Thursday, July 28, 2016

Singapore island Prime traget for ISIS terror attack

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Malays in Singapore have a lot to complain. They are Muslims. The tiny island in the middle of Malay South East Asia is theirs. The British came along and brought many Chinese from then Colonial China and Indians from British India to populate and economise the island. The island was just robbed from their real owners, the Malays.

But even if the British did that in Singapore which the British did in Jamaica with Indians or  French Reunion Island with Indians, the immigrants in those places did not deprive the locals of their country as Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore has done.

With Lee's Singapore, the march to completely marginalize the original Malay owners and totally hand the island over to ethnic Chinese went ahead full steam ahead.

What then do you have in Singapore today. You have pig eating ethnic Chinese who are now the overwhelming majority in the island with the state forcing the Malays to live alongside them because racially motivated laws do not allow the Malays to live in their own separated housing blocks.

As a result the Malay Muslims have to smell the whiff of Pork roasting in the air next to their apartments only inches away everyday of their lives. They are required to eat at food stalls where pork is cooked and roasted at the very next stall from theirs. And to make matters worse, the flesh of the swine is the favorite meat of ethnic Chinese in Singapore island! It is what they eat every day, 3 times a day! Pork meat is everywhere in the island and in the faces of Malay Muslims every day of their lives. This is haram and an unacceptable sin for the Muslims.

Muslims in Singapore island are discriminated in jobs where pig eating Chinese openly tell the Muslims that they will not employ them and to go elsewhere. The Malays are in the lowest economic ladder while the recently arrived occupier Chinese have taken it all.

And then you have the problem of scantily clad Chinese girls who are determined to expose and show the public their entire legs thighs and hips as well, their bosoms, and their buttocks as if there is a dearth of fabric material that they have to walk around almost naked.

It appears to me Singapore Chinese women expose their bodies in this way, because they primarily have a problem with their faces, what with slit eyes and flat noises, their faces are not much to look at. I suppose if there is noting special about your face, you can at least take your clothes off and show off your body!

The Muslim  Malays naturally find this nakedness among them offensive. Why should they have to look at half naked pig eating Chinese in their society which is supposed to be conservative. I am sure if they had a choice they would have politely told these leg showing Chinese women to do it elsewhere, but they cannot. The government itself belongs to the Chinese so there is nothing you can do.

ISIS, the terrorists by the way are fully aware of the injustice being done to their Muslim brethren, they are. We have seen recently in Nice France the truck driver terrorist mowing down hundreds of people in a crowded place killing scores. This method of murder by driving a car or truck over intended victims is not new, it has occurred many times in Palestine and Jerusalem.

What is there to stop a disgruntled radicalized Malay with some courage to say, this is it. Take me if you like but I am going to kill these leg showing pig eaters.

And if that happens in Singapore a sardine packed island with ethic Chinese, the numbers killed would be in the hundreds each time if not even thousands. Imagine driving a truck over Chinatown at lunch time when thousands cross the street each time the light turns green. Never mind Nice, in Singapore island, you can kill 500 at one go.

True the narrow channel of water separating Pulau Ubin Island in North Singapore from Malaysia, a stretch no more than perhaps 300 meters is monitored by the Singapore Marine police. I know because when I lived in the island I used to sail my Laser dinghy across from Changi sailing club towards Ubin island, round it from the east, over the northern side heading west and round it back eastwards. It doesn't take more than few hours. And a person from the northern side of the island can even swim the channel and reach Ubin in a few minutes, that's how narrow it is. And no one can say that a determined terrorist cannot smuggle a hundred pounds of explosive to Ubin and cross to Singapore shores. It only takes a few minutes.

And imagine that terrorist now armed with that bomb goes down the escalator to the underground train station at perhaps Raffles Place where there are so many people you can hardly move, and say this is my revenge and let off the explosive. This time not 500 hundred but 2,000 would die at one go.

The reason why I write this is not to encourage terrorism, I am against it. Why I write this is to tell these rather arrogant Chinese pork eating dictators in that island is perhaps they have to think again of their policies. Stop discriminating Muslim Malays. There may be one among them who is so angry, he may not be prepared to behave the way you want, which is to eat humble pie before the Chinese.

Once again ISIS in Rakka Syria, their cells in Paris and Belgium are fully aware what the Malays in the island are facing.

Since Singapore is one island where the dictators can do whatever they want, I suggest that denying drivers licenses to Muslim Malays is not the way to go. You will infuriate them even more that any remote possibility of such an occurrence would become a more immediate tragedy.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

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