Sunday, July 19, 2015

Some light amusement. What if Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew PAP government is sent Athens to sort out the Greek economic crisis.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After all the late Singapore dictator Lee Kuan Yew had all the answers. After all he claimed to have transformed a fishing village of Singapore (never mind it was the most prosperous and advanced port city in all Asia in the 1950s) into the skyscraper city that it is today. And as expected in all dictatorships, his son runs the place after his father died.

Well what would Lee Kuan Yew's son do if he is to be made Prime Minister of Greece to sort out their problems?

His principle objective would be to destroy all opposition and turn Greece into a dictatorship like Singapore. After all what better system can there be to run a country?

So I suppose the first thing to do is to introduce Singapore style Internal Security Act in Greece. Which means like in Singapore, he can arrest any Greek and throw them in jail indefinitely without trial. That should surely frighten the Greeks and stop their incessant complaining.

The second thing would be to abolish the free press and introduce legislation on the lines of the Singapore Newspapers and Printing Presses Act. Which means abolish the Greek free press and replace it with a state controlled press like they have in Singapore and North Korea. Lee's son would probably warn all journalists to publish only articles approved by the PAP Greek government and any journalist not following orders is to be thrown in the clinker. So in Greece under the PAP the news would be always good as in Singapore. The subject matter of Straits times Greek edition would be something like this daily, as is the case in the Singapore edition, 5 up skirt photo cases, 5 molestation cases, 3 articles of advice from Ministers that Greeks should behave themselves in the Athens subway, and 1 case of a Greek doctor who overcharged his patient. Nothing more than that. The Greek journalists would be advised that like in the Singapore version, the less news that is put out there the better.

And then of course like in Singapore, I suppose you have to break all independent trade unions. In their place like in Singapore, henceforth a Greek minister would be in charge of unions and members are warned that they should not expect any wage raises as it would discourage foreign investment. Of course to make it as rosy as possible for foreign investors, the Greek minimum wage would henceforth be abolished and employers would be permitted to pay $0.50 cents per hour if they want.

A very important part of wage and union regulations would be to criminalize any strikes or work stoppage. Greek workers would, like in Singapore, be seriously warned that if they ever went on strike, they would be imprisoned for an indefinite period. This will teach the Greek worker not to lazy and become hard working like Lee's Singapore slaves.

A most important step that has to be taken is to completely dismantle the Greek constitution. Like in Singapore, never mind the Constitution referring to such things as freedom of speech. Henceforth there would be no more freedom of speech expression assembly. Simply no nothing. If any Greek tries to protest again, he has to be jailed and would be lucky if he escapes caning.

While this is being done, Lee Kuan Yew's son, the new Greek Prime Minister would prepare his marketing flyers to attract foreign companies to invest in Greece. It will mention that Greece is the most attractive place for investment. There is no minimum wage, workers cannot strike and they can be dismissed anytime the employer pleases. Surely this would attract foreign investors as it does in Singapore.

Lastly the population of Greece has to be changed. According to the late Lee Kuan Yew, the best among the human race are the Chinese. They are hardworking, obedient and most of all are unaware of human rights. Therefore they won't be holding placards demanding free speech. The Greeks like the Indians and Malays of Singapore are not only lazy but a troublesome bunch. So from henceforth they are going to import Chinese from Communist China in the plane loads into Greece and turn the locals into a minority like in Singapore.

And most importantly abolish the independent Greek judiciary and appoint Kangaroo courts and place Kangaroo judges as in Singapore. And anyone criticizing Lee Kuan Yew's son would be promptly prosecuted by the Greek Attorney General and bankrupted as well with a million dollar penalty.

And of course Lee Kuan Yew's son as the new Prime Minister of Greece would now be paid $3.7 million in official salary as in Singapore and a further undisclosed number of millions every year. Not only for him but all his family members and relatives who would now assume all ministerial positions. And if anyone objected, he would be brought before the newly appointed Kangaroo courts and sued for defamation and promptly bankrupted.

That should teach the Greeks to behave for once. Only one problem. This sort of nonsense would not work in Greece. For one simple reason. In Greece there is a population of men, not mice. Whereas in Singapore you have a population of monkeys or sheep who would accept anything thrown at them because they are simply afraid. And Greeks are not afraid. If Lee Kuan Yew's son tried this nonsense there, they would shove the stake into his backside the next minute, Greek style.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A former Singaporean by birth
But now a proud American citizen
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

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