granted a meeting with François Mitterrand. Lee began lecturing the premier of France on governance. After Lee had left the room, Mitterrand said, ‘Who is this ridiculous man who wastes my time? Running Singapore is like running Marseilles. I am running a whole country!’”

– Theroux, Paul (2008), “Ghost train to the Eastern star : 28,000 miles in search of the railway bazaar”, page 329.

Somebody wrote here:

"You did ever since the end of Seconds [sic] World War. How did that work out for you."

"[Lee Kuan Yew] controls a country that used to be 12 miles by 25 miles (19km x 40km)."


By the way, in the United States of America (USA), the world’s HIGHE$T PAID minister of FOREIGN AFFAIRS and law mentioned that Singapore is ONLY A CITY, NOT A COUNTRY.

I of course, need NOT mention காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் (“கே”) சண்முகம் by name.

Somebody here also mentioned that Singapore has NATIONAL Service for all MALE CITIZENS for a mere "CITY" that is NOT a country.

Worth a thought, EX-COMMIE – that mentioned, REMEMBER 冷藏行動 in 1963 and 光譜行動 in 1987!

No regards,

P.S. By the way, I am sure you are as AWARE as MALE Singaporean DOCTOR ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி that professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism.

Anonymous said...

After I moved to Australia, I have to operate at a higher level of leadership and management not seen in Singapore.
- In Singapore, I just need to use the coercive style.

I have to see shades of greys and not just black and white, esp when dealing with human dignity. Eg Woman, aged 75, detained for SGP$411 conservancy fee arrears

I get criticized when I used my compartmentalised reasoning that only work on Singaporeans who do not ask too many questions. Here, the loopholes are exposed quickly.

We need some chaos to lift our game as an advanced nation.

Perhaps that will explain why Singapore is stagnant with an "underdeveloped brain" after LKY took over. Locals there are losing out to foreigners.