Thursday, May 10, 2007

Singapore. The good news and Comical Vivian.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following is the necessary course of action that I would advice all Singaporeans who love freedom and their country should take. We are against the Lee Regime, not Singapore, which we all love. Whatever I am suggesting is already happening, and what is below is just a reminder that such actions should continue.

Comical Vivian and blogs

Vivian Balakrishnan had said recently, he is not concerned about bloggers posting criticisms against him and the Lee Administration because, to quote him, blogs are inconsequential since "they have a readership of one, the author". Since he is known for his thoroughly silly remarks in the past, this is one more to the nonsense. No Mr. Vivian. My blog is being read by other people beside myself. You should worry, if I were you.

Singaporean workers disgruntled and refusing to work hard

According to Dr. Chee's book "A Nation Cheated", for various reasons such as foreign talent taking Singaporeans jobs, Lee and Company paying themselves millions of dollars, and they being underpaid, Singaporean workers have become angry and disgruntled and are protesting by covert means such as, not working hard, being idle as much as possible and on repeated occasions intentionally disrupting the work the work they do.

I would encourage all Singaporeans to continue not to work hard if possible and to intentionally disrupt and cause difficulties to their employers. But please keep in mind that you should not engage in such activity that may endanger life or cause personal injury to others.

Please protest your grievances by causing disruption and annoyance to your companies and the government. Disrupt and obstruct their work as much as possible. This damages the Lee Administrtion.

The Whisper Campaign

There are many workers who are not aware of their rights and who do not know their politicians are corrupt and illegally paying themselves millions. They are also not aware that they have rights which are in the constitution and it is not illegal to go against these corrupt politicians like Lee and his son. Therefore I urge all of you to tell those who may not be aware that they have rights and it is honorable to oppose these corrupt tyrants. And while doing that, ask them to spread the news as wide as possible.


There are many who commit suicides. These people find the PAP unapproachable to air their grievances. Please let people know that they are not without hope. If they need help and advice, they can contact the SDP and Dr. Chee who will help them to find ways to solve their problems. Dr. Chee is a trained psychologist and his qualifications are best suited to help the needy and desperate. Even if the SDP themselves cannot help, I am sure they can put you in the right direction for assistance. So please remember, all is not lost.

Blog posts

If there has been one enemy the PAP cannot handle, it is the Internet. Blog posts are thoroughly damaging to any unjust regime. This is why recently the Russian was killed in London when he crossed Putin and when the Bulgarian working for BBC Bulgaria in London was killed 20 years ago with an umbrella point while crossing Waterloo Bridge. Blogs and criticism hurt totalitarian regimes more than anything else, because their reputations are tarnished. Their misdeeds exposed. So I will ask those blogging to continue without let up. It hurts Lee and Co.


If you want to live free and speak your mind as you please, then emigrate. Emigration not only helps yourselves, but also your children. They get better and freer education. Not the case in Singapore where they will be brainwashed into PAP stooges, of the likes of Comical Vivian.

Emigration hurts Lee and Company and the PAP. So emigrate to Australia, New Zealand or wherever you please. Remember, by doing so, you hurt the Lee Administration which is what we are trying to do.

Overseas Singaporeans to boycott Singapore functions

Resulting from the constant heavy and unrelenting emigration of educated Singaporeans to the West, the Singapore government is beginning to hurt. This massive emigration of the educated from Singapore is a net loss and a total gain for the recipient West. Realising this, we have seen the Minister Mentor, Wong Kan Sing and the Rear Admiral Liu coming to the US, arranging functions with Singapore Embassies and Consulates, in an attempt to encourage them to return. We have seen that these desperate actions by the Lee Administration are not working. Not because I called for a boycott, but Singaporeans overseas have shown that they despise the Lee Government and have been boycotting Singapore government functions over a long period of time.

Please continue to boycott Singapore government functions overseas. This hurts the Lee Administration.

Whenever possible, criticize the Singapore Administration by exposing their misdeeds. A litany of them like, the abuse of the judiciary, the corrupt paying themselves millions, the refusal to reveal the government investments, the money laundering activities, the silencing of the press, the threat of Lee's son that he will "fix the opposition", the lack of a free and open press, the lack of freedom of speech and assembly, the punishment of activists and so on and so forth.

The repetitive exposure of these misdeeds openly hurts the Lee Administration by attrition.

The multiplier effect

Keep in mind that whenever you read this blog and others such as that of SDP, not only you but many others become aware of the injustices through word of mouth and it has a ten fold effect. Therefore please keep spreading the word to others of the dishonesty of the Singapore government, Email these blog postings to your friends and ask them to repeat it to others.


One has to be careful here because tagging graffiti is termed vandalism and carries the punishment of caning. But if you can do it without being caught, then tagging graffiti might be an excellent thing to hurt the government. Personally I do not think doing it with indelible spray paint would be right, but it is your call. On my part, I think perhaps washable ink or posters that can be glued to walls and easily taken out without damage would be good. Again please note that you are taking a chance on this, since the law is draconian. Please be careful.


Whatever I say here, the good news is the Lee Administration has already been weakened. The people have no longer any respect for their government, their judiciary or their politicians. It is a matter of time. By your above actions, you precipitate the fall. That is all. Therefore the prognosis is good. Cannot be better.

Gopalan Nair
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Anonymous said...

I would like to add that Singaporeans should learn to exercise good perceptual skills. Albert Einstein once said that everything in this world has changed except our way of thinking.
. In Singapore kiasuism is a disease which has yet to be eliminated. Kiasuism is nothing but greed and the ruling party exhorts it. Just look how much they want to be paid. Exterminating kiasuism is the only way to getting rid of the virus that continue to plague Singaporeans till this day. Effectively, the host (PAP) will be eradicated s well. Support for the ruling party administration is detrimental to freedom and by all means please abandon your participation in the grassroots level and its municipalities. The government lackeys does nothing to address real issues that concern freedom and how to get your CPF at times of need. All they are good at is getting you a job so that you may start to continue contributing to the dead-end CPF bank.

.The daily paper Straits Times and its excesses are blatant mouthpieces of the totalitarians. I call on all to boycott these papers and read free international press like the International Herald Tribune instead. For different purposes of cross-examinations the Straits Times can be bought for your paper-trained puppy. Too much television may make you dumb and devoid of reason. They occupy much of your resource and time hence robbing you of the time to do things that matter like re-installing freedom.

.Television is some ways may gradually instill apathy and apathy is the reason many Singaporeans refuse to budge from their comfort zones. Remember that through television in this island, you will only see what you are programmed to see. Watch BBC or CNN instead.

As always your posts are very good, Mr. Nair. Well done and keep it up.