Sunday, May 18, 2008

Singapore's laws that need to be broken

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Unless we agree that only just laws need to be obeyed and unjust laws ignored, there is no need for you to to take any notice of this blog post. But if you, like me, agree that just because laws are enacted by a tyrant, which are enacted not at all in the interests of Singaporeans; but only to ensure that tyrants remain in power; then I would say, like me, if faced with such unjust laws, it is not only one's right but one's bounden duty to break them; because if you did not, you are a coward.

1. The five person protest law

This law requires a permit for a gathering of 5 or more in public. This is a law in direct conflict with the Constitution. The constitution guarantees you freedom of assembly. Constitutional law states any other law or statute that is direct conflict with the constitution is illegal and should be struck unless compelling reasons can be shown. A peaceful protest can in no way raise any compelling interest to overcome the constitution. Therefore the law reacquiring permits for protests is clearly illegal. Break this law.

2. Public speaking

This law requires a permit to make a public speech. Same analysis as for above protest law being in direct violation of the constitutional provision guaranteeing free speech. Break this law.

3. Gazetting government offices as being off limits to protesters

Recently this government in order to stop any protests have come with a new gimmick, which is, declare all government offices as off limits by a method called gazetting. Plain and simple rubbish. No can do; if I had no English! Government offices are the very places where protesters would want to hold them, since they are the offending parties. This again is a clear restriction and limitation of your constitutional right to free speech and assembly. Break this law.

4. Societies requiring registration

Singapore laws require societies to be registered. Clearly this is a law to keep an eye and monitor all opposition political activities. This again is a clear violation of the speech and assembly clauses in the Constitution. Here again there is no compelling interest to have these laws in place except for keeping Singaporeans forever enslaved. No basis in law for this at all. Break this law.

5. Films Act

Political or in fact any film needs to be licenced. The height of misuse of the law that can ever be imagined. Not just obscene films, but just every single film requires censorship! Please go to the SDP website, and see for yourself. Yesterday, the MDA and police entered a private viewing of a film "One nation under Lee", at Peninsula Hotel entered the premises and forcibly confiscated the film, thereby making a nuisance of themselves once again. No doubt those present did not want to waste any time with these goons and handed them the DVD. Immediately thereafter, of course, they pulled out another copy of it and watched the movie, no doubt!

In fact you can watch it below at the link. It is ironical that each time the government behaves in such mind boggling logic that will defy even Humpty Dumpty himself, the exact reverse happens. In fact after they confiscated it, the entire country's interest has been aroused and 10 times more people around the world have now watched it. Is the government now planning further arrests for having watched a movie critical of Lee Kuan Yew.

Break this law.

But please watch the movie, One Nation Under Lee by clicking the link below. A well made and highly instructive movie.

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