Monday, January 21, 2008

A letter from a disgruntled Singaporean on the influx of foreign workers into Singapore


The government's claim that foreign workers benefit Singapore is largely not true. Their benefit if any is far outweighed by the damage done to Singapore and Singaporeans. Ironically they robbed Sporean of their jobs.These Malaysian unlike the Bangla or Indian workers don't spend in Singapore as expected.They brought their lunches and cigarettes from Malaysia ,ride a Honda Cub and take home to Malaysia thousands of Singapore dollars.

I knows of two Malay brothers in Johor residing at 21 Banang 4,Taman Bukit Tiram Johor and 19 Banang 4 Taman Bukit Tiram. Both ride a motorcycle to work and gets all the overseas assignment and we the poor Singaporean aren't given the jobs. This two brothers aren't spending much in Singapore and not interested to be a PR .Their jobs is not that we Singaporean can't or cannot do,they have everything from a terrace houses in Johor to a Kompressor Merc and what we Singaporean have, except bills and NS for our children to protect this foreigners and to work until we drop dead

Singaporean the miserable lots pays are pegged to Singapore high standard of living,where an average household pay $200 for electric and water bill and expensive education system and by the end of the month is left with nothing. Singaporean ends up the fool and the Malaysian the winner and benefited from Singapore economy .

We can take it with stride if the job foreigners are doing are jobs that we can't do or incapable of doing. But sadly we Singaporean are deprived of jobs that we can do and capable of doing. So where our expensive education system helps us when Malaysian education which is of lower standard is given priority over us?

I can't grasp Spore labour policy,here we Sporean are running out job and ironically its given to foreigner in a silver platter,we bear the brunt of protecting this foreigner interest.

As the Malay saying "beruk di hutan di susukan anak di rumah mati ta makan" which means "you feed the monkey in the jungle yet your children starve at home"

A disgruntled Singaporean

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