Friday, November 16, 2007

Singapore. It is impossible to change the government through national elections.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Anyone with a pair of eyes, ears and a functioning head on his shoulders should have realized this much in Singapore Island. That it is impossible to change the government through conventional channel of elections. And as proof of the utter corruption of the Singapore administration responsible for this unacceptable state of affairs is the glaring and obvious Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Mr. JB Jeyaretnam. One need not go further than that. But I will anyway, starting with Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Mr. JB Jeyaretnam.

Each and every honest Singaporean will agree; honest ones that is; that the bankrupting of Dr. Chee and Mr. Jeyaretnam by Lee Kuan Yew, defaming them at will in the state controlled papers, the Straits Times, repeatedly calling them liars and cheats and dishonest persons, was entirely without justification. Anyone with any honesty will agree with this statement. We all know that neither of them was guilty of any defamation of any sort against anyone; that the defamation actions against them were politically motivated and carried out by a corrupt judiciary; their being made bankrupt was totally unjustified and calculated for one purpose and one purpose alone, that is, to disqualify them from standing for elections.

We also know that both of them, Dr. Chee and JB Jeyaretnam; are the 2 most eminent and capable of politicians; responsible honest loyal sincere and intelligent among Singaporeans; who most deserve to be in Parliament; who are best suited to protect Singaporeans interests. Yet without any shame; knowing full well that each and every Singaporean considers their disqualification totally unacceptable, indeed ridiculous; yet the Lee Kuan Yew Administration goes ahead and does what everyone can see is nothing short of outrageous. Lee makes them bankrupt and disqualified from Parliamentary elections.

This alone shows that this Administration will not stop short of taking even the most unacceptable action to remain in power. With this fact well known, any Singaporean should know that it is impossible to remove this Lee Kuan Yew Administration from power, as they are capable of any and all illegality to remain in power.

Although not necessary, I will point out even more reasons why the opposition should forget here and now, winning Parliamentary elections and forming the government.

In order for free and fair elections, one has to have an independent media, totally lacking in Singapore. All media in Singapore is owned and controlled by the Singapore government. It is furthermore an offence to print and distribute newsprint without a permit; and just in case you are minded to apply for it, the advice should be to forget it, since it will not be granted.

The state owned and controlled media will repeatedly and with heightened intensity just before any general election, defame all opposition politicians, even threatening them with defamation suits. This will frighten off any possible opposition political candidate from running; and every citizen from voting for any opposition candidate.

Electioneering system is weighted against the opposition. The few days that is permitted for electioneering is too short favoring the Lee Kuan Yew party since they can plan it years ahead.

It is impossible for opposition politicians to speak freely at rallies since there is the constant fear of defamation actions; as what happened to Tang Lian Hong in 1997 elections.

The judiciary is corrupt and beholden to the Lee Government. This prevents any honest and capable politician from standing at elections since he knows that he may, the very next minute, be bankrupted by Lee Kuan Yew's judges who willingly do his bidding.

And I can go on but it is not necessary. As for Hougang and Potong Pasir, these wards will continue to remain under the opposition or pseudo opposition to be more correct. Lee Kuan Yew prefers these 2 politicians to continue in Parliament as they serve to paint a good face on the PAP for the rest of the world to see; since they can say that it is not true to call Singapore a one party state. At the same time Lee is confident, by the past actions of these 2 politicians, that they are really not interested in challenging the PAP. Hougang and Potong Pasir are therefore really not examples for anyone to use in arguing that Singapore has a fair election system.

What I say is this. First the people of Hougang and Potong Pasir should stop relying on these opposition political parties and do what is right. They should not follow laws that they know to be unjust. These laws such as the 5 person protest law should be broken. If you do it in numbers, Lee Kuan Yew is powerless to do anything. The newspapers licensing law should be broken as being without any rational basis. The societies act should be broken because of the same. The people should break the house to house street collections act and the political donations act and solicit for moneys locally and worldwide for the same. When defamation suits are filed, they should be just ignored and not given any co-operation, leaving the despot to do whatever he wants.

By doing these things and getting away with them, Singaporeans empower themselves. And when you empower yourselves, Lee will have to take you seriously. And when he does that, is when Singaporeans will ever manage to succeed through the ballot box.

Until and unless these things happen, Lee Kuan Yew will continue to treat each one of Singapore citizens, nothing more than a nuisance. Your views will continue to be ignored and you will forever remain in Singapore, nothing more than slaves.

There are a few free men and women in Singapore. The most notable of them are Mr. JB Jeyaretnam and Dr. Chee Soon Juan. I too am a free man living in California, Gopalan Nair of Fremont California, USA.

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