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The bankrupting of opposition activists by the Lee Administration is a provocation that will not be left unanswered. Let there be no mistake.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore. The bankrupting of opposition activists by the Lee Administration yesterday, is a provocation that will not be left answered. Let there be no mistake.

The Singapore Democratic Website reports on August 17, 2007 "Media Release: Courts Bankrupt Activists". Chee Siok Chin, Yap Keng Ho and Monica Kumar were bankrupted for exercising their rights as citizens when they filed suit in court for a declaration that police acted utra vires, and illegally, when they ordered the dispersal of their peaceful demonstration during the recent NKF scandal.

Please refer to my earlier blog dated August 10, 2007: "Singapore. The impending bankruptcy of Chee Siok Chin, Yap Keng Ho and Monica Kumar. Is the government playing with fire?" for a background.

The government, having gone ahead with this decision to bankrupt them, have clearly made a grave mistake; which they will deeply regret. Lee Kuan Yew, the Singaporean bully, who runs his country by threatening and intimidating everyone; has in this case, failed to follow the cardinal rule of bullies, which is, "never mess with those who are not afraid of you"

In this case, the three, have not, and will never be, afraid of Lee and his despotic government. Lee Kuan Yew's using the courts to illegally bankrupt them will only strengthen their resolve and determination to fight this dictatorship with even more vigour and tenacity. If Lee thought that bankrupting them is going to silence them, he has completely misjudged the resolve of these three.

The three, Chee, Yap and Monica are determined courageous citizens, well known to Singaporeans, who are prepared to stand up for democracy in Singapore and to that end, they will face the devil if necessary. It is well known that these three have protested demonstrated and publicly challenged this dictatorship for several years; to demand that they listen to reason and allow democracy to the people as required by the Constitution. And in so doing they have been repeatedly fined and punished and in the case of Yap, even imprisoned. But yet they remain undaunted and defiant; determined to hold their ground and mocking this tyrant Lee Kuan Yew, telling him in no uncertain terms, that they are not afraid and will not be intimidated. They say, as loudly as they can that they are citizens, and citizens have rights.

I hope that these three, for whom I have the utmost respect, will continue public protest with increased frequency, and invite this unjust administration to punish them even more. As Dr. Chee has said, the government has made a serious mistake into thinking that bankrupting them will silence them. The government should understand that for courageous Singaporeans, bankruptcy or imprisonment will not silence their agitation for freedom.

I expect the three will spread the word far and wide to their colleagues and friends who can clearly see the injustice in this bankruptcy. I hope this action by the government will embolden others even more, like they have emboldened these three, into coming out into the open and demanding their rights as they are entitled under law.

Perhaps the three with Dr. Chee will print leaflets decrying the injustice in this bankruptcies for general distribution at street corners. Other civil disobedience actions such as printing banners and placards for display throughout the island. Posting leaflets on walls and public places exposing the injustices and the corruption of the Lee Kuan Yew Dynasty. Making speeches in public without the need of permits, speaking out on the evil being done by this administration.

By the courage and resolve of these three and of others to follow, who will live forever in the annals of Singapore's walk to democracy, the people will eventually achieve their rights to live as self respecting human beings.

I think, the Lee Kuan Yew Administration, unwittingly, has helped these democracy activists in their path to justice and freedom.

The reader should keep in mind that the Lee Administration's hold on to power is presently, at best, tenuous. They realize that their support has hit rock bottom. They realize that the people are outraged by the million dollar salaries to Ministers. Outraged by the government withholding CPF monies of workers, the increase in the GST, the increase in the transport utilities and housing charges. The indiscriminate flood of foreign workers into Singapore taking away jobs of local born Singapore citizens. The drop, not rise, in wages for Singaporeans. The lack of transparency in the finances of all government bodies such as Tumesak, GIC and all public bodies leaving one in doubt, as to how much of the people's money is being siphoned by Lee Kuan Yew and his friends. The complete corruption of the Singapore judiciary.

If the people needed a spark to set fire to their passions, at this opportune moment, when the Lee Administration's support in Singapore has hit rock bottom; for them to finally come out to the streets to protest the injustices; to say that we will not take anymore of this nonsense; perhaps this bankruptcy is that long awaited spark that has finally come to move the people into action.

If that is the welcome consequence of this bankruptcy, I think we all should rightly thank Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

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