Friday, August 24, 2007

Has Harry finally gone too far this time? Annuities.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For more than 40 years, Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP have managed to get away with murder. Before he decides to sue me for defamation of character, about which he is more than familiar; let me say that "murder" was only said figuratively; not literally! Thank God, I have clarified it; not for which the Sikh turbaned lawyer of his would have be let loose and I would have been the next hapless victim, sued bankrupted impoverished and abused, in that order, by the Supremo Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

As I said, Lee has got away with murder, during these last 40 years of his despotic authoritarian rule. Every organ of civil society has been humbled under his heel. The lawyers have been silenced, the Law Society, despite it's title, are no longer permitted to comment on his laws! The trade unions, the professional bodies, the societies, the civil service, the judiciary, everything has been politicised. That is politicised into being Lee Kuan Yew PAP sympathisers. A series of laws designed to suppress and silence his opponents have been enacted over the years. The law makes protest illegal, public speaking is illegal, printing political literature is illegal, printing presses have to be licenced, paid government spies and informers are all over the island informing and reporting on anti government sentiments and their makers punished. The litany of suppression goes on unabated. Each day the people see more and more of their liberties and freedoms taken away.

Till today, the people have suffered all this quietly. They have not really reacted in any substantial way.

But now, I begin to wonder weather this time, Mr. Harry Lee Kuan Yew has gone too far? Has the point been reached; since for people all over the world no matter how tolerant and subservient, must have a certain point at which they will say "I will not take this anymore". Question is, has that point finally arrived for Singapore?

You know that in the last 2 years there have been even more painful measures enacted against the people of Singapore. And these measures are serious, hurting the very livelihood, the rice bowls of everyone in Singapore. First, Lee Kuan Yew says that you cannot withdraw your savings in the CPF as was first promised when you reach 55. He has extended the date to 60. Next he says even if you reach 60, there has to be a minimum sum retained by the government amounting to several thousand dollars. In other words, the government intends to continue to retain your money; refusing to give to you as promised. I call this theft. And while the theft is perpetrated, you will have to work to continue to survive past the age of 60. And while you work, you will continue to pay CPF, which money goes to Lee and his government.

The second, completely unacceptable decision; Lee Kuan Yew government has stated that they had decided to pay themselves in what they call salaries, $3 million a year, which shall be paid to Lee Kuan Yew his son and all his ministers. This is despite the fact that 50% of Singaporeans do not have to pay tax, because their earnings are too small!

Now, Lee Kuan Yew's new rule, which I believe has finally broke the camel's back. Annuities. He has decided, regardless of whether you agree or not, about which he could care less; that from now on, there will be such a thing as annuities. This means that you will not get your CPF money until you reach the age of 85, an age very likely that you will not reach, because you will be dead! And in this case, being dead, you will not get your CPF money!

Even the humble poodle can turn into a lion if pushed to the corner; when it has no choice but to fight back. No one, not even Singaporeans will tolerate repression beyond a point. This is what I call the threshold of tolerance. Almost a physical science. The Russians reached their threshold in 1917, the Chinese in 1949 with Mao and the Filipinos finally said no more to Marcos and sent him packing.

I think, for Singapore, this moment of truth has finally come. I expect Singaporeans to protest and protest en mass. I expect change for the better.

Mahatma Gandhi, not to be confused with Mr. Gandhi Ambalam of the SDP, had said history has seen tyrants seize power. But always their rule has been ephemeral. Eventually they all fall. And Gandhi is right.

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You're the Man.

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it's whether not weather.

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