Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All the King's men. The list.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You must not forget to keep a list of all the king's men. Lee Kuan Yew is 85 and trying hard to stay alive a little longer. He is desperate. But he cannot escape death who is just one step behind. Each time he looks back, the spectre of death is a step closer.

And just as all other dictators throughout history, he has made the same mistake of placing bureaucrats; men who have just passed their exams and done their sums to positions of authority. His ministers and politicians have no leadership skills, their only qualification being able to blindly obey authority. And history has shown that when the dictator dies there is nothing left to replace the vacuum. These weak men and women are incapable of wielding authority. And neither will the people be willing to obey them.

With his death these men and women will have no authority to rule. The people will no longer be prepared to accept their dictates. There will be unrest and confusion.

And you can imagine what will happen. The first thing these men do will be to flee the country with whatever they have before it is too late. And in a small island like Singapore, it is enough if a single person in authority flees. Then it will trigger a flood. And that will ruin the country.

Eighty five year old Lee Kuan Yew knows this. He worries what will happen with his impending death. He worries for his son, whom he appointed the Prime Minister, whether he can govern as he does now. I have no doubt that history will repeat itself. There has to be change once Big Brother leaves.

And talking about Orwell's Big Brother in his book 1984, the situation in it was different. There Big Brother is eternal. He will never die. No one knows even whether Big Brother is human. No one has seen him. He exists as an idea. In such a situation, an oligarchy can go on forever because people fear Big Brother who is ever present as an idea, and his dictates, or rather the dictates of the oligarchy can rule forever. If only Lee Kuan Yew could have devised a system where he exists as an idea, ever present and eternal, he and his cronies could rule forever. But sadly for him, George Orwell's book is fiction. Lee cannot do it in real life. We know who he is. We also know that he is the strongman of Singapore. We also know that he must die. We also know that he rules through fear. And we also know that when he dies the fear will be lifted from the people's hearts and when that happens, it will be the end.

That is why I say you have to make a list. And that is why every Singaporean must keep a list of those in authority who have abused their power to hurt innocent people to please the strongman and advance their careers.

Davinder Singh, counsel for Lee Kuan Yew for all his defamation actions against his critics is high on the list. He has used his profession to knowingly destroy Lee Kuan Yew's critics when he knows it was wrong. He does it to advance his career and for money. Singh in any American jurisdiction would have been disbarred long ago. Almost all American jurisdictions code of ethics for lawyers makes it malpractice for a lawyer to knowingly further a cause which he knows to be without merit. Every case in the long series of defamation cases that he conducted was totally without merit or legal basis. I am of course talking of the series of cases which he won, with the connivance of Singapore judges to bankrupt and impoverish JB Jeyaretnam, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Tang Liang Hong. Every one of those cases showed various defences to the claims. Any politician is liable to be criticised in a free society and every one of those cases involved legitimate criticism which was covered by the defences of justification, fair comment and qualified privilege. But despite that Singh wins each time and each time he knows that he has destroyed an innocent man. He must be held to account.

We can expect Singh to take the first plane out with Lee's death. He must be stopped and held to account.

Take Belinda Ang whom I had criticized and which landed me in jail. She is a corrupt judge misusing the law to please Lee Kuan Yew. I have narrated a few egregious instances of her actions in this blog. You can get further details in Dr. Chee Soon Juan's blog and also hear the audio transcripts in it. You will walk away with disgust hearing it. She and Singh made sure that Dr. Chee was not given any meaningful opportunity to do anything or say anything at all. I am sure she too is worrying now. I am sure her plans will also be to flee to safety. She has to be stopped. She has to be forced to account for her actions. She must be on the list.

And the same goes for Jeffrey Chan, the solicitor general of Lee Kuan Yew who was commissioned to prosecute Lee's critics and send them to jail. You will recall his actions in court when 4 young men and women took their case to court to demand justice, after protesting at the CPF building, when he asked for court costs against them, which the complaint judge willingly agreed resulting in the 4 being made bankrupt.

