Sunday, February 4, 2007

Singapore. The Workers party's recent seminar on laws

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I read the Workers Party representatives have held a seminar on the increase of punishments in the Penal Code attended by about 80 people. This education of the public on the increasing harshness of unjust laws is necessary. But, it is not enough.

The PAP permit these seminars because it serves their purpose. It is now a one party state with 82 animated rubber stamps in white uniforms attending Parliament ready to say the world is made of cheese if Lee demanded it. There are 2 opposition members in Parliament who are thoroughly emaciated. They can do nothing. In this one party dictatorship it would help Lee's image if he can fool the world by showing some leverage for the opposition. He can say "You see, we permit the opposition to hold seminars". But truly, having these seminars and educating the public on the laws is, good, but not enough.

I am sure you know this. Lee is not going to let anyone else govern Singapore. He will bend every rule in the book to remain in power. You go out and educate as much as you want, speak in Parliament as much as you want, but it will do no good. In every election he will ensure of winning all seats except 2, Hougang and Potong Pasir, like clockwork. I am quite sure he has rigged the elections to achieve this result, but if he hasn't, he will do it.

If the Workers Party leaders are really sincere in wanting to bring democracy about in Singapore, it involves painful sacrifices. They should hit the PAP where it hurts. They should make the PAP see the truth of things whether they like it or not. The one thing the PAP fears the most is public protest. I recall around 1987, when Cardinal Sin called for mass protests in the Philippines, Lee immediately arrested the 12 peaceful activists, so called Marxist conspirators by him, immediately. He was not afraid of JB Jeyaretnam. He was afraid that those 12 might hold peaceful protests like they were doing in Manila.

I ask that the WP leaders hold public protests in the form of peaceful civil unrest to demand change. When you do this, others will follow. This will cause the PAP to have to answer to you. The recent increase in punishments for public protests is because the Lee administration is afraid of what you will do. They are using fear tactics to prevent you from doing it. I say, do just that. Simply put, if you want any change towards democracy, you have to break these unjust laws and show that you have the courage and the willingness to stand up to this oppression, and the willingness to take the punishment which will inevitably follow . If you unwilling for this sacrifice, regardless of how many elections you go though and how many seminars you hold, it will be the same totalitarian Singapore under which you live.

Also the WP and the SDA should speak to Dr. Chee and discuss this issue for the good of all. My remark to the SDA and WP is that there is no use continuing the way you have been for the last 20 years or so. If you do not change and demand what you want through public protests, the cows in Bukit Timah would have come home a million times with no change whatsoever.

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Anonymous said...

Can you blog the reasons you were persecuted after the elections when you were a WP candidate.