Friday, May 18, 2007

Singapore's grandiose projects! Real of false?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The stories that are being put out everyday by the State Controlled Newspapers of Singapore does not fail to amaze me everyday.

Today it is Singapore Airlines purchasing more wide bodies aircraft. Well good and fine. But the reality is that 90% of not only the flight crew but also the cabin crew are foreigners. Second, it is stated that airlines has made even greater profits. Fine again. But what I want to know, if I were a Singaporean is this. What is there for me? Nothing. I am a security guard, 59 years old, and earn $800 per month. Why tell me all this good news. There is nothing for me. And what is worse, I have a backache, but yet cannot retire, because you rub salt into may wounds by refusing to pay me the CPF, forcing me to work, and yet keep telling me all this good news! My life is miserable. I am a Singaporean. You are making it worse by all this good news.

It is the same again and again. Day in and day out. Singapore has set up an office in Mongolia mining diamonds! Another company in Bulgaria mining cobalt and the good news goes on and on. But what about me? Nothing.

And let me come to the real question here. Assuming all the news put out by the state controlled newspaper is true, which I doubt, then where is all that money going. Is it going into the pockets of Lee, his son and friends? If not where else.

For me, life has got worse. Not any better! Despite all your good news, day in and out.

What angers me is this. All that Lee Kuan Yew does by way of all this business around the world, is because I pay him from my CPF money and my HDB flat. Therefore he has to account to me. He not only refuses to account for all that money, which he has taken in CPF and HDB payments from me, he not only does not tell me where it goes, worse still is the fact that he does what ever he wants with the money, pockets the profits which came from my savings and what is worse, has the audacity to tell me a pack of lies.

This is what makes Singaporeans mad. And I hope they will not tolerate this arrogant bully much longer and throw him out of his office, baggage and all.

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