Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why is Singapore not applying to extradite me?

The Singapore government forcing me to remain in Singapore for 6 months, waiting for my trial for allegedly insulting a judge on this blog has caused me to suffer great financial loss. Your financial donations will help greatly. Please send then to the address below. Many thanks.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the 17th of September 2008, I was convicted and sentenced to 3 months imprisonment in Singapore for allegedly insulting a judge in a blog post in this blog. While I was serving sentence in prison with 1 week to go for my release, I was again charged for contempt of court for allegedly showing disrespect for the judge in another case, for saying things such as " I do not expect to get a fair trial in this court". As I knew that a denial of the charge would mean further time in prison, I pleaded guilty and said anything they wanted to hear, which resulted in no further jail time.

Since my return to the US, I have not only further criticized the Singapore judges as corrupt and agents for the dictator of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, as can be seen in all my 6 blog posts since Nov 28, 2008, I have further defied them by intentionally and publicly being in contempt of the court order off Judge Leslie Chew, of Court 15, Subordinate Courts Singapore by not only attacking the Singapore judiciary, but also by putting up the blog posts of Sept 1, 2008 and Sept 6, 2008, which were ordered removed.

By reading this blog, you can see that I am deliberately attacking the Singapore judiciary by calling them stooges of the Singapore dictator Lee Kuan Yew. The Singapore government, their Attorney General and the Singapore judiciary cannot pretend not to know what I write here because it is they who had charged and imprisonment me for 3 months because of the contents of this blog.

Singapore, as you know claims to be a first world modern city. It also claims to have the rule of law. It also claims to be a nation, proud of itself. In such a case, what I want to ask is this. Why, if this is so, if in fact Singapore claims to be country of laws; why is it doing nothing about a man in the United States deliberately calling its judges lackeys of the government and deliberately violating a court order; all of which has been given wide publicity, not only in Singapore but internationally?

I am sure if any person, had deliberately broken the laws of America or Australia or India or any other self respecting country and escaped to another, that country would use all means to repatriate him to stand trial for his crimes and be committed to prison for his contempt. I am sure that I would not dare to violate a law of any state in the US and run to another country, because I am certain that I will face extradition proceedings to have me returned to stand trial. Why, because America is a proud nation and will not stand by to see anyone brazenly flouting its laws.

I want to reiterate. While in Singapore, I had called Judge Belinda Ang a stooge of Lee Kuan Yew and his son, in my blog. According to Singapore judge Kan Ting Chiu, I had committed a serious, mind you serious, crime, for which he sent me to jail for 3 months. Now having returned to the US, I have done the same thing, expect that the criticism was even harsher. I have called High court judges Kan Ting Chiu and Judith Prakash shamelessly corrupt for being agents of Lee Kuan Yew and his government. What is more, I have deliberately broken a court order and boasting about it.

The Singapore government's complete failure to pursue me by law, clearly confirms what I have said all along. This is a government that continues to stay in power by bullying it's people into not criticizing their policies, which they do by using compliant judges to imprison dissenters. The disgusting thing is that they know that if they ever tried to apply for extradition proceedings through the American courts, they would be laughed at as a bunch of comedians. Realizing that they have no chance of convincing an American court, or for that matter, an Australian or Canadian or British or French, or any court in the free world that I have committed a crime, they remain silent as I continue from here to expose the corruption of Lee Kuan Yew and his disgraced judiciary.

As someone said it very nicely "Come and get me if you can, you bunch of bully boys. Why not try your dirty tricks in a free country, like the the USA"?

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Anonymous said...

to the question why is singapore not applying to extradite you, mr. nair, there is a simple answer: because you are not the centre of the world.

take care, and get on with your life.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous,

I may not be the center of of the world. But I am a man who has criticized the Singapore judiciary in this blog while in Singapore and spent 2 months in jail for it. According to them, I had committed a serious crime. Well now, I not only have committed that crime again, but I have deliberately defied their court order.

