Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lee Kuan Yew's racial discrimination should be condemned.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hear Singapore government encourages young infant children from People's Republic of China to attend schools in Singapore. Several thousand, already in Singapore; are given scholarships of $500.00 per month including free schools fees and books. Their mothers, for some strange reason, not their fathers, are permitted to immigrate to Singapore to care for them. These mothers who are usually divorced or single mothers usually find work in Singapore in massage parlors and as sales girls where the clientele is entirely Chinese, since they or these children, speak no English.

These scholarships are given only to Chinese children from the PRC. Not Malay children or Indian children even though Malays and Indians are also Singaporeans!

As the Singapore press is both state owned and controlled, it is impossible to read any independent opinion on this. The government censors suppress any information about this. Lee’s reason for this policy should be obvious. Lee Kuan Yew wants to keep the Singapore population subservient to him. And for subservience, you cannot beat Communist Chinese. No political dissent is allowed in China.

Secondly Lee Kuan Yew has decided, it appears; as if Singapore belongs to him alone; and as if he can do anything with Singapore; that Singapore must become a Chinese country, peopled by Chinese people. And since the Chinese in Singapore are not having enough children, he will import them from China.

In accordance with Lee Kuan Yew’s game plan, these Chinese infants from Hunan and Hubei or wherever else they come from in China, will be taught some English, kept in the dark about democracy and liberty, and give them jobs like automatons in a factory. It is the hope that as they were in China, they will grow up completely submissive and obedient. With a sufficient population like this, Lee Kuan Yew and his descendants will rule forever. If all goes according to plan.

The Malays, the Indians and native Singapore Chinese should condemn this policy. First, it is illegal. It goes against the constitution which demands racial equality. Second, these Chinese children do not further Singapore’s interests. Singapore is becoming an international city. Such a city requires English. Not Mandarin. Third, you need a sophisticated and informed population. One that is well versed with western norms and cultures. With western spontaneity and western daring.

I am a product of western education and therefore not afraid to speak my mind. In Singapore I criticized this government when criticism was needed. And challenged them at 2 general elections. It seemed a natural thing to do. If something is wrong, one stands up to it. I still do the same from here. And I will be a critic for as long as needed. I have no fear. Just as any other Australian, American or Belgian. What Singapore really needs is more Gopalan Nairs. But Lee prefers Francis Seows, Tan Wah Piows and Gopalan Nairs to stay as far away as possible. Life is easier for him that way. For him and his children.

You see there are Gopalan Nairs all over the Western world. In Australia USA Canada. All with Western education, western thinking and western experience. If all these Gopalan Nairs, these Francis Seows, and these Tan Wah Piows these Edgar De Souza’s can return, Singapore will be a very different place.

But Lee Kuan Yew will not allow it. If he did, it will be the end of him. These overseas experienced men and women will be boisterous spontaneous and will not jump, as and when Lee demanded.

When I was in Singapore, I could see it for myself. Those who had lived in Singapore all their lives have an inbuilt fear of authority. This fear is ingrained in them in schools, in the families and among their society. They fear to speak, fear to complain and fear to stand up. A life as if Lee Kuan Yew was their father. Unable to think in unconventional terms.

Such as population, like the imported Chinese children who will go through brainwashing will eventually end up the compliant and submissive Singaporean that Lee wants.

This racial preference for Chinese infant children from China paid for by the Singapore taxpayer, who are also Malays and Indians, is unacceptable. Since Lee Kuan Yew is determined to do anything including illegality, such as blatant racial discrimination, the Malays and Indians should act. I am sure the Singaporean Chinese would also support the Malays and Indians in this. The Singapore Chinese have much more in common with a Singapore Malay or Indian rather than a child from Hunan province in China.

This is not inciting racial hatred. This is seeking the truth. And the truth is, Lee's policy of favoring Chinese over Malays and Indians is illegal. It is not provided for under law.

Do not forget the national language is Malay. It has now included the other languages, but in 1963, the national language was Malay. It should be so, since the Malays were there before anyone else. I am an Indian by ethnicity, not Malay. But I can appreciate the special position of the Malays in Singapore.

Malays must now act. The country that belongs to all of us; Chinese Malays and Indians is being destroyed by Lee with his deliberate policy of artificiality changing the ethnic mix. This cannot be tolerated.

