Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew is probably dead or in a coma

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew has been in hospital for a whole month in mechanical ventilation and life support and in that entire period we have been told only twice about him. First after about 2 weeks later that he was admitted to hospital 2 weeks before, and second, about a week ago that he has got a little better! How much better or why how or what is not told.

And this paucity of information about a man who is revered like a God and for whom even a mild headache in the past would have been headline news in the state controlled media for a whole month, detailed with every single medical information you could think of!

So are you surprised why there is now almost silence? I am but at the same time, I am not. After all this is Singapore and a dictatorship. News is tightly controlled and you are told only what you need to know in their eyes. And this sort of silence in this case only means one thing. Either he is already dead or in a permanent coma.

Of course like in Communist China or North Korea, they need time to arrange the political succession. Members of the Singapore politburo headed by Lee's son have to sit down and decide who is to rule Singapore from now on. Will the son continue as the Prime Minister given his seat has become too hot now, after only recently suing Roy Ngerng for defamation in the Kangaroo Courts and setting the entire Internet ablaze in a fury, more and more people hacking his computer and scribbling anti government slogans on his housing apartments.

Maybe someone else should take over like the silly looking Chan Chun Sing who has now been making headline news for saying absolutely nothing. Perhaps even Tin Pei Ling would suit the bill for having admitted on camera that she had no clue about anything, most of all political and stamping her feet like a child on camera, and it appears the only thing she has done since 2011 was to have a baby, which naturally once again captured headline news.

Anyone one unfamiliar with Singaporean politics would be surprised to hear that they are arranging the leadership in Singapore! After all should not the people be deciding this? If you knew Singapore, you would know that it is a replica of todays Communist China or the Peoples Republic of China. Like in China where the Communist Party decides who should rule, similarly in Singapore it is the Peoples Action Party who would rule and rule forever. Although technically there are elections in Singapore unlike China, the results of any election is a forgone conclusion. PAP 10, opposition 0.

Although technically there are opposition parties, they have all been co-opted to the PAP. They are technically PAP's B team. If they cannot rule themselves, they will rule through proxy. and that is that.

I don't want to be going on a tangent for too long. My purpose was to tell you that either the man is dead or he is a irrecoverable coma. So if you feel that you have to do something about that, then perhaps you should.

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