Monday, August 22, 2016

Singapore's Prime Minister who is also Brigadier General is now collapsing while giving a speech

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Although I don't intend to be rude or insensitive, it is a rather laughable matter in Singapore yesterday. It seems the Prime Minister of Singapore who has given himself the title of Brigadier General of the Army was seen to collapse while giving a speech. Not mind you in the thick of battle but just giving a speech! And he is only 64 years of age!

If he is liable to collapse while giving a speech, what is one to expect if he is leading an army. We note that he was satisfied with the rank of Brigadier General and not full general so as, I believe, not to make the corruption too obvious.

It seems he was speaking to his servile subjects at the national day rally in his Singapore that he shivered, stumbled and altogether collapsed, all because he had to make a speech! See the Sydney Morning herald Report here

I think this poor fellow is in some trouble. His plan to create a nation out of servile boot licking subjects does not appear to be working. A look at the audience tells you what it is. The look on their faces tells you what sort of people they are, that populate the island.

Firstly everyone of them is in mortal fear of him because if they dared to show the slightest spine, this world record holder for defamation lawsuits would drag you before his Kangaroo courts and sue your pants off, or even worse send you off to prison. So everyone in that island is running around singing his praises so as not to be other the other side.

His other problem is the unrelenting brain drain. Surely there are Singaporeans too who refuse to live as serfs. And they being the very ones that a society needs to bring the country forward are all packing up and heading to the West.

His other problem is the reputation that he has for being the most corrupt politician in Asia if not the world. If anyone else is corrupt, he gets his police to have you arrested, while he himself is free to be as corrupt as he wants, in his case, to the tune of $3.7 million a year which  he conveniently calls a salary.

And the nepotism is staggering. Every single minister except for the Tamil Minister of law, for obvious reasons as he is not ethnic Chinese, are all related to him either by consanguinity or affinity. Every single one of them is related to him either through his family or though is in laws. But if you mentioned this fact openly, you face, you guessed it, another lawsuit before his Kangaroo courts.

And with his going around collapsing just because he gave a speech and you called him a paper brigadier, you face, you guessed it, another lawsuit.

You wouldn't be wrong if you said he runs his country through his Kangaroo courts. And not wanting to be a door mouse pushed from pillar to post, I, a Singapore born citizen, have said goodbye to his fiefdom and so have thousands of other upstanding human beings.

I think his collapsing is a sign that he finally understands that you simply cannot have a country made up of docile yes-men. And his island is failing. You need people who can think also but they have no desire whatsoever to have anything to do with his island. So he brings plane loads of Communist Chinese who can's speak any English,  to replace those who are either dying or emigrating, because, to make matters worse, the island understandably has the lowest birth rate in the world.

In the recent elections, his government achieved 70% of the votes made up entirely of brainwashed timid sycophant docile timid yes-men. The 30% who though otherwise either had no means to leave or were incapable of standing up to him in any other way.

I think you are going to see him collapsing  more often. He is a weak character both in mind and body and there is no way he can lead a nation, never mind an army. The problem with him is that he thinks he can simply give the orders and everything will be fine. No it is not fine my dear Brigadier General and if you can't even give a speech standing up at the age of 64, it is about time you called it quits. As for the Singaporean yes-men I suppose they would wait for another Lee to mount the podium to tell the sycophants what to do next.

In case you are thinking why am I able to say all this without being sued and sent to prison, I am not in his island. I live in Fremont, California and he helpless to do anything to me as long as I live in a democracy with the rule of law. And there are no Kangaroo courts here either. And neither are there Brigadier Generals who go around routinely collapsing giving speeches.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

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TY Tang said...

Dear Gopalan,

I've been following your posts since last year. You cannot imagine how ridiculous it is with our government nowadays. Answer is below..