Tuesday, May 8, 2007

How long will Singapore last?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What is the bad news?

Thailand has kicked Tumasek out of Bangkok, the Indonesians are refusing to sell sand, they now want both the Indonesian crooks and their millions hiding in Singapore, they are threatening not to sell gas to us, the Malaysians are building a pipeline across the Kra Isthmus meaning ships will not call at Singapore, Singapore has only 4 million people and all of them hate the government and are migrating daily to Australia, overseas Singaporeans are boycotting Singapore government functions, CPF funds are running out because there are not enough local workers, CPF funds are running out because Singapore are giving up their citizenship and cashing out their CPF funds, people are refusing to have babies, Lee Kuan Yew is talking nonsense repeatedly due to senility, his son is of no good for anyone, the water level rises on to Singapore city because of global warming, and more and more bad news.

The Straits Times will of course say daily that Singapore never had it so good. Well by now, you can forget what you read in that paper because you know it's worth.

Well with 4 million people and fast diminishing with emigration and with all this bad news, tell me, how long will it last?

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Anonymous said...

Singapore, my country, will be the next Alantis. Visit this country run by sinful and money-worshipper gov while you can because it going to sink to bottom of sea soon.

Mee siam Mai Hum to you !

Anonymous said...

when you finally return, please buy yourself a submarine because of the evil of PAP and gov, Singapore will very deeply into the sea.

You won't find LKY and his cronies there though, because they have already flee to other countries to enjoy their luxury life. They are the Marcus of Singapore !