Jufrie Mohd Mahmood was a Workers Party member and opposition politician. He is a Singapore patriot as well as a Malay patriot. He feels the pain in him to see his country being destroyed by Lee with his ethnic restructuring policies of changing the population mix.

Jufrie Mohd Mahmood has to act. Now. He must do it. Inaction is ruination for Singapore. He should speak to his Malay friends in Geylang, to the Indian friends in Serangoon, get help from Malaysia and for the Indians from India; get foreign funding, speak at mosques, Indian and Chinese temples; and get everyone, Indian Chinese and Malay to galvanize, organize, collaborate and stand up to this.

Jufrie Mohd Mahmood should not be afraid of the ISA or anything of the sort. When justice is on your side, men should have no fear. I hope there will be movement forward.

A Singaporean in Northern California. With best wishes. And hope for the future.

Gopalan Nair
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Chiek said...

Social engineering goes on all the time in Singapore.

Maintaining the current racial demographics has always been on the agenda of the government.

The non-chinese are reproducing faster than the chinese hence the government has to resort to making it easy for PRCs to move in to even the score.

Is this right or wrong? Do the Singaporeans support this?

Like all policies ranging from buiding socially destructive gambling dens to raisng GST (even though there is no national deficit), the government does not need to ask the Singpaorean's permission.

Victor said...

hi..good article there.

however, I have to raise some questions:

1. Is this policy posted anywhere (since you said the mainstream papers do not report it?) How did you hear about it?

2. Your workers party has 2 MPs in the parliament..I perused the parliament proceedings, so far no one has commented on this?

3. I agree with you that whatever singapore is trying to do (raise its population to 6 million) - giving scholarships ONLY to chinese students is incorrect.

Thank you.

Gopalan Nair said...

Hello Victor Tan,

Thanks for your comment. Since the entire Singapore media is state owned and controlled as it is in the Peoples Republic of China, the government does not publish this fact as it is clearly embarrassing to them. But nevertheless they do it. They permit Chinese infants only from the Republic of China to come here only with their mothers to look after them. These children are given scholarships at government expense while their single parent mothers are permitted to work in circumstances where only Mandarin is spoken. Many of these mothers work in massage parlors while their infant children attend school at Singapore taxpayers (including Malays and Indians) expense. No Indian or Malay child is given these scholarships. Only Chinese children form the Peoples Republic of China.

As to how I heard about it, in a situation such as this in a country where the media is both owned and controlled by the state, you will hear some news which the government does not want to expose. This is one such case.

I was last in Singapore from Nov 1 to Nov 18, 2007. During this time I was in constant contact with members of the Singapore Democratic Party as well as many of my friends. This information was given to me, not only by one person but by everyone that I met. This fact is well known in Singapore. You can call it the Communist Chinese infant, single mother scholarship scheme if you like. It is a well known fact. Every Singaporean knows this.

As for referring the WP as my party, this is not correct. I was a member of the Workers Party from 1984 to 1991. During that time, the Workers Party was an opposition political party. Today it is no longer so. I am not affiliated to the WP anymore.

The WP no longer furthers the cause of the opposition in Singapore through fear. They will not raise any issue if it may threaten their continued presence in Parliament. Therefore I am not surprised that the WP has not raised any questions on this policy at all. And I am sure they will not.

As for the WP, please don’t hold your breath. They will not ask questions on this or any other form of discrimination that goes on in Singapore.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan is the best person to get full details about this. I am sure he will confirm what I had said in my blog.

Very good and thank you.
Gopalan Nair

Gopalan Nair said...

Hello Victor Tan,

Allow me to elaborate on this "Communist Chinese single mother and infant scholarship scheme". It is even more shocking than that. For some reason, only the mothers of these infants given scholarships are permitted to come and work in Singapore with their infant. Therefore the scheme will work only in the case of infants who are either illegitimate, with divorced parents or where the parents voluntarily accept temporary seperation since the mother will be in Singaproe while the father remains in China! The father, for some weird reason is not allowed to step foot in Singapore!

This shows the evil side of this regime. As like everthing else they do, for expediency, since they want more and more Chinese babies in Singapore, and not Malays or Indians, they are prepared even to break up families or accept children from broken homes!

I understand many of the mothers of these infants from the Peoples Republic of China end up in Singapore massage parlours. Since neither the mothers or their children speak any English, the normal jobs may be harder to find.

