Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government is like a criminal gang running a city

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew Singapore government, now with his son in charge is run more or less along the likes of a criminal gang. Harsh words but true.

In Singapore city, you have one supreme government which controls everything and everybody including their Kangaroo courts, the ever willing police force, all government agencies and the entire parliament. The only way to survive is to accept the authority of the regime and any attempt to challenge results in destruction through arrest, and punishment in the Kangaroo courts.

The drug cartels in Mexico can be looked at for similarities. The Caballeros Templerios or the Knights Templar Drug Cartel of Michoacán Mexico and the Sinaloa Cartel of Sinoloa State run a similar racket. They control their localities, they reward those who support them and kill those who are foolish enough to oppose. They control the courts, the prisons, the police force and almost everything and everyone in their area of control.

To highlight the absolute control that these criminal gangs and the Singapore government wield, is the need to submit or face the music. Regardless of who you are or where you work in Singapore island, submission and loyalty to Lee Kuan Yew's PAP ruling party is mandatory. Any government servant or anyone working in the private sector or in his own business would be foolish to openly challenge the regime. The result would be Lee Kuan Yew's thugs, just like the drug cartel's informers, report you to the regime which results inevitably in your career prospects being dampened or worse still, arrested or sued for defamation. This leaves anyone in Singapore island no choice but to submit for survival.

Similarly this leaves the populations of the areas controlled by these drugs cartels in Michoacán and Sinaloa no choice but to submit for fear that they may be killed. Similarly the Singapore population is so terrified of losing their livelihoods and becoming destitute forces them to submit or else.

Those who actively seek office in these drug cartels are the worst sort of human beings one can imagine. They know they are joining a criminal organization and they know it is wrong. But because they have no scruples, they do it for the money.

It is no different in Singapore. Those who publicly join the Lee government and seek high office similarly know they are doing wrong. They know this government has dismantled the constitution and the laws of the island. They know that the Lee government has deprived the citizens of their human rights, with no free speech, the right of free expression or assembly. They know that the total control of all news organizations is illegal. They are fully aware that the repeated use of defamation laws to silence dissent and the criminal laws to jail and punish detractors is unacceptable. Yet they willing lend their hand to the regime because there is a chance to get unimaginably rich by joining them.

The leaders of these drug cartels are paid astronomical rewards running in the millions. Similarly in Singapore any minister chosen for office is paid $3.7 million a year and even more millions secretly. In addition they can look forward to secure employment for life regardless of whether the Lee government still needs them. If they are not in government, they are sent to work for the multitude of government linked companies where they can continue to reap the millions. It is the worst sort of human being in Singapore who willingly seeks to join the regime; they do not for any altruistic purpose but to please the Lee government. As long as they show their undivided support, they can continue to reap their dirty millions.

So one begins to ask what sort of people are these in the island who do anything for the money. The island of Singapore is populated overwhelmingly by ethnic Chinese who initially came to the island as small time shopkeepers. Their goal was to be principally left alone to make some money. For these ethnic Chinese, questions such as the need for rule of law, a constitution or democracy and freedom of the individual made little sense. As long as they made money, it was immaterial who ran the place or whether they had any freedoms.

Looking at the geography of the region, it was understandable why they are so. It is the same sort of attitude you see in neighboring Indonesia or Malaysia. Both these countries had majority Muslim populations where they were minorities. So understandably it made sense to keep their mouths shut and join whoever happened to be the rulers and hope for some crumbs.

Singapore was slightly different. Unlike the neighboring countries Lee Kuan Yew was ethnic Chinese and his plan was to place the Chinese before anyone else. So the Singapore Chinese start with an advantage, as the best jobs are for them before anyone else. And then comes the possibility of becoming millionaires simply by supporting the Lee regime regardless of what they stand for.

Singapore's situation is similar to that of the Nazi Germany if you equate Germans as the equivalent of the Singapore Chinese. Just as in Nazi Germany it made sense to be a Nazi and please Adolf Hitler, in Singapore it made sense to join Lee's PAP and please the Lee regime, regardless of what the Nazis stood for and regardless of what the PAP stood for. In the Singaporean case, unlike in Nazi Germany, the prime motivation was the ability to become very rich through the patronage of the Lee government. Since the Singaporean Chinese are primarily motivated because of their history to look for money, being descendants of small time mom and pop street corner shopkeepers, it made sense to get rich through the Lee's thug like government for want of any better.

The result of this sort of control is unfortunate. It reduces the character of the average Singaporean and turns him into a meek subservient opportunist, lacking any spine and principles. If you go today to Lee's island of Singapore, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who is willing to stand up openly to the regime, and instead tacitly accepting this illegal and unconstitutional regime where the individual has no rights and has to constantly look over his shoulder lest his true intentions are found out.

The Singapore state controlled newspapers have, a few days ago, announced that the 5 yearly monkey clown show is about to begin once again. I mean of course the so called elections. Anyone with a head on his shoulders and a brain within it should know that these elections are a farce. Just like the Mexican drug cartels have no intention of losing power, Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore has no intention of that ever happening either. So they allow these island wide circus of so called politicians to stand on make shift wooden platforms in the humidity and sweltering heat to make speeches for and against the government. The comments against the government will understandingly be muted for fear that they would be arrested on the spot or sued for defamation in the Kangaroo courts. I am not sure how long they allow this clown show but it is about 10 days or so before the elections. In the end the Lee's will naturally win again or if necessary they will tweak the electoral system to make sure only those sympathetic to them to ever speak.

In any case, the average Singaporean has been put through 50 years of behavior training to unconditionally submit, so much so that even if the government raped their daughters before their very eyes, nothing will happen. The same even in the unlikely event of a few opposition men coming in. The average Singaporean simply has lost the ability to stand up for their rights. Fear has permanently overcome normal human psyche.

After the 10 days of this clown show, naturally the Lees would win again and the poor Singaporeans are subject to another 5 years or rather 50 years of Lee's rule. And neither do I expect the drug cartels in Mexico to hand over power peacefully and gracefully go.

And finally what is disgusting about the whole thing is that it is not I alone who is privy to this knowledge, the entire island is aware of it as well. But unfortunately they choose to do nothing about it, citing the need to keep their jobs and the need to feed their children. Altogether  a spineless people.

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Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean by birth
Now a proud American citizen
Fremont California USA
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Anonymous said...

Mark my words, I'm not voting for these bastards.

- Nigel Lai

Gopalan Nair said...

Nigel Lai,
I note your decision but please don't hold your breath for any other government. The Lee Kuan Yew PAP government will rule forever for the simple reason that they are not prepared to move out, elections or no elections. I am sure if you are following the Singapore style Communist China government, you would have realized this by now. Just like the Communist Party in China will rule forever, so will the PAP. Since Singaporeans are too afraid to stand up to them, they have no reason to go away.