And you will recall his prosecution in the kangaroo T shirt case where he was demanding long imprisonment terms against the 3 men for just exercising their right of free speech. The men were sent to jail and ordered to pay court costs in excess of $5,000.00, which will cause intolerable financial hardship on them, when he knew they were only doing what they were entitled to do. That is to criticize.

In my case, when I was charged for contempt of court, he was demanding a long prison term if I did not do what he wanted; that is to apologize. And he demanded that I pay $5,000.00 in court costs. I have not paid it but that is not the point. The point of it all was to send a message through the state controlled press that others should beware of criticizing Singapore judges, because if they do, they will be sent to jail and made to pay $5,000.00 fine. He has to on the list. I have no doubt that he too worries what will befall him with the death of Lee Kuan Yew. Will he be held to account? Will the people demand that he himself be put on trial and punished for his actions?

Judith Prakash was the judge that convicted the Kangaroo T shirt trio with that unjust punishment. I am sure she too is turning in her sleep thinking about what will happen to her when the Big Boy goes. I won't be surprised if she is already planning to move to Australia. She too has to be on the list. Very high on the list.

The same goes for judge Kan Ting Chu, and every other judge in Singapore. He must be held to account. So too with retired judge Mohideen Haja Rubin. So must ASP Abdul Razak Zakaria, Lee's chosen policeman to arrest and prosecute innocent people merely for criticizing Lee Kuan Yew and his judges. It is not enough for him to say that he was merely following orders. There are just orders and unjust ones. And when you enforce an unjust order knowingly, you are held to account. Having received superior orders is not a defence to hurt ordinary people. Oh yes, he is on the list. In his case, I doubt if he can run anywhere, so among the worriers, he has to worry the most.

Everyone who has deliberately hurt others to further their careers and for money, serving as Lee's agents have to answer for their actions. Justice demands it.

I hear that Lee Kuan Yew was recently in hospital and fitted with a pacemaker. His heart has begun to beat irregularly. I also understand that he travels around with a squad of doctors to treat him in an emergency. These are signs of desperation. The man is desperately trying to keep alive because he knows how bad it will be for his son when he goes. And at this time, the people of Singapore have to keep a lookout for their fellow men and women, the king's men, who have deliberately hurt them for profit.

Singaporeans are a gentle people. I don't think they will shoot them as was the case in countries such as Iran or Russia, after the overthrow of the Shah and the capture of the Tzar. No, there is no need for violence. Singaporeans should treat them according to law. A just and fair law; not the law that these men and women of Lee Kuan Yew used against them. We will have to see what happens and it will happen very soon.

But please, don't forget to make that list.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to include LKY's nephew-in-law Wong Kan Seng the short-arse aka dwarfman. He must stand trial in the people's court when LKY dies and the PAP is toppled.

Anonymous said...

Why bother?

Everyone has to die - Lee Kuan Yew included, with no exceptions. When these sinners go meet their makers, they have to answer for everything they do. God is justice, although PAP courts do not serve justice. All the corrupt judges will face the final judgement. The current fate of Lee Kuan Yew's wife is a good example.

Patience is the key, and faith in the almighty, which symbolises the ultimate justice.

Anonymous said...

mr. nair,

you haven't gone far enough in this instance. why not bring your argument to its logical conclusion by including 66.6% of singaporeans who voted for the pap? and for good measure, throw in other governments of the world who transacted business with the pap. what do you think?

Gopalan Nair said...

With the way the elections are rigged, it is suprising that they only got 66%. They should have got 99%. In the circumstances the elections were held, it is heartening to know that as much as 34% dared to vote for the opposition. This is a clear condemnation of Lee Kuan Yew and his clique.

If you dont know let me tell you. Before elections the opposition candidate faces criminal charges, defamation lawsuits, vilification in the state controlled press and every other calamity. Is this what you call elections?

