Monday, June 29, 2015

Elections will not give any freedom to Singaporeans. As long as they live in fear as they do now, they will continue under the yoke

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The bad news for Singaporeans is this. As along as you continue to live in fear of your government, as you do now, elections will not give you any  freedom. You will continue living under the yoke.

So Singaporeans in the Internet who are writing reams and reams in the hope for freedom through elections, it will never happen with a people like you who are afraid.

No government in the future in Singapore will willingly hand over power to the people. You can only get it if you take it. And since you are too afraid to do it, you will be forever slaves.

Let me remind Singaporeans once again. You are living no better than ignorant slaves under Lee Kuan Yew's son. Lee Kuan Yew's son and his friends in open shameless industrial scale corruption pays himself $3.7 million a year and much more secretly. With state controlled press, you get propaganda, not news. Your viewpoint will only be published if you are one of them. There is no free speech expression or assembly. The courts are Kangaroo courts who can put away any innocent man Lee Kuan Yew's son does not like. In sum total in Singapore you don't live as free men. You are simply a slave to be dealt with any way Lee Kuan Yew's son pleases.

Your cowardly fear under which you live is abundantly clear by your inaction. All you are capable of doing in Singapore is writing in Facebook and the Internet. And the government on their part has been ignoring it for years as they will continue to do. Your Internet criticism has no effect on them whatsoever as they continue to rule over you as your masters and you as slaves.

Today one thing that I know, that Lee Kuan Yew's son knows and worst of all you know is this fact; no matter what the government does to you, you simply do not have the courage to fight back, like the courage of the Englishmen, the Spaniards, the Frenchmen and all the other free men of the world. You lack an essential quality of human nature essential for freedom, basic courage. In essence, you are timid cowards. And as long as the government is aware of this fact, they are in no rush to give you any rights. You will remain as you are. That is common sense.

Even a future government will not give you any rights. Even if Chee Soon Juan of the opposition SDP is to form the new government, I doubt very much he will be in any hurry to hand over all your rights to you. Why, because it is much easier to rule over you if you have no rights and the government has all the power, as is the case now.

In the end timid souls like you don't deserve to live in freedom anyway. After all you are happy the way you are as it is.

I have realized I have wasted my time writing anti Lee blogs. Why? Because I thought that even a timid society such as you would be moved to stand up to the government if pushed to the wall. I now realize I was wrong. You are a people so afraid that you would do nothing even if Lee Kuan Yew's son raped your daughter before your very eyes. You are beyond redemption. I cannot help you. I will not be writing as often anymore, since it is no use at all. I might as well be trying to persuade a brick wall.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Former Singaporean.
Proud American citizen
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

I think you're right. We'll not live in freedom even with a change of government. We don't even realized we're oppressed! We don't understand the concept of rights.
The recent news about Amos Yee made me so mad with Singaporeans. A 16 years old kid being punished for speaking his mind, and none of us are doing anything to help him. In fact, foreigners are more sympathetic towards that poor boy. So many locals think he deserved it, but he should have the right to give his point of view. Locals just don't get it.
Sadly, I'm one of those cowards you mentioned All I did was post a useless Facebook status on my wall.

Xu Liwei

Anonymous said...

It's partially because of your blog that I have decided to migrate. Many people leave quietly so the govt has no reason to take away our assets, as in the case of CSJ and many others. Just keep writing, you don't know how much your blog has far-reaching effects.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans do not know how different they are compared to people from the free world. I can say this because I have left Singapore for 20 years and when I come across Singaporeans on my travel or during my few visits to the island, I find them to be strange, just like how I see Japanese.

Gopalan, you should see just how tired Singaporeans have become. They have been kept under the Old Lee spell for so long that the survival prognosis is dire, let alone the strength for change.

The country will survive, but not the local population who will die out because they can't compete with foreign invaders

Anonymous said...

Yes! Me too, I am also one of those cowards you describe. What worst is people are being indifferent to their situation and act dumb in order not to get picked on. But you did not waste your time, all is not wasted. Even if people in Singapore are not moved, other oppressed people in other nations will get the inspiration. And they will see Singapore as a excellent example of what it mean for a bird living in a cage for all it's life find flying is dangerous. At least you help to prevent more Singapores to be produced even you can't slain this Singapore now.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean males do not have lan jiao even though they served NS. Obviously the PAP bullshit government is so wrong yet no one dares to say or do anything.

Singaporean females are not much better. All Singaporeans are simply too materialistic and care only about money.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean are stupid and that's how they are trained to be like . They can't or won't know that the country is being sold to foreigners by the tyrant lee

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct. But there is no solution. Many people are not cowards but cannot risk the free speech repurcusions as they have families to support. There are rampant double standards in SG, in all forms but whether they are due to nepotism, xenophobia or racism, it is not possible to tell. There are several youtube videos against Obama and David Cameron. No one in US or UK frets over those videos as they are pouncing on a 16 year old Amos Yee. SG is and will always remain a dictatorship legacy for the grand and greatgranchildren of the government !

Anonymous said...

As long as people must be afraid of littering and the consequences, they will be even more afraid of free speech in public or democracy.