Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The laws that enslave Singaporeans.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Freedom House, the global democracy monitor had said that Singaporeans are unable to change their government through elections. The following is the reason why.

For 5 or more people to gather in public, even for peaceful protest, a government licence is required. For the last 40 years, the government has routinely denied any permits to opposition political parties.

Similarly, to make a speech in public one needs a permit. But permits are always denied to the opposition.

To print and publish newspapers, a government permit is required; which again will be denied to the opposition. To own a printing press machine, a permit is required and if the opposition possesses one, the owner is arrested and imprisoned. To form a society, a permit is required and if it is for an opposition political purpose, the organisers and officers of the society are kept under police surveillance, harassed, intimated and removed from their jobs.

Under the House to House and Street Collections Act, it is an offense for anyone to solicit donations from members of the public without a licence. If an opposition political party were to apply for one, it will not get it, thereby making it impossible for opposition political activities to obtain funding.

It is an offense to obtain funding from abroad which means the government labelling the Singaporean a traitor and imprisoning him under the Internal Security act without trial.

As if all this were not enough, all organs of state work as extensions of the ruling party. All judges use the law to eliminate political opponents. Unions harass and intimidate any worker found to be opposition sympathisers. The entire media is owned and controlled by the government, whose duty it is to print government propaganda. School teachers are advised not to discuss politics at all and to report to the government any student who shows sympathy to opposition political parties.

In all walks of life, government and ruling party sympathisers profit from their loyalty. If in government, they are paid millions, if lawyers and professionals given government cases with high fees, and others are made directors and officers of the multitude of government linked companies, given comfortable salaries and perks.

In other words, being a member of the Baath Party, sorry Peoples Action Party of Lee Kuan Yew has its benefits. Loyalty and servitude to one man, Lee Kuan Yew can bring unimaginable riches to you. Opposition to him, ruin. So the Singaporean has the choice. Riches or rags.

This is how Singapore enslaves it's people.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Gopalan!
4 of my close relatives who were not communists nor surporters were somehow fingered and killed after brutal torture in Jarkarta and Medan back in the 60s.Now a Singaporean (I ran off here after the genocide), I'm very very hurt and angry to hear Mr Lee Kuan Yew, whom I admired and respected for decades, declaring that the f/bastard Suharto was Indonesia's saviour and benefactor despite the genocide he committed as well as the plunder of my beloved Indonesia for its wealth!Has LKY gone senile at age 85? I'm sure that's the case otherwise he would not have said such rubbish knowing the man!
Mr Gopalan, please comment on this and let us hear your wise views. Thanks and regards to you and your family.

Gopalan Nair said...

Dear Tjong,
Thanks for your post. I have to admit, I am not enough informed on Indonesian politics. I am unbale to write anything substantive on this at present. By the way, Dr. Chee Soon Juan has written and posted a number of articles on the crimes of President Suharto. Please go to for his postings on this.
Gopalan Nair