And finally, as far as foreign governments go, they have now got the message. That Singapore is nothing more than a tax haven for crooks and embezzellers. The Burmese drug lords are the only ones who are happy with it with their money in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

mr. nair,

i was writing in jest. you don't recognise sarcasm, do you?

what you suggest has the makings of a merry witch-hunt.

i think history has shown us that whatever good intentions with which one begins by drawing up a list such as you suggest has the unfortunate tendency to degenerate into chaos if not bloodshed, all in the name of justice.

in all seriousness, the notion of complicity which undergirds your original post is not as simple as you make it out to be.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Singaporeans who after working all their life will soon realize that their CPF and Temasek kitty is empty.

Anyway let any of these scoundrels come to Australia.

Gopalan Nair said...

You might call it witch hunt. Myself and I think many Singaporeans would call it justice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nair,

Happy Seasons greetings.

It is good for George Bush to let Obama know that the highest office will add a barrier to Obama's aspiration to be close to the people. Yes, the White House is like a Forbidden Palace of China.

But Obama is trying. Thank God!

When Australian ex-PM Howard lost touch of the ground, he is quickly removed from both office and his seat.

Robert Mugabe is taking longer because the African neighbours' support around him, esp South Africa's return of favour for the apartheid years.

The question, how long can the LEE family stay in power. The Emperor has no clothes - Bear Stearns on Mar 10 is worth US$60 a shares. When investors found out the Bear has no clothes 4 days later, it's share price dived and it has to be rescued for $2 a share (initial offer).

The vision of Singapore is now that of the Principality of Monaco of the East, tax haven, casino and a rule by a "monarchy". Except in Monaco, the residents do not pay income tax and its defense is provided by the French.

But Singapore, there is no monarchy (except for a father-son tag team and loyal millionnaire servants), people pay higher taxes, the casino is not ready and Lee is hoping the US will defend the island ..... Oh dear!

Anonymous said...

mr. nair,

so did mao, pinochet, and pol pot. so did the jacobins.


Anonymous said...

Let us all clarify one point - The difference between a Witch-Hunt and serving Justice. Whichever it is, is really very clearly determined by WHOEVER is the hunted, and WHAT WERE their deeds or offences. In witch-hunts, the hunted usually are innocent victims. While serving justice means dealing and meting out the appropriate punishments to those who have done misdeeds and caused harm UNFAIRLY to others. Simple as that! Even a child knows where the difference lies. Now... let us evaluate their past deeds with eyes WIDELY open... Is it a witch-hunt now, or serving Justice?

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Gopalan,

If I ever see any of the King's Men and Women in Australia, I will wave a Kangaroo Court T-shirt at him/her and will wear the T-shirt in an Australian court. I will bet with them that if I get jailed for doing that in Australia, it means I lose and will wear a kangaroo suit for life. But if they lose, hopefully they will wear the Kangaroo suit in a Court of Justice in Singapore.

It should be easy for them ... after all, they are already working in one. hahaha

All the best for the new year, I know that you will need the wishes after what the King's puppets did to you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the king's men read this blog.

Mr Nair, please "keep on blogging, don't stop blogging - you're gonna be a star someday. You're gonna make a lot of people happy when they come to hear you say" -


Anonymous said...

Your great democracy promoter Bush also travels around with a squad of doctors and people who are made to take a bullet for him. Goa and die you PRC hating idiot.

Anonymous said...

I very disappointed with Nair. How can Nair miss the another evil henchman who abuse justice and perpetuate kangaroo laws . How could Nair forget about Attorney General Walter Woon aka Fatty Woon or Kangaroo General ? Do Nair know that Fatty actually request for $15000 each from these people, and sentence them to jail for three months ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

I do not support the present Singapore govt and I am simply stating the fact as I see it. The party which has been in power since the independence, I guess (I am not a Singaporean but an European) will not let everything they say they have achieved go. There will be new generation of leaders and they will say that they will follow the winning approach that has made Singapore prosperous. Except India, which is a democracy with endemic political and systemic corruption, there is no example of non-Western democracy in SE Asia. Srilanka is afflicted with perennial terrorism Indonesia and Malaysia with religion, Thailand with generals who can pull the rug under the politicians etc.. Tell me which non-Western democracy exists in SE Asia (I am counting out Australia and New Zealand as Western) for Singapore to emulate?

