Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Every child in Singapore can be an American citizen

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you want your child to be an American citizen it is easy. All he has to do is to be born in the USA.

Under American law, as long as a person is born in the USA he or she is an American citizen. His parents citizenship or Visa status is irrelevant. Even if the parents are illegally present in the USA, it does not affect the child's rights to citizenship.

This is particularly easy for Singapore citizens. Singapore passports do not require a visa for 90 days stay. But even if you stayed beyond 90 days, you will not be deported. There is no penalty for overstay, except that in future, you will not have visa free entry like other Singaporeans. However after a period of time, I cannot say how long, you may be granted a visa. After that you will have visa free entry like others.

So if you feel that visiting USA is more important than having an American citizen child, then don't do it because the overstay will certainly affect your future travel there. If not do it.

Coming to the child's status in Singapore, the authorities there may require you to relinquish the American nationality since it does not recognize dual nationality. However that is no problem Even if you did give up American citizenship for your child, he or she can always claim it back firstly because it was not his own decision and secondly because the laws relating to recovery of citizenship are very lenient. You always get it back if you reapply unless the purpose of relinquishing was for a criminal or treasonous purpose.

Once the child is born apply for US birth Certificate and passport. His US citizenship lasts forever. Remember Bruce Lee the Hong Kong actor. He was an American citizen. His mother travelled to the US to give birth to him. A piece of news you may want to know.

Of course you shouldn’t be so dumb as to tell the US Immigration at the port of entry of your purpose for entering the USA and normally they don't ask you this question. Just say you are coming for a holiday and going back.

Now for money. US is obliged to provide everyone medical treatment. So if you don't have money to pay for childbirth that is OK. You will of course get a bill which you can pay depending on your means.

Finally when the child is 18 he can recover his US passport and coma and live here. At the age of 21, he can also petition for his parents and brothers and sisters to come over. I don't want to make this too confusing but just to remember, the parents can come over immediately. His bothers and children will have to wait up to 10 years before they can come if petitioned by him, or a lesser time if petitioned by the parents who have now become permanent residents. This scenario applies regardless of the children being minors. So technically you may have a scenario where the parents would have to leave their infant children behind. I know the law sounds ridiculous but don't blame me. I didn't write the law.

Good Luck to you Americano.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com
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Anonymous said...

This burns for me on so many levels.

Why couldn't my parents arrange for me to be born on US soil all those years ago?

Now the only path I have is to struggle in college for a difficult degree. Other than that, I am condemned to rot in that worthless island.

- Nigel Lai

(What alternatives do I have?)

Anonymous said...

oohh boo hoo. spoiled brat singaporeans complaining about an iron fist govt. i live in the philippines and we have so much "freedom". look where it got us? freedom is overrated! believe me!