Friday, January 19, 2007

Singapore. Lee old boy. Where is my money?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The the main question that Singaporeans should ask Lee, which to date only Dr. Chee had asked, is the question, where is my money. To anyone, not a Singaporean, it would appear very surprising why such an important question, about their own money, has not yet been asked except by one man, and why the people are not fuming mad with indignation, for Lee not to provide the same information. To Singaporeans, who are a unique lot, resulting from many years of brainwashing, the thought of asking this question doesn't occur at all. But Singaporeans are a unique lot.

The question should be asked because Singaporeans pay the government about a third of their money in wages to a retirement fund called the CPF. Since the entire population of 4 million or so work and earn on average of $1500.00 per month, we are talking here of a large amount of money.

Second they pay income taxes. This is a huge amount of money as well, going to the Singapore government coffers.

And then there are various other direct and indirect taxes. Vehicle taxes, road taxes, goods and services taxes, alcohol and cigarette taxes and the list goes on.

All in all we are talking about huge, huge sums of money which the government receives each day, paid for by the residents of Singapore. Now wait for the surprise. The government does not account for the moneys.

Let me explain. The government has various companies known as government linked companies. Also there is the GIC, or the Government Investment Corporation. The government claims that they use all this money collected from the people to invest in various of these corporations and the GIC in order to increase the wealth of the country. Honorable actions indeed if in fact that were true. But for some reason, the government refuses to account for where the money is and how it is being invested.

Now is that not strange. The government claims that all their actions are proper and legal and they are making such investments, received profits and dividends and so on. All very good news. And if indeed so, then why the secrecy. Why not come out with the books and explain exactly where the money is and what is happening to it.

On top of all that, we are told that Lee Kuan Yew collects more than a million dollars each year for doing almost nothing, as he is nothing more than a supernumerary. And so does his son and all his close friends in the government, all collecting millions of dollars each. Wait a minute, one may say. All this money belongs to us. Who gives you the right to take a million dollars when old ladies and young children are starving in their HDB cubicles? Also we may ask what really is the actual amount that Lee and his family and friends earn. What about directors fees, since all of them also take directors fees from the various government linked companies that they sit on as directors.

We do not know whether money is being siphoned off by how much and by whom, money belonging to the people. We have read reports of course, which the people knew through the foreign media. Troubling news, such as Singapore having lost millions in the Thai telephone company debacle, millions lost in the Australian Optel company, and various other losses. The government regularly puts out reports in their government controlled media that everything is fine. If it is indeed fine, then why the reluctance to produce the books.

You will recall that Dr. Chee once asked that important question, where is my money. And you will recall the dire consequences that befell him just for that. The corrupt government-beholden judges were promptly mobilized, false charges were forthwith drawn up, the innocent Dr. Chee was promptly accused of serious defamation and duly bankrupted. And for what? Just for asking this very important question "Where is my money?".

As a result of the government's total unwillingness to answer any questions on this, and the fear of what will happen to someone having the temerity to ask this very legitimate question, everyone is terrified and dare not ask. Well, I think you should ask. Since any other self respecting individual anywhere else in the world will ask, since it is their money.

So, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, tell me now. Where is the money?

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