The leaders who follow the Old Man and his son will change nothing. Why would they? Look at what the Old Man and his friends have achieved? There is low crime, the school kids behave and study, the education and healthcare are as good as in any Western country. The leaders who follow these two will not throw these away for a democracy which may function at best like in India which was recently rocked by terrorism. Ask any Indian in India, they will happily swap their democracy with a system which functions well like in Singapore. I have talked to Many Indians and know it.

Hence I find your arguments very weak indeed. Singaporeans will not rise up demanding democracy with human rights Western style after they see how the West is not delivering in a number of areas, crime and education, the two for a start.

I am sure nothing will change and if anything changes, it will be after your and my life time. I suggest you write a book about your experiences and move on.

Gopalan Nair said...

What do you mean by move on?

Gopalan Nair said...


You are trying very hard.

Anonymous said...


You too, are trying very hard. Too hard perhaps.

Anonymous said...

I have heard norman's arguments too many times from Singapore's elitists.

He also takes too much offense on what Mr. Nair wrote.

Most likely, he works for the new agency created by the gov't to battle Singapore's online dissidents.

Westerners take pride in their democracy which they see as a means rather than as an end to itself. It is a product of centuries worth of blunders by the old Western civilization.

They view it as a tool to allow a free society to correct its mistakes...and they consider this to be universal, something that applies to all and not just to the West.

So for norman to imply that Asians are an exception is not only stupid, but also racist.

I only know one set of people who takes pride over such arguments.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

Strange that garrulous Gopalan Nair is an one liner now! I gave you facts as we see from here in Europe.
Singapore children come on top in international league table, while US and UK kids are languishing at the bottom. They can think as they like but most of them are virtual illiterates by the time they move up to high school. These two countries are grappling with classroom roudiness which makes teachers cry and they leave the profession in increasing numbers. Crime in USA and UK for example is escalating. In Singapore it is low and bumping at the bottom. The society is orderly in Singapore, where as the Western societies, say in USA and UK , they are afflicted with maladies like single parents, teenage pregnancies some preganant to get benefits, benefit scrounging,
school dropouts, teenage gangs etc.. What do you want Singapore govt should be-liberal as in Europe and see the society going down the drain? Commonsense says to me that it will not happen in Singapore. I do not want to comment on the govt, but for my friends who had been there many times and who are liberal thinkers,that is a good place to live and work. One has to see what the European Convention on Human Rights has done to Europe and particularly to Britain. Illegal immigrants get housed, one family lives in a house worth over 3 million US dollars in London! The govt in Britain cannot deport illegal immigrants who commit crime and even murder. My British friends who have worked all their lives paying taxes, see these scoundrels getting away literally with murder and one of them said to me that he wants to see a govt like that operates in Singapore.

I said 'move on', which you should know is leave behind this Singapore baggage you have and getting on with your work as a lawyer. I guess you have no kids or a family which would have made you to do just that ages ago.

Anonymous said...


You claim to be European? Puhleeze! Your examples of civil society on the brink of melt-down are the stuff beloved of lurid tabloids designed to catch the eye of casual readers who cluck with concern for about 2 seconds before dismissing them for what they are — utter tosh hyped to the limit to sell a product. Any European would know that. You ought to quit subscribing to and disgorging tabloid bogeyman trash if you want your views to be taken seriously.

