Thursday, August 23, 2007

Singaporeans. Please open your eyes. You are being taken for a ride.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me come to the point. Singaporeans, please open your eyes. You are being cheated. Cheated by Lee Kuan Yew and his Ministers.

First, let us stop this lie once and for all. You are not, I repeat, you are not home owners. The HDB flat which you thought you purchased is not yours. Get it into your head. It belongs to the HDB/Singapore Government/Lee Kuan Yew and his family. The flat is not yours, the land is not yours, nothing is yours. You have a right to sleep and live in that small space, which is the HDB flat; but it is not yours. Get this into your head; you live there as long as the HDB/Lee Kuan Yew permits you to live there. Read the small print in the lease agreement that you signed. It gives the right to the PAP to throw you out anytime, repeat anytime, and what is worse, with or without cause. So wake up. You have not purchased anything!

Then what is it? It is nothing more than a rental agreement for 100 years. It is a lease/ rental agreement for 100 years. You are a mere renter, for 100 years. The HDB is your landlord. You are their tenant. After 100 years, it reverts to your landlord, the HDB. This, right to rent, too is not your right unconditionally. Read the fine print in the lease. The government/ Lee Kuan Yew can shorten the lease anytime and bodily throw you out.

In fact that is what always happens. After 10 years or so, the HDB will tell you that your flat requires renovation. At that time, you are forced to enter into a new lease; another 100 year lease all over again; another payment cycle of 100 years all over again. Payment to the HDB that is, and into the coffers of Lee Kuan Yew and company for them to continue trading throughout the world. And making a profit at your exopense.

In other words, you live in that flat, which I call a box, at Lee Kuan Yew's pleasure.

Get this into your heads. You can live in that cubicle/ box/small space as long as the PAP/HDB/Lee Kuan Yew will let you. But if he is so minded, you will be out on the street tomorrow; you, your family, and your barang barang. Please, once again, read the fine print in the document that you signed which is called the lease.

This is the sad fact. So next time you hear the government saying that 99% of Singaporeans own their homes, meaning HDB flats, ask them to stop lying. Tell them it is a lease. A lease is not a purchase. Tell them that in simple English. Tell them there is a difference between freehold and leases. Yours is a lease.

Another thing you have to know. As you continue living in your box, as time passes, it's value decreases, not increases. In the case of freehold property, it's property appreciates. Your lease depreciates. It does not enrich your assets, it depreciates it. In the end you have nothing. Lee Kuan Yew has taken everything from you. And by the way, Lee Kuan Yew's house, unlike yours, is freehold property, and which unlike yours, appreciates over time.

Second, Lee routinely and without fail increases HDB prices, but doesn't tell you the costs of building. In effect, his building costs are minimal. He hides the true costs. But at the same time he charges astronomical prices. Since you don't have the money, he allows you to pay the lease payments through your CPF. Mind you the CPF was designed as your retirement savings. But since you don't have any money left, the government permits you to pay your lease payments from your retirement savings. What is that? That is your CPF. And what does that mean? It means, you have no savings for retirement. You have used it all up for paying for that expensive box, that is you HDB flat. And what does that mean? You have nothing left for retirement.

First, Lee Kuan Yew told you that you can withdraw your CPF at 55. Then he increased the age to 60. Now he is threatening to increase it even further to 65. And now, he has said you have to continue paying to 85, on the lame excuse that you may live too long and therefore you have to have sufficient reserves.

But what is the reality is that he wants you to work until you, literally drop dead; because he has to keep your CPF money flowing to him. In the end you may have just enough for basic sustenance in your old age if you are lucky; but nothing more than that. He does not envisage your retiring on your luxury yacht in the Caribbean. That much is certain.

And why does he want your money so much. Sadly for him now, the books are not balancing. He needs money. First, the Ministers and himself have to be paid $3 million a year a piece. The money has to come from somewhere. Therefore you have to pay it. Second, the population is aging. This means less people are working. And this means less CPF money flowing to the government.

And what do they do with all that money that flows to them? They trade in your name throughout the word. But actually they are the traders, Lee Kuan Yew and his selected cronies and ministers. They set up all sorts of companies, sub companies and subsidiaries. And they appoint themselves directors and officers of this large web of companies and subsidiaries, all set up and funded by you, the Singaporean tax payer/ CPF contributor. To say it simply, they take your money and do business with it. And you are not told anything about their international business; let alone giving you any of those profits.

And what kind of business do they do? All sorts. They buy a mall in Bombay. They buy a supermarket in Harbin. They buy a string of properties in Paris and London. In other words their business interests stretch throughout the world. All financed by your CPF contributions. If they wish to continue with their international trading with your money, you have to continue contributing CPF. If you stop working, they will not have the money; and not having the money, they will be unable to steal the $3 million each year from you, in what they call salaries.

And all the slush of money that flows to them is kept secret. They refuse to tell you the extent of the profits or losses and if you had the audacity and temerity to even ask; you will be sued in his courts and promptly bankrupted. Like what happened to Dr. Chee when he uttered his famous words to Goh Chock Tong " Where is my money".

My dear friends, open your eyes. You are being taken for a ride. Cheated. Conned. By none other than Lee Kuan Yew and company.

But the news is not all that bad. The industrialized world is now finally become aware of the dirty tricks of Lee and his company. They are placing more and more obstacles to his acquiring assets in the industrialized West because they now realize what he is doing; using his people's money to trade to enrich themselves; not the people who should rightfully enjoy the proceeds.

Lee Kuan Yew is feeling the crunch from all directions. In addition to the lack of investment opportunities in the West which he previously enjoyed, Singaporeans are aging and therefore the workforce is shrinking and therefore less of your CPF monies is going to him.

In desperation, he has tried to bring in foreigners to join the work force. He is failing in this too. The best foreigners avoid Singapore knowing it is a dictatorship intolerant of dissent. Only the coolies from India and China end up there. Second, as we speak, the brain drain continues to mount. The educated are leaving. Singaporeans are refusing to have children; the population is therefore shrinking. In final desperation, to retain your money somehow, he forces you to pay for annuities so you will have to wait until 85 to get your CPF funds, provided you do not die before then? You can say this is his final act of desperation.

And some good news too. The people are finally refusing to be pushed around any more. To be cheated anymore. There is clear evidence that public protests are in the offing. And even if I had any small part in bringing about change for the better in Singapore, through this blog, I am gratified.

So please do your part if you seek a better future. Distribute widely among your friends family and collegues, the contents of this blog, Dr. Chee's blog and the multitude of blogs out there crying out for a free Singapore. Free from Lee's shackles. The efforts of everyone counts, however small that contribution is.

You actually have more power than what you think. Use it.

It would give me great pleasure to see the fall of this depsot. I am sure it is yours too.
Good luck.

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