Saturday, October 20, 2018

For expatriates Singapore is paradise. For locals, somehting else.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You read many articles from foreigners why Singapore is such a great place to live. If you are there just to do business, love a well structured society where everything works, where no one complains about anything, where there is no crime because the culprits are brutally punished, if you don't really care about how locals live, then yes, the island is paradise.

But for Singaporeans who call it home, it is something else. It is a place where there is no freedom of speech. If you criticize the rulers, you are arrested, sued for defamation and bankrupted. You don't have the rule of law. Locals are dragged before the courts, denied a lawyer until they have confessed under torture and brought before Kangaroo courts to be punished. Anyone who is a known critic of the government is slated for enhanced punishment. You live a life in fear constantly making sure you are seen as a supporter of this government, making sure you don't utter anything critical, just as a Russian in the former Soviet Union, today's Communist china, Cuba or North Korea.

As for the foreigner expatriate, all these things do not matter. He does not care how people live there, how accused persons are treated, whether the courts are indeed Kangaroo Courts or whether there is freedom of the press. For him, it is just a foreign work station where he will be temporarily reside, after which he either goes home or to another country. But for locals who have any modicum of self respect, this is unacceptable. The expatriate who praises Singapore in such laudatory terms, have  lived in a democracy in his own country. He would be outraged for one to suggest that he call Singapore home.

On the other hand there are many locals who do very well in Singapore. These are the ones who behave as if they are expatriates. They pretend not know any injustice meted out by their government, go about their lives in blinkers, pretend not to know of any denial of rule of law, freedom of speech or denial of democracy. In order to succeed they live a life of hypocrisy because this is the only way to succeed in the island. And this is what the rulers want.

As for the locals, if any believe that it is a wonderful island, it is mainly through ignorance. Today the vast majority of so called citizens are recently imported Chinese nationals from the Peoples Republic of China. These imported Chinese have overtaken in numbers local Singaporeans. These people have no objection in living the way they do, because this is exactly how they lived in China. They know in Communist China it is impossible to challenge the Communist Party. If you do, it is the firing squad. As long as they can make some money, it really does not matter if they had no freedom at all.

If you are upstanding self respecting proud human being, it is impossible to live with these fear ridden people. In doing so, you bring shame to yourself.

It is quite obvious that many locals detest the way they have to live in fear. And if given a chance they leave for settlement aboard primarily to Western democracies. With the Singapore passport being welcome in almost every country in the world, this is causing a huge exodus of people, mostly the English educated and skilled who are leaving. Although the island government is aware of this brain drain, they are resigned to the fact that they cannot stop it, and perhaps think that it is better that these people who are thorns on their side, should leave.

With the continuing exodus of the best and brightest among them, the result is the gradual and continual weakening of Singaporean society as a whole. Local Singaporeans today more and more do not really care for their country, their main concern being self interest. As for those who have left, there is no love lost for their former country. As far as they are concerned it is good riddance. In my case, I was given an education by England and treated much better by them, than Singapore. And today I care more for England than my former country Singapore. And this is exactly the sentiment thousands of the overseas Singaporeans feel and the future emigrants I am sure too.

But for some reason the message does not seem to register in this government. They don't seems to appreciate that unjustly punishing government critics and chasing them away have long term negative consequences. On the other hand treating citizens fairly and creating a democracy instead of authoritarianism is a good thing. This is why you notice that democracies like Australia USA and Canada continue to attract the best and brightest in the world. Those attracted to Singapore on the other hand are ignorant Chinese economic migrants, money launderers and tax cheats who don't mind the criminality of the government.

The best thing you can do if able to is to leave the island for good. Make your new lives in Australia  and the West. You would realize instantly how refreshing it is to be free and your children would grow up totally different from the way they would have if left in that fear ridden island.

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mythra81 said...

that's a myth propagated by their mainstream media ..... many elite expatriates hate singapore as much as the low wage workers or the locals and are just there for the money and other perks which they might not be able to enjoy back the way singapore's true current population is less than 50% of what the lying PAP claims to be even with all the foreigners included so having 7 million people by 2030 is just a bullshit pipe dream or ponzi fraud of these charlatans

Michael Wang said...

There are two main requirements for being happy in Singapore:

1) You have to be able to leave at any time.
2) You have to be paid a lot of money simply for existing.

Expats enjoy both of these conditions.

Singapore's system is driven by GDP of increasing population, or simply people's existence and increasing the number of people.

The other group of people who enjoy Singapore are the economic migrants, a nice way of saying locusts. The chinese communists have nothing to lose as they can always return to china. And compared to the low wages of china they enjoy quite a pay increase in Singapore for simply increasing in numbers.

People who are miserable in Singapore are those who actually need to produce something of value to survive. These people find out quickly that nothing can be done in Singapore's stupid culture. These are the people who have no babies and their #1 priority is to leave Singapore.

The rest are ignorant zombies living in a brainwashed fantasy world where Singapore is #1 in everything.

I no longer live in Singapore and even though I make much less money now elsewhere I am much happier. I would not go back to Singapore even for a promotion from my old job in Singapore and make much more money. I feel sorry for people who are there, even the rich ones as they have traded their souls for a few years of high pay.