Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Singapore. Attorney General warns Singaporeans not to break the law.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You might have read the Straits Times article of Jan 9, 2007 where the Attorney General warns the people not to break the law in order to score, political points or air grievances. And why not? Political points is very much needed, since the law is totally arbitrary, and not worth the label, law, at all. And honest citizens should take it upon themselves to air their grievances to correct these unjust laws.

In any case, one should ask, what laws? Singapore laws have been enacted at the instance of Lee's one party government, where opposition politicians are effectively prevented from contesting and winning elections. This is done through intimidation, false criminal charges, defamation suits, through their compliant courts, so that Lee's party win all seats except for two. They then get into Parliament, literally abolish the constitution, taking away the people's fundamental rights such as free speech and expression. After having removed any vestige of a democratic society, Mr. Chiao Hick Tin, wants his citizens to uphold the law! What law? This is not law, and not being law, the people have a right to object. In fact the people should deliberately break the law, since these are not laws with any legal basis.

Mr. Chiao Hick Tin, then says that people who protest do so at the behest of foreigners who wish to bring public institutions into disrepute. And I say, what is wrong with that. In fact we should be thankful for foreigners for their interest in Singapore affairs and for joining discerning Singaporeans in challenging these unjust laws. Singapore institutions have already been brought into disrepute since they have shown that they permit themselves be used by the PAP to stifle dissent. Since the public institutions have already discredited themselves, the foreigners and Singaproeans like Dr. Chee are doing a great service to Singapore by breaking these unjust laws to further publicise and expose the injustice in the laws of Singapore.

Mr. Chiao says that it is impermissible to permit Dr. Chee and others like him "to flout the law and to undermine the very basis of the rule of law". Mr. Chiao should be told that there is no law existing in Singapore for one to flout. The Singapore government regularly flouts the rule of law, and the law of Singapore has already been undermined. Dr. Chee's actions merely serves the purpose of exposing this to the people.

Mr. Chiao states that judges have responded by handing out justice. It is not justice that these judges hand out. It is punishment for those who dare to stand up to these unjust laws. There is a world of difference between handing out justice and being political judges to abuse and distort the law at the behest of Lee and Son.

Mr. Chiao warns that unsubstantiated allegations can erode the confidence in the rule of law. Mr. Chiao should be told that these are not unsubstantiated allegations. These are facts. To require a permit to speak in public is a violation of the fundamental right to free speech. In any case, even when a permit is requested, they are never granted. No one can tell me that I cannot address a group of people in public to state my grievance. So these violations of human rights of the people by the Singapore government are not unsubstantiated allegations. And these laws should be resisted. And as for confidence in the rule of law, even if there was any in the past, there is none left now.

Mr. Chiao tells the people that he and others being officers of the court should dispel any myths that may mislead the public. No matter how much Mr. Chaio tries, it will not work. The reality is that the law is abused in Singapore. The myth is his attempt to argue otherwise.

Mr. Chiao then finally says that he and other dishonest minions of Lee and Son have to stand up and refute unfounded criticisms from persons such as Dr. Chee. Mr. Chiao should realize that it is not working for him. He is arguing the unarguable. The system of abuse and arbitrary rule by dictate has been exposed. He cannot succeed by trying to argue that it is not. What Dr. Chee is trying to do is to make it more public. Dr. Chee's cause is gaining strength.

We should tell Mr. Chiao that he is fighting a losing battle. The people are already aware of the corruption in the public institutions of Singapore.

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