British kids 'illiterate', feral savages? Would these be the same ones whose sporting, science, music, fashion and artistic talents lead the world? Ever heard of Duffy, Take That, Damien Hirst, Stephen Hawking, J.K. Rowling, inventor of the Web Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, David Beckham... you know, the many er, ignorant barbarians infesting the UK? Horrors, many haven't even passed their O-levels, let alone hold a university degree. Now, you name one world-reknowned and admired Singaporean from your crime-free, peaceful, hard-working, highly-educated, civilised little paradise of a police state-cum-marsupial sanctuary? Just ONE will do. From any field of human endeavour. One world-beating product? One Beijing gold medallist? *drums fingernails on table, patiently*

I shan't bother to 'move on' since that will undoubtably encourage the nauseatingly well-rehearsed whine of "But we're a uniquely tiny nation with NO natural resources surrounded by a sea of hostile neighbours..." and God forbid, "Asian Values". Your agenda is perfectly transparent, which is more than can be said for anything to do with Temasek/GIC or your consumately perfect, grotesquely-overpaid leaders. You might care to reflect on the fact that N. Korea today, S. Korea under the Kuomintang, China under Mao, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, could also have been deemed peaceful. It was the silence of the grave.

Anonymous said...

what u all tokking? english too deep.. dont understand... can explain and argue in simple english? gopalan... dont flaunt your english here.. i dont understand...hehehe... if you want singapore to hear, speak like a singaporean, talk like a singaporean, argue like a singaporean, and express your point and ideal as a singaporean... you cant expect a dog to understand a cat language rite? hahahha... Do what HSBC does best!

Anonymous said...

"I shan't bother to 'move on' since that will undoubtably encourage the nauseatingly well-rehearsed whine of "But we're a uniquely tiny nation with NO natural resources surrounded by a sea of hostile neighbours..." and God forbid, "Asian Values". Your agenda is perfectly transparent, which is more than can be said for anything to do with Temasek/GIC or your consumately perfect, grotesquely-overpaid leaders"

'Norman Wisdom'? You do't want to 'move on'. I said to a bloke called Gopaln Nair. Suddenly you appear as 'Norman Wisdom'! You are Gopalan Nair! Why don't you respond as Goplan Nair. About British kids illiterates. Ask any Brits, they will tell you. Obviously you are not in touch with realities.

You are assuming that I am a stooge of Yew! I am thousands of miles from that place. I wind you up and you fret and fume!

Check the IP address from where this is posted, you will be sur[prised!

Anonymous said...

"they are afflicted with maladies like single parents, teenage pregnancies some preganant to get benefits, benefit scrounging,
school dropouts, teenage gangs etc.. What do you want Singapore govt should be-liberal as in Europe and see the society going down the drain? "

Laugh my ass out..Singapore is down with such society problems too and i dont think that our lack of democracy have stop western influence which lead to such society problem on the rise.

Life in Singapore is getting harder, parents got to work longer hours to stay competitive and for survival. Time for children is reduced. Society problems may escalate?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nair,

Yes, I have a list of those who covered themselves in brown, sticky, smelly stuff for LKY. Now, I will expand my list to those who were in the best positions to influence for good those people in my black list, but did nothing. These people - the spouses, parents, children - are just as culpable. Guilt comes both by commission as well as by omission.

Shermon said...

Is there a need to continue this cycle of vengeance?

It should be sufficient to say that when the incumbent passes on, his so-called cronies will flee to the ends of the earth.

Is there a need to rake up the dirty past then? Shall we just move on, like Mr Mandela advocated in South Africa in 1994?

You were a Rafflesian. You are supposed to be the "Hope of a Better Age".

Show the incumbent that he is the one who is clinging so tightly to the past age and refusing to acknowledge the dawn of a newer age.

We must learn how to move forward.

Anonymous said...

All said and done, Singapore has attained the present status due to the good works of Singaporeans and the stability of the climate unlike in Malaysia where people get killed or "punished" for being opposition to the government.

Singapore is more civilised to be fair.

There will be bad and good things in all countries. Live and let live and be kind to all and ask for God's blessings in all things.