Thursday, June 19, 2008

Laser, Byte, 420, 470, Sunfish, Topper or Lido 14 or similar dinghy.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since I am going to be here for the foreseeable future, and there is nothing that I can do to change it, I might as well make the best of it.

I am a dinghy sailor and would love to borrow a boat of any of the above categories or similar type to sail off Changi or East Coast waters. I used to be a member of Changi Sailing Club but have not been one for several years now. Not possible to borrow one from them.

I am quite capable of sailing even the 2 crew 420, 470 and Lido 14 or other similar boats single handedly. I dont need a crew.

So if there is a dinghy sailor out there who reads this and has a boat, I would love to borrow it.


Gopalan Nair


Anonymous said...

Gopalan, I applaud what u r doing. I admire ur courage and righteousness. So I will like to make a small contribution to help you in ur David vs Golliah fight. Can u please set up some form of facilities like the one at SDP to receive donations without breaking the draconian Singapore Laws. Paypal is a must because I do not want the Leegime to know.

Anonymous said...

yes i agree.
And I believe that donations will come pouring in, and when the Lees find out, they're gonna flip.

Anonymous said...

I remember that Nelson Mandala did not allow his imprisonment to be in vain.

Well, do make the best of your unintended holidays in Singapore.

Too bad i do not have a boat to spare.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair, I am a Singaporean studying at a top ivy league school with access to influential human rights scholars. I respect, applaud and commend you on your fight against this MOST ABSURD AND ABUSIVE government and their cronies. If you need publicity of any kind, please feel free to ask/signal that in your next post and I will email you personally. Frankly speaking, the longer they keep you, the better it is for your fight as global attention to your case will gain momentum. It really makes my blood boil to know that we have such caliber of people governing this country and a legal administration calling themselves worthy of the legal profession. KUDOS TO YOU!

Anonymous said...

I thought you have no respect for Singaporeans. What makes you think any one will lend you their boat? What id it's own by a PRC Chinese whom you have insulted?

Anonymous said...

I am a soon to be ex-Singaporean living overseas. I've enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months, but always thought that you wouldn't really get much done writing from the US. But you've truly impressed me! You are truly a brave and selfless man to have gone so far with this. I just wanted to thank you so very much for your sacrifice, and I salute you for staying true to your self and your words.

Peace and strength,

Anonymous said...

No wonder America accept all kind of clowns in open arms. Luckily you no longer a Singaporean, otherwise you putting Singaporeans to shameof what you have done. Still having good life and want to go sailing some more. Really the father of all Clowns.

Anonymous said...

I most those who left negative comments are most likely those who have not even left Singapore and open their eyes to the world. They are contented with the way they live their lives, enjoying the occasional incentives that their so called government throw their way, once in a while, especially around time for GE. They call their country first-class, gauging its success merely by the economincal achievements over the years. Sadly, these are the exact people that will bring Singapore down. Have spent many years away from Singapore, I can truly see the great difference in the way people are treated in different countries. Putting the western countries aside, even Taiwan is a better place to live in. You'll feel the kindness of the Taiwanese people (well, most of them at least) who care to educate and instill in their younger generations the right morale. Unlike Singaporeans, who think that they are successful simply because they live in landed properties, drive fancy cars, and have a University degree, I've witnessed Taiwanese parents educating their children in MRTs to give up seats for those who need them more. It's sad that some people simply choose to close their eyes to the truth. Mr. Nair, I really really admire you for what you have done. We need more Singaporeans like you to make the country a better place to live in.

Anonymous said...

pay no heed to the negative comments.
PAP maintains and hires an internet strike team to post "pro govermental" comments in various blogs and forums, impersonating as various "citizens on the ground" to hide the the unpopularity of the regime

Paara said...

Singapore is only as big as a taluk in India. Yet they pretend as if they are a great power. Their arrogance is unbelievable.
Once I was invited by their Tourism Board to visit singapore. But the consulate in Mumbai will not give a visa. Then they wrote to their country and finally gave me the visa for six days!
We have not forgotten how Deven Nair was treated. The poor guy died living in Canada.
An angry Malayalee

Anonymous said...

I'm a Singaporean, and I do agree that majority of the Singaporeans are conceited and narrow minded. Maybe that's because of the education they received at school. They are narrow minded, wanting to hear nothing except praises. This is evident in so many instances. Whenever someone critize the way Singaporeans or their government, we are bound to see strong reactions in the media. Wake up Singaporeans! We are NOT better than everyone else. Having a higher education, better salary, bigger house/car doesn't make you more superior as a human being. Having the heart to genuinely care for a fellow human being, regardless of his race, nationality, or religious status is what makes you a truly respectable human.

Anonymous said...

Please remember that you are no longer a singaporean. You are an alien now and came as a guest to this country.

You are in this current predicament because you asked for it. You asked to be arrested remember? And now you are complaining about being unable to go back to the States! What a faggot!

Lend you my boat? I rather lend you my plane so you can jump off without a parachute at 10,000 ft and land in the Jurong incinerator!


Anonymous said...

"No wonder America accept all kind of clowns in open arms. Luckily you no longer a Singaporean, otherwise you putting Singaporeans to shameof what you have done. Still having good life and want to go sailing some more. Really the father of all Clowns."

"I thought you have no respect for Singaporeans. What makes you think any one will lend you their boat? What id it's own by a PRC Chinese whom you have insulted?"

I hope you two utter shitbags realise that your arguments are fucking weak. To the first shitbag, he is not a "clown" for expressing discontent of the justice system. He is exercising his right of free speech. I also hope that you know that whatever qualifications you have, there is still the rest of the world out there. Out there, people are entitled to free speech. Out there, people are not "clowns" for pointing out flaws in leadership or hypocrisy. They are not "clowns" for leaving a country whose government oppresses the people through fear and a controlled press. You are the clown for not justifying your pathetic argument. Grow a fucking brain. If Singaporeans have anything to be ashamed about, its their government, not someone who dares to stand for what he believes in right, even if he stands alone.

To the second shitbag, i doubt Nair has no respect for Singporeans, its the government he has disrespect for.
"what if its owned by a PRC citizen", you say? Obviously they wont lend him, dipshit. In any case, all Nair did was point out that the influx of people from mainland China is no substitute for those born and educated locally. Simple as that. He is not "insulting" them at all.

Anonymous said...

So has anyone offered you a boat yet? Maybe the PRC Chinse will definitely not, after all you branded them as spies.