Sunday, October 14, 2018

Singaporeans themselves are the biggest obstacle to democracy in Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Those among the citizens of Singapore island who want democracy should realize that it is Singaporeans themselves who are the main obstacle to democracy.

The majority among Singaporeans for whatever reason simply do not want democracy and would rather live under a one party state fascist government in the island. This is clear and manifest from each and every single parliamentary election since independence where the ruling party has consistently won without exception.

The minority who claim to fight for democracy such as Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan and others complain the reason for the majority voting for this government is fear and therefore the results unfair.

It is true that the system favors the government in elections through the control over citizen's housing, employment and pension funds but the truth is, despite all these pressures, if the people really wanted the government out, they can. They can vote them out.  And if that doesn't work they can bring them down in massive street protests, a result easily achievable in an overcrowded tiny island.

But this has never happened. In every single island election, the ruling one party PAP government have consistently won, despite the fact that they manipulate the courts, deny human rights including free speech and expression, deny  workers rights and the rule of law. The people of Singapore are fully aware of these transgressions but yet have willingly voted for this government. Therefore who are these minority folk on their moral high horse, shouting injustice to demand a change in the system.

The history of that island is tragic. The certain punishment upon anyone who challenges the system is crystal clear. Very good people from JB Jeyaretnam, Chee Soon Juan, Tan Wah Piow, James Gomez, Roy Ngerng, etc. etc. have all been destroyed or sent into exile. Their only crime was to fight for Singapore's betterment. This one party government in the island does not mind turning away every single intelligent honest citizen who cares for his country. Although a great loss to the island, it seems they do not care. The only thing they appear to care is protecting their own interests and making sure the island is attractive to foreign investors and money launderers; because a country that does not give their citizens any rights is very good for company owners bottom profit line.

My advice to concerned citizens who yearn for freedom and democracy in Singapore island is to not waste their time. This Singapore government will not only make sure you never succeed, you will be punished victimized and your careers ruined. It serves no purpose in your martyrdom because you are simply not appreciated by the majority of citizens who willingly live under this regime. This regime cannot last simply because as the best and brightest continue to either withdraw from participation or leave the island for settlement abroad, the quality of the citizenry weakens. Those remaining are always less intelligent, lacking courage and the inability to understand that it is good to be free. As the best and brightest continue to leave Singapore, this one party state government are left with no choice but to bring in huge numbers of Chinese nationals to replace those who left. These new arrivals are invariably of poorer stock compared to those leaving. By and large they are economic migrants not dedicated to the interests of their new home.

Hundreds and thousands of very good people, highly skilled and motivated with a real desire to do good for their country have been completely destroyed. JB Jeyaretnam was a brilliant criminal lawyer but his challenge to this dictatorship resulted in repeated jailings, bankruptcy and disbarment. So was the fate of Chee Soon Juan, a university professor reduced to poverty and loss of his career. Roy Ngerng was sacked from his job and had to go into exile, his career destroyed. James Gomez was a professor whose career was destroyed and forced to go into exile. JB Jeyaretnam's son, Kenneth tried his hand at politics but has given up and gone back to England. I myself have been disbarred in the island having previously left in 1991 for California. I am happy to be practicing law in California USA. Imagine the contribution we could have made to our country if not for this totally insecure regime, who can only feel safe by destroying anyone who oppose them

For myself I can say this. The best decision I made was to leave Singapore. Had I stayed behind, I am faced with the totally unacceptable option of either supporting this one party dictatorship which denies every single human right using Kangaroo courts or face total poverty in opposition. Looking back, I can emphatically say without hesitation, I made the right choice to leave. Today I live in a free society, California USA, where I can speak my mind and strive for a career and happiness, which would not be possible under the PAP Singapore government. I simply cannot accept life under a totalitarian regime, and not accepting it, I will be destroyed.

I have seen hundreds of very good people, the best, being destroyed by this fascist government. Please don't destroy your lives. Don't let this government destroy you. The best thing you can do for yourselves is to withdraw participation with this government and better still to leave for a better life abroad.

I am an immigration lawyer. If you are planning to come to America, you can call me. I do not provide free advice. I can be contacted by telephone at 510 491 8525 or Email at I am in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If Singaporeans want to live in the disgraceful way they do, let them. You don't have to.

If you like what I write, please spread this blog widely both in Singapore and worldwide. Thank you.

Gopalan Nair

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Lim Siow Yong said...

I work at one of the universities in Singapore. It has become a Chinese university. The quality has gone way down. The good professors all leave. Nothing but plagiarized phd theses by chinese who can barely speak English. They make money from the Singapore government and use that to pay overseas visiting professors (mostly white) at multiple times the normal salary just to come and raise the appearance. Any good student wants to leave Singapore. Young professors who come from good countries all get deceived into taking the job at first only to have to rush to get out before ruining their careers. It is just a shithole.