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Singaporeans willingly live at the total mercy of their rulers. They happily live as slaves.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singaporeans live entirely at the mercy of their rulers today and for the last 50 years.

They are in effect slaves.

Their destiny can be controlled if necessary at any tine  by their rulers and there is simply nothing they can do about it.

Government critics can be made imaginary criminals, put away and denied a livelihood. This fear is island wide forcing people to keep in line.

This state of affairs is not the fault of their government at all, it is themselves, because they simply cannot muster the courage to demand justice.

No government in the world today would voluntarily restrict their own powers, why should they? David Cameron would be licking his chops if he could get away with the British what the Lees are getting away with the Singaporeans but he can't. He knows the people would break down the door of No 10.

As long as they are incapable of holding their government to account, their government naturally simply do whatever they want, since there is no one to oppose them.

This state of affairs is simply paradise for any government like that of Singapore. Where in the world can they simply do anything they want and still get away with it because you have a totally subjugated, servile population that simply do not have the courage and shout "protest" even if half their kith and kin are skinned  alive before their very eyes.

Surely this has to be paradise for any government. Other than Singapore, countries that enjoy this total choke hold over their people are few. They include Communist China, Cuba and North Korea and you could add Singapore.

The total power they hold over their people in Singapore is because firstly , the entire media is state controlled. Only the rulers have the right to say what you want, not you. If they let you say something in edge ways, it is because it is they who have let you, not because you have any right to state your mind.

Second the Constitution is completely negated. You have no right to speak in public, criticize in public, question authority openly, assemble in public or do any of this because they have all been made illegal.

Unlike in other democracies in the world, Singapore's rulers are not afraid of your ever challenging them because if you do they will arrest you and send you packing. They know this and you know this. This gives them complete free reign to do literally anything they want anytime regardless of whether you like it or not, period.

The police force is totally corrupt as well as are their judiciary who simply do whatever is told of them to destroy this government critic or that with fake criminal charges. In my case, as a practicing lawyer in that island from 1979 to 1991, which I am ashamed of looking back on hindsight, I was repeatedly charged with all sorts of allegedly disciplinary failings and constantly harassed.

The plan of course was to turn me into another obedient subservient unquestioning Singaporean like the others. In this way they can destroy your livelihood anytime simply because, to use Face book language,  you are not their friend.

With a corrupt police force, a corrupt judiciary, no free press and no rights whatsoever, with powers to put you away anytime on imaginary crimes, Singaporeans are totally under the heel of their government, simple as that.

What is disgusting of the Singaporean is that all this did not happen overnight. It happened gradually from about the 60s. Lee Kuan Yew sometime or other devised a diabolical plan that for him to rule he has to control everyone and everything. So it happened gradually.

One day it was the press. Another day it was free speech. Behind the scenes it was the courts. And all this happened before the very eyes of the predominantly yellow skinned ethnic Chinese population of Singapore who simply accepted it wholesale.

By what are Singaporeans different from Frenchmen Englishmen or Americans?

I am sure if given a choice the French President would be licking his chops with glee if he had powers like that in Singapore, why is it not possible to do the same?

It is not because the French government is any better than that of Singapore.

It boils down entirely to this; Frenchmen are not Singaporeans. Frenchmen have balls, self pride and wish to live free and not under any Napoleon or Luis the IV. They are brave men. Singaporeans or the other hand have no balls and they have no courage, they have no self respect and would willingly live under any tyrant if the price is right.

The French are lions, the Singaporeans, predominately ethnic Chinese are no better than mice. That is the big difference.

Democracy is a set of rules equally applicable to the government as well as to the people. The government is required by rules to do certain things and not do certain things. And if they don't it is the people's right to hold the government accountable.

This is why the French government is afraid to deny the rule of law, because it they do, their people would be up in arms and bring them down. This is why you have democracy in France, in Spain, Portugal, England, Belgium, Flanders, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Flanders, the Orkney Isles, in Dublin.

The ones who are supposedly championing freedom in Singapore appear to me no more that disgraceful hypocrites. Lets call them Face book Internet freedom fighters. I say this because that is the only courage they appear to have, the courage behind a computer keyboard, nothing more.

And lets call them Teo Soh Lung and Company. Teo Soh Lung was a woman lawyer in the island who was unjustly jailed and tortured by fake criminal charges and eventually released. She has been denied a career, and is no longer a lawyer. She spends her time day in a day doing one thing alone, writing about how bad the government was and how badly she was treated. She has even written a book about her ordeal.

Granted, all very sad indeed. But can you do nothing else? Can you not organize a protest outside the Prime Ministers office and demand justice? For Heaves Sake can you not do anything else? It appears, unfortunately no. There are many like her, Teo Soh Lung and Company who just do the same thing day in and day out and after a few days, it just become boring.

For Heaves Sake has she ever thought of getting out of the repression and emigrating? Obviously not. Instead of that she wants  to stay behind and just write the same old story. Perhaps in her warped sense of reasoning there is more pride in staying behind and be bullied than to get out and stand up like a human being.

Teo Soh Lung and Company: Gilbert Yeo who writes about his world travels and his self proclaimed charity to the poor; and several others.

All these years I did not realize that Singaporeans of course primarily the ethnic Chinese who form 80% of the population, pallid looking, yellow for lack of sun, weak in bones, body and spirit are not worth bothering as they willingly let their rulers abuse them like sexual perverts you see in porno magazines.

I feel ashamed to stand in the company of cowards like these cowardly computer keyboard freedom fighters of Singapore like Teo Soh Lung and Company of Singapore.

I would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with a brave Frenchman, a brave Englishman, a brave Scotsman, a brave Indian, a brave ethic Chinese from Hong Kong, a brave ethnic Chinese from the Tien An men square Beijing, a brave Croat who fought the Germans, a brave Spaniard in Plaza Major Madrid, a brave separatist from Northern Spain, a brave Italiano fighting Mussolini, brave Cubans who fought off both Batista and the Americans like Fidel Castro, and so on and so forth.

Unlike the cowards the Singaporean version of ethnic Chinese who willingly live under the heel of first Lee Kuan Yew, and now his son. It is a disgrace.

You are warned, if you write a criticism or comment, I will promptly delete it if you do this anonymously as is your shameful practice. State your correct name (not some fancy Kevin this or Kevin that like the ethnic Chinese in Singapore do), address and phone number. If you are a coward to even state your identity when you comment, you should not be commenting in the first place.

I will be posting this on Face book to which I am sure your Singapore government trolls will write the nonsense in response for want of any better. I will be occasionally checking on Singapore news entirely out of curiosity but I will not be writing anything about them since you are incapable of doing anything about it anyway.

It took me a long time to realize the futility of the Singaporean public meaning Teo Soh Lung and Company. I thought even Singaporeans will muster some courage if the situation got intolerably worse. I was wrong. Lee Kuan Yew's son could today rape the daughter of an ethic Chinese Singapore citizen before his very eyes and he would still be incapable of doing anything. I will not be signing off as a Singaporean in Exile. I am not a Singaporean. I am only a former Singaporean and today a very proud American who is ashamed of having even been born in an island of cowards like Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Formerly Singapore citizen but ashamed of it.
Today a proud American Citizen.
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

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