Monday, February 5, 2007

Singapore. Civil Disobedience

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you know, I have in my last few posts advised of the vital need for civil disobedience now, as the only way for democracy, as the PAP will hang on to their hold on you no matter what. Second, although I am not recommending emigration, in the last resort of you having to resort to it, there are ways. So no need to be intimidated into a crippling obedience to the PAP. You will never be competely lost.

Since this message, I have received 83 Emails from Singaporeans indicating that they want to engage in civil disobedience and asking me for further information. I have replied to most as best I can. Also many among them have asked about the possibilities and ways to emigrate in the event Lee makes life for them intolerable. I again repeat that I am not suggesting that you emigrate, and I will be proud of you if you remain behind and fight all the way for Singapore. You should keep the possibility of emigration in mind only as a last resort, if you feel necessary. That way, you will have more courage to stand up to the dictatorship, because you will feel emboldened with the knowledge that not all will be lost.

If I have missed out answering to anyone, please note the following. For civil disobedience, please contact Dr. Chee of the SDP who will arrange for all the details, with advice as to how to go about it. In any case, I am not in Singapore, and I am not as knowledgeable as Dr. Chee on civil disobedience upon which he has read very widely.

Second, as regards emigration, in the event that you have to resort to this, which I do not recommend, the first bet is employment based emigration. Canada, Australia and New Zealand have a point based system which looks at your skills, your age, your English ability, your highest education etc. The younger you are the better. Any skills, such as motor mechanic or whatever will help. A bachelor's degree or higher will help. Not a single item alone makes all the difference, but all the items taken together and added up. You may be weak in one item, but better in another.

Not only English speaking but non English speaking countries also need migrants. Finland, Scandinavian countries and even Japan has work opportunities. So when the Singapore government turn the screws on you, it is not like it is the end of the world.

The USA has a different system. Through marriage, family ties, employment based where you have a US employer and so on.

Then there is of course student visas. You must know that many European countries and even US have many scholarships available. Also many European countries do not charge fees for education, and you can always work and study through your university.

Last alternative is asylum. All European countries and the USA and Canada admit refugees. The law is the same all over. You have to prove that you were persecuted by your government by reason of your political beliefs, religion, gender, membership of a certain group etc. To give you an example, Dr. Chee, if he wanted asylum elsewhere, will be able to get it hands down, since he has been repeatedly persecuted by reason of his political beliefs. Of course Dr. Chee is not interested in asylum elsewhere and he will courageously remain in Singapore and stand and fight Lee. I used him only as an example.

I am very pleased to see such overwhelming response to my call for civil disobedience. Really, I think this is the only way for democracy in Singapore.

Again, well done my friends. I will be writing again.

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uncleyap said...

hi Mr Nair,

Many good posts already on your blog, congrats!

I hope you wirte something about the organ transplantation act, a recent case of atrocity and plundering of human organ took place at SGH, and resisting family members clashed with the police and hospital guards, to prevent ending of a patient's live by removal of his organs for transplantation, under the famiLEE LEEgime's law.

I had proposed amendment to this extremely unreasonable law, seen on my manifesto blog and news blog.