Sunday, August 14, 2016

Singapore's plan for young Olympian Joseph Schooling.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore as most will be well aware has a pretty bad reputation in the world. For one thing it is the defamation capital of the world, by which I mean the moment you criticize the ruling Lee family, you get sued and bankrupted by Kangaroo judges. The people there are so afraid, they take a few minutes before they would open their mouth about anything political.

And then you have the reputation of having no human rights at all. No free speech expression assembly. Simply no nothing. No free press either. You live at the mercy of the rulers who will sue you and put your picture in the dreaded state controlled press. From that point you are good as dead. No one will give you a job in the island, you will have no money, if you had a job you will be fired, and you will be sent to Coventry.

With a reputation like that Singapore is worried. No one wants to go there, or have anything to do with them. So the need to have some positive publicity. Why not pay a young boy, in this case Joseph Schooling, interested in swimming to go to America, pay for his education and his training at government expense and when he wins an Olympic medal, claim that he is Singaporean. What a disgraceful practice! Even though he does not live in Singapore anymore!

Having won his Olympic medal, Schooling I can assure you has no intention of returning to Singapore. His future is far brighter in America and for his swimming career which I suppose he wants to continue can only be in the United States. Schooling will apply for his Green Card in the US, continue to pursue his swimming career. But, if the Singapore government has its way,  he will not apply for US Citizenship since doing that would mean, Singapore can no longer claim he is theirs.

So he will for all intents and purposes be an American working in the US, while Singapore will continue to claim he is Singaporean each time he wins a medal although he has never step foot in that blasted island. Really, if Schooling goes along with this plan, he would be allowing himself to be used by this island one party dictatorship to improve their fast diminishing profile.

No respectable country with any self respect would stoop so low. Can you imagine Australia sending an Australian to the US, where the Australian lives and works permanently, never steps foot in Australia and each time he wins medals, Australia claims he is an Australian! No Australian government would stoop so low. Australians have some pride. Australian sportsmen will live in Australia, not America.

But then Singapore is not Australia. It is a banana republic trying to hoodwink the rest of the world they are something which they are not. Singapore never produced any world class sportsmen and never will.

Schooling even though he carries a Singapore passport is actually not Singaporean at all. He is American, a Texan to be exact, where he has lived since the age of 14.

My advice to Schooling who is for all intents and purposes an American is this. Take the money you received for winning the Olympic gold from Singapore. Thank them for it. And take that Singapore passport and throw it at them. and become an American citizen the moment you can. You don't want to have anything to do with this one party dictatorship. America is what made you, not Singapore and loyalty you have should be to your adopted country of USA, not that banana republic with that tin pot tyrant Lee Kuan Yew's son strutting around like a prize rooster and suing anyone the moment he squeaks.

This is what I did. When they were repeatedly harassing me with lawsuits and law disciplinary proceedings because I was not prepared to sing their praises, I threw their passport right at them and became American the moment I could. Today I am proud to say I am American, and so will you.

If Singapore wishes anyone to take them seriously in sports, they should produce their own sportsmen. They should train their own sportsmen. Their sportsmen should live in Singapore, not the United States. and finally this pariah republic should have some shame and not behave as if they have none.

I heard from someone that the Singaporean sports minister who has realized the advantage of such deception in getting Olympic medals has now put out a full time scheme to continue producing more Joseph Schoolings.

They have now set up a separate agency to scout for children as young as age 5 (mostly ethnic Chinese)  across the island and arrange for them to live in boarding schools in America and trained at swimming at government expense by the best American coaches. If they happen to win medals, the government will proclaim that they are all Singaporeans, although they may have never stepped foot in that island. It appears that the Singapore sports minister is not interested in any criticism about the real nationality of the athletes as long as they win medals and have Singapore passports. I must say that this is stooping rather low and smacks of desperation to fool the world that they are indeed a sporting country.

By the way, if Schooling is reading this, I would be pleased to apply for his Green Card with the US Department of Homeland Security. I am a practicing Attorney in Fremont Californian and it does not matter if Schooling lives in Texas. My number as stated below is (510) 491 8525.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

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Daniel Kevlar said...

Great article, as always Mr Nair. As someone who doesn't exactly care for sports, I wouldn't cheer on any team as "our" team: I never worked with the athletes, Olympians or anyone to lead to their successes on the field. What kind of an egotistical maniac says that with the narcissism that rivals celebrities and with a straight face to boot?

In all honesty, if Singapore wants to have people as export, then where's the money going into the sports department? Oh wait, it's put into the unused military that no one wants to fucking join because who the hell wants to spend 2 years without a job and the added possibility of being fired for an imported foreigner?