Sunday, February 25, 2007

Singapore. Bloggers. Identify yourselves now.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I do not know, but there may be thousands of bloggers, even millions, blogging on Singapore issues. Many of them, as you can see, do it incognito, under a facade of nicknames and false pretenses. The purpose is to hide their identity. The reason being, in most cases, fear of retribution from Lee if he is displeased by what you say.

I identify myself in this blog. I say where I am. I say it openly and publicly. It is true, I live near San Francisco. Perhaps I am a little safer than had I been in Singapore now. But you see, ever since I was in politics, I have done it openly. I joined the Workers Party in 1984 openly. I contested the elections openly. I said what I wanted to said openly, in Singapore. I was charged a number of times by Lee Kuan Yew and his minions. Not once did I plead guilty and fought every case to the bitter end. I lost all of them of course. In 1991 December, I made the reasoned decision to leave Singapore and practice law in California. That I am doing. But that does not prevent me from agitating from here for the betterment of Singapore, which I do. And I want Lee Kuan Yew to be aware that I am doing it, everyday from Northern California, publicly.

I come to Singapore regularly. I come almost twice even three times each year. Last year I was there in May for the elections and in July. I have no fear of this old coot Lee Kuan Yew, who is making a fool himself and is progressively losing his self respect. Lee Kuan Yew can do anything he wants in his little island. He owns it for now. If I return for a holiday, he may wish to arrest me and do all kinds of things to me. He is welcome to do anything he wants. You see, I could care less. The man has turned himself into a clown. His speeches now only have entertainment value.

I am not returning for the moment until I complete my Private Pilots Licence which I expect to complete soon. I am not returning for the moment but will soon.

I have received various letters of criticism in the Internet alleging that all my bravado in wiring these things is because of my presence, outside Singapore, in California, which would be different had I been in Singapore. Those who say this would probably be those disguised PAP writers whom the PAP have deployed to lurk in cyberspace to counter criticism against them. Both Dr. Chee and I have challenged these PAP cyberspance agents to identify themselves but they have no courage to do so. I have no time for this and neither will I respond to such nonsense. Say what you wish to say, to me, Gopalan Nair, and identify yourself. If you are even afraid to say who you are, why do wish to have a debate with me, while you hide under false pretenses? I consider that shameful.

I ask that the bloggers who, like myself, are working against the injustices in Singapore, to do it openly, if possible. It is when you identify yourself that Lee's position becomes even more weakened. Lee is working on your fear, to stay in government. The longer you hide yourself, the more he knows that you are afraid and within his control. It is when you show him that you do not fear, is when he begins to fear you. Furthermore the Singapore public and those abroad will give your writing more worth when it is openly stated, instead of under disguises. I perfectly understand that within Singapore, there is the fear that Lee's vindictiveness may cause you harm, if you live in Singapore. But even in Singapore, if you are able to identify yourselves, your messages will have much greater effect both at home and abroad.

As for those who live in Australia and elsewhere, there is very little Lee can do to you, wherever you are. By now, the Lee Administration has lost so much credibility that I can assure you that regardless of how meritorious his case may be, he will lose in any action against you in Australia or any other democratic nation. I have, as you know, called him a liar repeatedly. To date, he has not sued me in California. I am sure you are not surprised, he has not done that.

Recently, you have heard that an Egyptian blogger had been jailed for criticizing the president of that country. As for Lee Kuan Yew, perhaps he can get a hit man and kill me in Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont, California. But man dies only once. There is no need to fear.

We have Mr. Yap, Dr. Chee, Robert Ho, Martyn See, Gandhi Ambalam, Monika (I forget her name), Charles Tan, Siok Chin and of course many others. If I did not mention your name I apologize. These men and women have openly stated who they are and openly dare to challenge the Lee family by open criticism. I have great admiration for them. God give them strength. I ask more of you to come forward and state what you say openly if possible.This will strengthen your cause, which is just.

Next time I return to Singapore and find myself within the walls of Queenstown Prison, please make it a point to visit me. I have heard from reliable sources, that conditions in Queenstown Prison are not really so bad at all. You get three meals a day, and if Indian like me, you get curry everyday. It may even be better than California for me since I have to go out of my way to get curry here. I am getting fed up with hamburgers. Within Queenstown you get to exercise and make very good friends inside. I also heard Dr. Chee read 35 books during his stay in Queenstown. With the ability to read books inside, a prison sentence also leaves you with more wisdom than before you went in, having read all those books within Queenstown Prison. You will come out of prison all the more wiser. The good news is torture is at present not part of the regimen. On all accounts, not so bad at all. Uncle Yap told me he enjoyed it. Just consider it a sabbatical from your regular work.

Of course if Lee kills you, it is a different matter. But as I say, man only dies once.

Very Best To You All. Kong Hee Fatt Choy.

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