This is Lee Kuan Yew's first world Singapore. A self proclaimed First World country.

More like Nazi Germany!

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California

Anonymous said...

This is a true fact which is being kept from the Mainstream Media & from the public. Instead of infant, these are actually school-going PRC kids (6 years & over) who come with their mothers to live/study/work in Spore. Of course, with Spore's high cost of living, the mothers or "Peitu Mama" [Mandarin meaning accompanying student's mother] often either shacked up with a well-to-do Sporean boyfriend or find work in vice eg. massage, prostitution or hostessing in Karaoke lounge. The husband or father in this equation is a non-entity or will soon be when the peitu mama find her sugar daddy. This has been a known fact since 1999 when the door opened up to them. Since then there have been numerous social problems as marriage breakups, illegal massage parlours, rampant prostitution & sprouting of many seedy karaoke bar along Joo Chiat & Geylang areas. Despite the social issues, the govt persists with it as revenues from each PRC child/mother comes to thousands of dollars for the privilege to live/study/work in Spore. Also, a network of migration agents [slavers] that exploit & benefit from this scheme.
Also, there are even boarding schools catering to PRC students whom are given university scholarships as well as having their room & board paid for by the govt. According to a reliable source, they are operated by well connected to govt persons who are given this business opportunity to "make money without any risk". On the other hand, native Sporeans can't even go on to university because a great deal of the places are already allocated to these PRC scholars. Many ex-Sporeans migrated to Australia & NZ because their children couldn't even get a place in Spore's unis. Their children have done well at uni because they have good command of English unlike PRC scholars. This will be Spore's loss. The leading reason given when apply for Good Conduct Certificate required for migration is "for children's education". The govt is well aware of this brain drain but chose to carry on its own political agenda.
The reason why PRC students are given such privilege are political & pure economics. The PRC school system is rigid requiring students to be submissive & obedient which dovetails well with the Spore system. In fact, their school curriculum is so outmoded & backward that PRC students are at a disadvantage on a global arena. PRC students are required to learn Chinese classical studies, drama, ancient texts etc. In a digital age, these are rather irrelevant & useless. In PRC schools, PC networking are rare as they can't type in English beyond elementary phrases & also for political reasons. English & IT proficiency are the 2 key areas of Spore education. This is the main reason why Spore education is so coveted by PRCians & the mothers are even ready to sell their bodies to fund it for their kids. The revenues behind this scheme is considerable for the govt. Secondly, PRCians are conditioned from young not to create problems on a political stage - thus they are deemed suitable for Spore & future citizens.
The govt's political agenda intends to marginalize native Sporeans by depriving their children of a higher education while allowing foreigners to benefit. What kind of govt does that to its own people? or rather, the people who gave away their powers to be subjugated to this extent [Disenfranchised]. Sad!

Anonymous said...

Kid, have you heard of the ASEAN scholarship?

Anonymous said...


just in case you've been living in a big hollow cave a.k.a the United States and are unaware, the USA is falling apart; big time. China's the new economic powerhouse. People are desperately trying to learn Mandarin now. Be more knowledgeable and be more informed dude.

You said:

"Second, these Chinese children do not further Singapore’s interests. Singapore is becoming an international city. Such a city requires English. Not Mandarin. "

Anonymous said...


Very True.The racial discrimination is very high in singapore.I am a Housewife currently staying at home in singapore.Very scared by the scenerios in singapore.The government has double standards and is very mean to malay and tamil people here.The chinese here think as if the country belongs to them and to noone else.MALAYSIANS AND INDIANS ARE VERY AGITATED IN SINGAPORE.please some help us.

For eg a simple example is when three of my friends and we were celeberating diwali in the hdb blk amphitheater and were only lighting sparklers.Two So called friendly neighbourhood police men visited arrived and asked us to vacate the place.They said we are disturbing the neighbohood.Pl tell me if sparklers are banned in singapore then why are the sold in shops. I am not referring to bombs as in malaysia or india.JUST SPARKELERS.

On deepavali if an Singaporean Indian cannot celeberate for 2 hours once in a year with sparklers sold in roadside shop at his premises for which he is paying cpf ,taxes etc., then were are we living in? I n a jungle away from our parents ,brother and sister? for what ?

