Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Manual on "How to Succeed in Singapore"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following is a working manual for anyone wanting to succeed in that one party city state of Singapore. I have lived there for 33 years since birth and I write from personal experience. Many who have at least a modicum of self respect and integrity would refuse to achieve success by these means, whereas others devoid of any honor or integrity may find this manual useful.

Singapore Overview

Singapore is essentially a one party state and a dictatorship. Singapore is ruled by Lee Kuan Yew, his son who is now the Prime Minister and his various family members, who are members of the Peoples Action Party, which has been in power without interruption since 1959.

The correct political system definition of the country would be Fascism. Fascism is a system of government where all organs of power, the judiciary, the media, the trade unions, the civil service, the police and the military are all under the direct orders of Lee Kun Yew and his oligarchy. The people are required to obey without dissent his every order and in the unlikely event of any dissent from any quarter, the dissenters will be punished.

Although Singapore claims to hold periodical national elections, these could be comparable to the elections of Cuba or the former East Germany, where it is a mere pretence, where the people are threatened with harm if they do not vote for the oligarchy, and the Fascist rulers will invariably win each and every election, as they have done since 1959. For the sake of misleading the international community into thinking that there are free and fair elections, they have permitted 2 opposition candidates to win in their constituencies, but with the Fascists having 82 of the seats, the opposition is clearly powerless and their positions merely perfunctory.

Need to Join the Peoples Action Party

The first requirement for success to achieve high office and high financial advantage is to join the Lee's Party, the Peoples Action Party. The applicant should be aware that this party requires unconditional obedience to Lee and his dictates. This need for conditional unqualified obedience to Lee and the Peoples Action Party is an absolute requirement, and if you are not prepared for this, you will not achieve any benefits.

Why it may be difficult to give unqualified support and obedience to the Peoples Action Party

It may be difficult for any decent human being to give their unconditional obedience to Lee and the PAP. This is because it is very clear that Lee and his family corruptly retain power. For example, everyone knows that Lee and his family pay themselves millions of dollars belonging to the people, which they say is their salaries, but which is clearly stealing causing you to feel uncomfortable to go on without complaining. But if you want sucess, not only that you should'nt complain, you have to insist that Lee is justified in this blatant unjust enrichment.

Lee's laws make any form of even peaceful protest illegal. Writing any criticism against him or his family may result in your being sued for defamation, for which he is world famous, and thereby made liable for millions of dollars, and being unable to pay, you will be bankrupted. In other words, you cannot complain about anything that he does. Instead you have to, at all times, justify whatever illegality that he requires of you, by justifying his propaganda, by saying a free press is bad because it stifles growth and causes dissension, that Lee's form of government is good because it provides a peaceful society, that street protests are bad because this will cause alarm to foreign investors who will take their money away from Singapore and the other various lies that Lee utters to maintain his grip on power.

Some may find this blind obedience and the need to praise Lee and his family and the PAP for their dishonest policies distasteful and unconscionable. And therefore you may be unable to provide your unqualified support for these illegalities. If so, you will not succeed as a party member of the PAP and it would not do you any good by joining.

On the other hand, if you have no qualms of doing or saying anything however disgusting and despicable, then you will succeed in the Peoples Action Party and your joining will produce results.

Need to excel in education

In order to succeed in Lee's Singapore, being prepared to praise and justify each and every dishonest act and policy alone is not enough. You need also to do well in education. You have to show that you are useful to Lee and his party. Without a good education, you will be no use to them. Therefore doing well in school is a requirement.

Ability to work as a team

A good team spirit is an absolute requirement. Since you will be selected to high office, having to work with other PAP members, it is essential to have the ability to accept the decisions of your superiors and implement them without complaint. In this circumstance, the ability to blend with the crowd, lie low as part of a team, without being seen to hold any strong views about anything, is essential. In this atmosphere, the only one's who will succeed are those who are prepared to play second fiddle to those higher up who give you the orders. To put it another way, you cannot be that nail sticking out, because you will be hammered in.

Once selected for office, always remember that total obedience and compliance will rule your entire career.

