Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, I need your help on Singapore island.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I need your help in sending my articles in Singapore Dissident to as many of your friends news organizations, foreign governments, non profit agencies, democracy movements and anyone you think might be interested in what is happening in Singapore. The Singapore government is a fascist totalitarian one party dictatorship which denies its citizens their human rights and prevents any effort on the part of anyone to nurture and introduce democracy in the island of Singapore.

I started my blog Singapore Dissident in 2006. Ever since then the readership of this blog has grown and there is no doubt that it has been able to tell many who did not know what Singapore is, it's dark side which this government cleverly keeps hidden. Even so with Singapore Dissident and numerous other blogs, the arrests of democracy activists, opposition politicians, the world is slowly beginning to understand what the island really is; nothing but a classic fascist Leninist state.

There is no doubt that my arrests, disbarment from practicing law in Singapore, jailing and repeated harassment by this Singapore administration from 1984 till date has hurt this administration badly. From about 1984, since the abuse of the law to destroy the late JB Jeyaretnam and others including me, many educated professionals not wanting anything to do with this regime have left the island in disgust, primarily to Australia.

And each time they abuse the rights of any other democracy activist in the island, it drives away even more bright and intelligent people from the island. The brain drain continues to mount as they continue to unjustly jail and punish innocent citizens whose only fault was to speak up.

For every action there is a reaction, an axiom equally true in science as well as in life. As the Singapore government uses its muscle to silence legitimate dissent more people are repulsed and leave the island. What is left are people incapable of leaving for various reasons or those so stupid as not to know that they have a right to be free.

This Singaporean fascist government is already hurting. I am told that Scandinavian governments and people have been so offended by the actions of this regime that they refuse to have any investments in the island. Many western companies are now finding that their young sophisticated worldly local customers would prefer goods manufactured in democratic countries regardless of the pricing. Slowly but surely it is clear that that this regime is hurting, thanks to this blog as well as you for making the world know the truth.

There are so many educated Singaporeans who are leaving the island that their only alternative is to import Communist Chinese from the Peoples Republic of China to replace them, a poor choice since most of them do not speak any English.

The island's military is so starved of young men because almost everyone tries to avoid national service. The dearth of men is so severe, caused primarily by the rock bottom low birth rate, that it has now become a national security emergency. Their birth rate is so low that in a decade or less there won't be anymore real native Singaporeans left. The only ones left would be the recently arrived Communist Chinese who have been given instant citizenship.

The character and way of life of what was once Singapore is already dead. Today's Singapore is just a satellite city of Communist China but located some thousands of miles away in South East Asia. The character of Singapore island is perhaps that of Chengdu China, not real Singapore.

The handful of Indians and Malay Singaporeans now feel as if they are living in Communist China in Singapore, not in the Singapore island they once knew.

Singapore relies today on Communist China almost entirely, while the influence of the West continues to decline. Communist Chinese bank cheats, embezzlers and money launderers gamble at Singapore casinos, they buy luxury goods at high end stores in Orchard Road, they buy expensive condominiums in the island, they flaunt their wealth in Ferraris and Lamborghinis along the island's streets while all the locals can do is to gawk  at them with envy. Besides the Communist Chinese connection, the island has nothing else.

Except for Communist Chinese tourists, the island's tourist industry is as good as dead. After all what is there to see in that concrete jungle, except glass towers?

It appears there is little likelihood of a revolution for democracy in the island, because anyone who dares such an action will be as good as dead. That leaves the only other way to bring this administration to its knees is to expose to the world what sort of administration it really is. And I think we are succeeding in this regard, by all reckoning. And you the reader can help us in this endeavor by spreading this message around the world to educate even more on the dark side of this island and why we should resist and shun this fascist island.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont California USA
Telephone: 510 491 8525

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