These chinese people conductsong and dance program in the amphitheater every weak with skimply cladded female dancing and screaming in chinease only songs in loudspeakers.Even we van hear to ou television sound at it loudest within closed doors.this celeberation of thiers goes on till midnight.don't we have older people.are we not included in neighbours list.or are we deaf and dumb in singapore's so called international,multiracial,multicultured equal oppurtunity community.

IS THE PRIMEMINISTER LYING When talking about equal oppurtunity and multiracialsium in SINGAPORE.

pl help us to live and let live.

PL let us have som happiness with our sons and daughters in SINGAPORE who are tommorrows citizens here.

I also say to chinese PEE HERE - world cannot be converted to china.

pl understand that.

GOD would have otherwise created only chinese people all around.SO Pl grow -up AND BE OPEN MINDED.



Anonymous said...

Yes, we are Indian foriegners, Doctors from India, where Singaporean delegates are campaigning heavily for Indian doctors only to demote them into basic GPs and take work out of them of the trained specialists which they are in India.

It is the chinese descent Singaporeans who day in and day out practise preferentialism ( Guys, we all are too old and educated and matured enought for u all to get hurt by anyone calling us brown skinned). Time and again, double standrards are practised by chinese Singaporeans in both workplace and residence as they resent us.

Sorry finding for an ' apparently developed country ' but high ideology is blatantly deficient out here.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous of May 5th 0223,

I take it you are are an Indian doctor and national working in Singapore. I do not condone racial discrimination of any sort, but if in fact your complaint is you being given a GP job instead of the speciliast job, surely it is you who has decided to work in Singapore and noone compels you to it. So I dont't really see where your grouse is.

Joseph Low said...

the general transition of the mainstream media - from
SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) to TCS (Television Corporation of Singapore) to Mediacorp shows the gradual release of the government on the Media.

i could be wrong, but that's 1 point which i figured. and i dint bother reading anymore as i dint had time... 19 yr old guy rushing projects who happened to drop by. but so far singapore's been great and wonderfully condusive.

sure it aint perfect. but we could credit LKY a little for founding singapore, and the peace and stability which all of us enjoys now...

PS: i dint follow what u had written, but decided to post this when u spoke abt the media being state owned and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Uh. Whats ur problem with Lee Kuan Yew? It's obvious that you have a deep feud with him somehow... but do u really think u can judge him as a person? So in your post u wrote that Malays need to take action. You think that he has a hidden agenda to make the country pro-chinese. If he really wanted to do this,dont u think he would have become a dictator and ruled the country like Hitler or Stalin?
It's hard to believe that u were from Singapore. Your comments on the way Singapore is governed is disappointing and one-sided. Whether u are aware or not, you are inciting racial hatred. You don't even appreciate the peace that took hard, long years to achieve. Stop being immature and get on with your life. Since you have deserted Singapore, why care about it anymore? I am sure you cannot run the country as well if u are in charge. So stop making lame criticisms dude.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous, Jul 21, 0719;
If you did not know, Lee Kuan Yew runs Singapore like a Hitler or Stalin, the extent to which is only a matter of degree.Even writing anonymously, you still do not understand that. Many do, and that is why the leave Singapore.

Jon said...

Anonymous, regarding the celebrating of diwali and the sparklers. By the way, in Singapore - it's called Deepavali not diwali....

Any pyrotechnics are tightly controlled in Singapore. Firecrackers are a traditional feature of the Chinese New Year and these are banned in Singapore.

From your comments, it seems you have the standard mentality of Indian national immigrants. That is - you expect things in Singapore to CONFORM TO INDIA.

Please understand that the 'loud chinese-type music' and 'skimpily-dressed dancers' are part of the LOCAL SINGAPOREAN culture. Incidently, the 'chinese' music encompass Korean and Japanese music, so it's actually very international.

If you wish to stay in Singapore, then please conform to the local Singapore culture and language - which for better or worse, is predominantly north-east asian based.

The immigrants coming in from China conform to the local standards. They do not demand things change to standards in China. This is what the Indian nationals demand, and causing what the Singaporean Tamils are unhappy about.

Anonymous said...

Actually im from south asia and i was studying in singapore for atleast 2years 2007-2009...and i have a sence of local culture there.....i see thinks like trying to teach mandrin to everyone...and indians and malays are economically in a very low position compared with chinese...i think now thay trying to increasae chinese by importing from china....and another think if chinese see a brown color people they see us like those bangala workers.....dats really sad...