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Singapore Nov 20, 2007. Lee Kuan Yew's government falsely imprison Singapore citizens.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The reader is directed to watch 2 videos on the Singapore Democrat Website where the Singapore police blatantly and shamelessly abuse their powers to falsely imprison detain and abduct 2 Singapore citizens, Miss Chee Siok Chin and Mr. John Tan outside Shangri La Hotel, Singapore on Nov 20, 2007. They do this with total impunity, answerable to none. Yet again they show what sort of cowards they are.

Yet again, the Lee Kuan Yew Singapore administration has shown that they and their police force are nothing more than that expected in any third rate dictatorial lawless banana republic. Yet again we see that Singapore is a country run according to nothing more than Lee's dictates. There is no rule of law at all. When the Singapore government goes around claiming that it is a first world country with the rule of law, it would be like saying that North Korea is the bedrock of democracy in East Asia.

On the 20th of November 2007, sometime during midday, 2 citizens of Singapore, Miss Chee Siok Chin and Mr. John Tan were walking just like any other ordinary pedestrian along Orchard Road, heading towards Shangri La Hotel in Orange Grove Road to have lunch. Nothing wrong with that at all. The hotel was open for business to the public as usual that day. There was nothing extraordinary at the Hotel that day at all, except that it so happens that the ASEAN conference of South East Asian Countries was having their annual meeting there and the Burmese Generals who were guilty of the murder rape and brutal suppression of thousands of Burmese protesters recently in Burma were also present.

The only difference to these facts are that these 2 pedestrians heading for lunch to Shangri La Hotel happen to be members of a Singapore opposition party, the Singapore Democratic Party. In any other country, the fact of these 2 people being opposition political party members, would have made no difference at all since these 2 were just walking and there was no evidence that they had with them bombs, bazookas and weapons of mass destruction. No, none at all. These 2 people were peacefully just going for lunch. But you see, things are different in this self proclaimed first world country. Joining an opposition political party alone is sufficient without more to be targeted for harassment, intimidation, and in this case, false imprisonment. As you will see below.

In order to stop any protest peaceful or otherwise, at or near the Asean Conference, presumably not to embarrass the Burmese generals of that military junta with blood on their hands, who were attending; the Singapore government, passed the Protected Areas Act to include the Shangri La Hotel. This is, as you can see, a clear violation of the Singapore Constitution which guarantees right of assembly.

This Act permits the police to remove anyone from the vicinity of the Hotel whom they deem to be trouble makers.

Regardless of what the wording of the law, any law to be legal must have at least a rational purpose on the face of it and secondly, it has to be exercised fairly and without discrimination. Therefore since the Constitution guarantees the Freedom of Assembly to Singaporeans, any attempt to remove anyone from the protected area must be based on a reasonable finding that the person is about to engage in illegal activity. Secondly, as is said, it must be exercised without singling out any particular individual for unfair treatment.

As can be seen to the permanent shame of Singapore and it's police force that day, the police surrounded these 2 pedestrians without any lawful reason, letting everyone else pass without let or hindrance. Just these 2 persons were waylaid, manhandled, surrounded and prevented from going along their way to lunch. When asked by Chee Siok Chin on what charge were they being detained, the police had no answer. When asked why others were permitted to pass except for them, the police had no answer. The police could only say like a stupid parrot, over and over again that 1) that it was a protected area 2) that they were ordered to leave 3) that they were advising them to leave and this was protected area, again and again ad nausem.

As a Singaporean I was ashamed to see, yet again, the Singapore Police Force permitting themselves to be used as Lee Kuan Yew's political agents to crush political opponents; ashamed to see the lack of any courage on the part of these police officers to do the right thing and refuse their orders to intimidate peaceful Singaporeans; ashamed to see that these police officers had so little if any, knowledge of the law they are asked to enforce.

The actions of the police were clearly illegal. Illegal because these 2 pedestrians were not seen to be engaged in any criminal activity and therefore should have been treated like any other pedestrian and permitted to go the Shangri La Hotel just like anyone else.

It is quite clear that these police officers have no shame. None at all. This event will bring Singapore one further notch down the scale of countries lacking freedom and bring it now, on the level of their strong trading partner Burma and North Korea.

In this case, the police had committed the offense of false imprisonment, kidnapping, assault and battery. Had this outrageous events happened in any other democracy, the Minister for Home Affairs would have had to resign and the victims of these crimes, Chee Siok Chin and John Tan would have been paid several million dollars in compensation by the government. Not in Singapore or Zimbabwe. The Singapore courts after all have openly said that they are agents of the Singapore government.

Congratulations Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore in succeeding in becoming another Zimbabwe in South East Asia. With the world watching and the Godsend Internet, your time is running out.

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