If you are a lawyer, you will be given a good job either in the private sector or in the government. In the private sector, you will perhaps be asked to abuse the law to charge and sue innocent people just because they had criticized the government. Although to most honest decent human beings, such actions may be detestable, in order to continue with the good life that membership and support of Lee's PAP brings, you must be prepared to do this dirty work, however much you personally dislike it, each day of your life.

If you are a judge, you will be ordered to abuse the law to destroy Lee's opponents, which you must do, regardless of how badly you feel about it.

As a high ranking civil servant in the Official Assignee's office you will have to destroy Dr. Chee Soon Juan and other opponents of Lee Kuan Yew by misuse of laws. If you are in the Income Tax Office, you should create trumped up tax fraud charges against Lee's opponents and destroy the hapless victims by bankrupting them and running them out of the country like they did to Francis Seow. In other words for the high salaries that you will be paid having been selected by Lee as his supporter, you will during your entire career, have to do things which as a human being, you will find morally disgusting and unconscionable. If you are prepared to live a life where you are willing to carry out this callous injustice to your fellow man, you will succeed and reap great rewards.

Examples of men and women who have achieved great success by the unconditional support of Lee and his family and the willingness to compromise their conscience

Anyone who has achieved high success in Singapore has done it through their willingness to compromise their conscience. The last and the present Attorney General retain their high office from which they prosecute and persecute opposition politicians like JB Jeyaretnam and Dr. Chee. The judges before and now retain their high office and lavish incomes by punishing Lee's opponents in the courts. High ranking civil servants, police officers, military officers all retain their important positions and salaries by doing harm to victims of Lee's wrath.

Dealings with others

At all times when dealing with others, you have to maintain your position however dishonest that may be. For example, to the question on whether the Singapore’s judges are corrupt, you should be prepared to vehemently deny that that is so. You must insist that the Singapore judges are as independent as can be, taking immediate umbrage at such a preposterous suggestion, even though, throughout, both you and the maker of that allegation are fully aware that the judges are as corrupt as can be.

On an accusation that the civil service is not independent, you have to insist that it is so, and any allegation that it is beholden to Lee is as big a lie as lie can be. Therefore at all times defend your master Lee, even though his actions appear totally indefensible.

Keeping to the PAP crowd

As a successful PAP supporter in a highly paid position, it is necessary, in order to maintain your salary, perks and position to avoid others who have any tendency to criticize the government. This way, the less need to have to justify your position under circumstances when it becomes clearly untenable. For instance, if someone were to question a PAP supporter in a position of authority by wanting to know what right Lee has to pay himself $ 2.6 million dollars of public money, it may be embarrassing not to be able to justify it. Therefore the better policy would be to avoid others who may wish to ask difficult questions.


For many, brought up as honest men and women, it would not be possible to stoop so low, and commit dishonorable and immoral acts against your fellow men to remain in power. Such men as these cannot and will not succeed in Singapore. They either live a simple life with a moderate income or they emigrate to other democratic countries like Australia where thy can live as upright men and women and still succeed. For such people with any set of moral principles, Singapore is not a place to succeed. If you are prepared to say and do anything and everything demanded of you, treating Lee Kuan Yew and his family as Gods, then your great success is guaranteed.

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Anonymous said...

"For example, everyone knows that Lee and his family pay themselves millions of dollars belonging to the people, which they say is their salaries, but which is clearly stealing causing you to feel uncomfortable to go on without complaining."

Before complaining that the Lee family stole millions of dollars belonging to the people, please stop and THINK!!! Singaporeans are able to pay income tax because our government has managed to keep unemployment rate low. Please be more appreciative of what the government has done. Do not overlook the fact that without a good government, we won't even have a job, much less the 'privillege' to be taxed.

Saying that the government stole from the people is just like a crook telling a cop he's paying the cop's salary. The fact that one is paying income tax doesn't mean he's the boss, or that they are the one supporting the government.

Gopalan Nair said...

It is one thing for a citizen to pay taxes. It is quite another for politicians to pay themselves several millions dollars a year publicly and even more secretly.
Especially when the thieves refuse even to pay pittance to the needy, who end up starving.
This is theft and any policeman who does it should also be stopped.