Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Patrick Vierra wrote

Patrick Vierra wrote
Title: Uphill Battle Buddy

i've written a few time in your comments section under anonymous. i applaud what you are doing but i am in disgust at the typical singaporean sentiments when anyone tries to turn the lightbulb on in their heads. anyways, go the singapore democrat website and look at the latest posts and clips...unbelieveable. if people do not get it after watching this, then they deserve a full on dictatorship unlike anyone has ever seen.
you see, you and i both know this is not about politics, this is about human rights, something for everyone. to argue this is as stupid as the argument in america about if there is or isn't global warming. WHO CARES if there is or is not global warming, the simple fact is that we should take care of our planet.
Likewise, WHO CARES if you like the singapore democratic party or not, it is about human rights and that is for every singaporean...

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