Sunday, May 11, 2008

The real winner in Lee's lawsuit will be Dr. Chee and Singapore. Not Lee Kuan Yew.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew in suing Dr. Chee yet again is relying on the old Chinese wisdom of "Kill a chicken and frighten all the monkeys" to stay in power. And the chicken in this present drama is none other than Dr. Chee. The proverbial sacrificial lamb you could say.

With the Internet and the population getting more educated and informed, Lee can see his grip on power loosening. With more and more protesters, more and more open criticism, it is time for him perhaps to tug on the reins a little? Perhaps a defamation action now will send a message to everyone out there not to be smart Alecs. Watch what you say or do, or else you will become another bankrupt Dr. Chee.

Lee Kuan Yew this time is wrong to assume business will be as usual. This time, he cannot expect the dead chicken to have the same result on the monkeys.

With the unbearable inflation, with unbearable costs, with millionaires among paupers, with adults and children in dire poverty in their HDB flats, some thing has got to give. And that has to be their tolerance.

So far, they have been suffering in silence, but not much longer. If a man has nothing to lose, he will take desperate steps. Such as protesting until he and his children get what they deserve, when the ministers pay themselves millions.

As for Dr. Chee, he is not prepared to give in. That is bad news for Lee Kuan Yew. Whichever way you look at it, things have to change now.

This time, instead of the population silenced with this libel suit, it will instead embolden them. Singaporeans will demand their rights under the Constitution which includes the freedom to criticize without being sued and bankrupted.

In fact this law suit is gift to both Dr. Chee and Singapore. Singapore is one step nearer to being a democracy with this law suit, thanks to Lee and Son. Next thing you see is even more public dissatisfaction, civil disobedience, protests and eventual collapse of Lee Kuan Yew both physically and politically.

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