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Worrying times for Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's henchmen, sycophants and bootlickers. Lawyer Davinder Singh and a disgraceful career

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tiny Singapore island is at a existential crossroad or will soon be.

The island has no more than perhaps 2.5 million or so native Singaporeans today although it's population stands at 5 million.

Through a thoroughly misguided policy of boosting it's Gross Domestic Product despite it's declining population, which is already lowest in the world, they began a mass importation of mainly Chinese nationals to fill up the numbers, immigrants who know nothing about Singapore's history or anything else about the island for that matter.

Lee Kuan Yew, just like any other dictator in the world, the late Saddam Hussein of Iraq being no different, naturally rewarded and appointed to powerful positions those who supported him, while persecuting and marginalizing those who didn't.

Although Singapore is predominantly an ethnic Chinese society made up of 75% Chinese, whose numbers are deliberately propped up by Lee Kuan Yew's government, now run by his son, regardless of the Constitution which requires equality among the different races; there are also a few non Chinese being rewarded as a means to show the Indians and Malays that they are not forgotten.

One such person is  lawyer Davinder Singh whose picture appears above. People generally know him as Lee's defamation lawyer.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Singh is one of the most hated ( if not the most) Singaporean living today.

He has gone through an entire career of prostituting himself, his profession as a lawyer and his conscience by collaborating with Lee Kuan Yew, his son and other ministers of this one party police state to sue anyone who criticizes them in courts which can be described no better than Kangaroo courts like that you would read in Alice in Wonderland.

The leaders of Singapore who appear to have the most delicate nerves of any politician in the world, are offended at the slightest criticism which would have been normal in any other democracy and would immediately deploy this lawyer to literally lynch him in his court where the verdict is known even before anyone steps into the courtroom.

These defamation actions are simply used to silence dissent, not to compensate them for libel and slander.

You would be wasting your time if you took any bets, because like clockwork, the case is heard, the verdict is delivered, the poor victim is ordered to pay several hundred thousand of dollars to Lee Kuan Yew, the defendant naturally cannot pay and he is thereafter promptly bankrupted and harassed for life.

And for the dirty work that he does, he is paid handsomely in blood money.

And not just that, the next day the local state controlled newspaper the Straits Times lauds him as the greatest legal genius that civilization has ever known.

Since the verdict is so predictable and the merits of these cases so unworthy, Singh did not even have to be a lawyer to win every case hands down.

The only reason for Lee Kuan Yew and Sons to even use a lawyer for this lynching is to show some credibility to the whole exercise.

In fact they would have been far more honest if they did away with these Stalinist show trials and simply called the victim to Lee's office and ordered him to pay the millions.

I had practiced law in Singapore from 1981 to 1991 at which time I left for the United States.

I recall Singh being admitted to the Singapore bar about 2 years later, perhaps in 1983.

Although Singh could have taken the honorable path and stood up for the law and his profession, he instead decided to sell his conscience for money.

And that was his disgraceful career ever since. Just as any other dictator around the world would do, Singh is amply rewarded for the dirty work. He gets a job in one of the large law firms and in return he sells his conscience to please his client, the Singaporean bully boy.

In any other jurisdiction, Singh would have been disbarred from law practice, struck off the rolls.

It is unethical under the Code of Ethics at the California Bar as well as in every jurisdiction in the USA and I would say, in any other country that claims to have the rule of law, for a lawyer to knowingly further the case of his client which he knows to be totally devoid of merit.

The Lee family's numerous defamation lawsuits against their citizens has simply no grounding under the law. Singh knows this very well. Yet he willingly and shamelessly abuses the law, using the island's Kangaroo Courts to further his client's cause.

Why I say that Singh should be worried now, if he is not already, is this.

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's supreme leader who is either 90 or 95 (no one knows his real age) is already past it.

We have seen his pictures at the recent National Day parade. He can hardly walk and for all intends is bedridden and dying.

He himself as admitted that much. His ministers and powerful men are all his henchmen rewarded for their loyalty. When he dies, which is going to be soon, his ministers and these non-Chinese sycophants position becomes doubtful. There is likely to be a power struggle.

And in that power struggle, new contenders, younger men and women, who have no loyalty to these Lee Kuan Yew appointees, and who have no knowledge of Singapore's past history,  would seize leadership positions.

And these new politicians, younger men and women, who are going to be almost all ethnic Chinese are unlikely to know anything about Singapore's history or why these sycophants are given these positions.

The new ethnic Chinese rulers of Singapore who have no connection whatsoever to Lee Kuan Yew's reasoning to reward bootlickers such as these, would take the first opportunity to get rid of Singh and other non Chinese from positions of authority, since, after all any ethnic Chinese lawyer would be as capable of the job as this man could.

Singh may have backed the right horse while the going was good, with Lee Kuan Yew and the older generation around.

But the scene in going to change and change dramatically very soon. And Singh just as the several other non Chinese toadies who have benefited from Lee Kuan Yew's crumbs should begin to worry what is going to happen next.

Another reason why I say this is the island's tiny population.

With only 2.5 million locals which population is further declining rapidly, due to the it's world's lowest birth rate, the population that will replace them will be almost entirely recent immigrants from China who have no knowledge of Singapore at all. And they being entirely ethnic Chinese would see no reason to have this turbaned Indian running around claiming to be the world's best lawyer.

I would recommend that Singh get ready some body guards to make sure he is not beaten up by Singaporeans who are waiting for the day to get even. If he had done what he did in any Arab country, he would be wise to start arranging his own funeral.

I am not sure how this man is able to live with his conscience. Just to take two cases of the multitude of others who have been ruined by his disgraceful career is the late JB Jeyaretnam and Chee Soon Juan.

JB Jeyaretnam, the leader of the Workers Party, as we all know was a bitter political critic of Lee Kuan Yew. He was repeatedly sued by Lee Kuan Yew, bankrupted and jailed and eventually died, through Singh.

Chee Soon Juan, the leader of the Singapore Democratic Party, another of Lee's critics suffered the same fate.

Any person with even an iota of conscience or goodness in him, would find it hard to live with himself. But it appears, not so, in Singh's case.

Perhaps some have no conscience at all. How could Adolf Hitler have committed mass murder if he had any? It has been described as the banality of evil. Singh, it can be rightly concluded, has no conscience.

And one very interesting fact in this case of Singapore's foremost defamation lawyer is this.

He won't sue me for calling him dishonest and a prostitute to himself and his profession, even though he is ever ready to sue his fellow Singaporeans.

I am sure he will read this blog post just as thousands of other fellow Singaporeans would.

But he won't sue me, despite all his so called expertise in defamation law before his Kangaroo courts because he knows he simply cannot win outside the comfort zone of his Singaporean Kangaroo courts. And he has no shame either, despite his knowledge that his fellow Singaporeans are reading this and mocking him for what he is.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

the son of JB Jeyaretnam (who is a lawyer) is no better at all and his father shall be ashamed

Anonymous said...

Ferguson saga- if that ever happened to Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Karma is coming to town

Anonymous said...

His own career as an MP was cut short for having beaten up his Sri Lankan wife.

Irene Puah Siew Hoon said...

The problem is that anyone who rises within the Singaporean bureaucracy is suspected of having been promoted for being extremely compliant.