Any other country would not stand by idly, while someone does this. And especially where the Singapore authorities are fully aware of my actions.

In these circumstances, regardless of whether I am the center of the world, and most criminals are not anyway; why the reluctance in applying to force the return of a known criminal, which Singapore believes I am?

Being the center of the world is not the requuirement of countries around the world when they extradite criminals to stand trial. Surely.

Yes, I will take care and get on with my life. But I will coninue telling the world that Lee Kuan Yew governs by using his courts to demolish his critics. This job will coninue. Rest assured.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,
Over 66% voted for the Singapore Government. If they extradite you, we will not vote for them.

Why? Because they have a lot of things to do. Such as fixing the economic downturn, unemployment, terrorist attacks.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous,

Over 66% of Singaporeans voted for Lee Kuan Yew? Really? And what sort of elections were those? Defamation of character lawsuits and ISA detention even before they could stand for elections?

And do I get it right that you are saying that criminals are free to commit crimes and flee to other countries and you will do nothing about it?

What are you, a banana country?

Anonymous said...

Sorry can you be precise with your dates of sentence. I am not sure with your dates given.
Thanks buddy take care and stay strong.

Gopalan Nair said...

Date corrected. Thanks

Anonymous said...


You have the admiration and respect of many of us here in S'pore "prison"!

Twista said...

The only reason that SG government cannot extradite you is because you have not committed any offence,you are merely exercising your right of freedom of expression. No one can stop anyone from criticizing their government or scrutinize their policies.

Keep up your good work,we're with you all the way!!

Visit my blog sometime at

Anonymous said...

To idiots Anon Dec 7 6:34 and Anon Dec 7 7:14 :

Singapore PAP is busying with "fixing the opposition" and "buy my supporters over"! Idiots like you, get a life! If you don't like what my friend is writin here, scram back to your prison island called Singapore where freedom is only a word, nothing else!

Anonymous said...

To quote a Singaporean slang, "don't act yaya lah".

When you were here and were charged, your balls shrinked in prison and you admitted to fault. Now after you gone back to your home in US, you taunt the Singapore PAP to get to you.

Sounds like a small kid making petty insults and then run to hide behind his momma to me.

Anonymous said...

Because they know very well that their charges does not hold water in a REAL court of LAW, and are smart enough to realize what fools will they make of themselves if they ever try to extradiate you. However, you do know that by standing up against the kangaroo singaporean jucidiary, you're paying the high price of not being able to visit your friends n loved ones back home.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, tend to your almost devastated career now that you made it back safely to the US.

Singapore is not your country, and whatever happens in Singapore is non of your concern. Its obvious that you are in a very tight financial situation now, so do something to fix that. Maybe turn this blog into a blog shop selling teenager blings instead. You'll do a fantastic job.

Anonymous said...

The reason they wouldn't dare entertain the idea of extraditing you is because they are terrified of the level playing field that you are guaranteed BY LAW in the US. (And yes, of being laughed off as comedians as well; I believe that what you have done is a non-extraditable act anyway.)

There is NO such guarantee in Singapore for anyone who disagrees fundamentally with the Singapore government.

The unnecessarily harsh setencing on the other hand is exacerbated by the fact that you are Indian as; the chink racist/s from MICA who have also been vandalizing this site and who typically racialize any political (and even non-political) event involving Indians underscores this fact.

And Singapore has rigged the justice system in Singapore to ensure these outcomes.

Your experience certainly has driven home that point.

Anonymous said...

mr nair,

perhaps you can explain this to me: if i find your conduct reprehensible, why is it that i am necessarily:

a) a lackey of the pap; or
b) someone who has not yet seen the light (being 'brainwashed' as it were, by the pap).

any of the above seems true to some of your readers, and it appears, of you as well, given your implicit endorsement of what they write.

nb: clause a) is indeterminate as it stands. it may include, as you suggest elsewhere, members of pap-cybersquads. for the record, i find those who profess this notion to be guilty of the same paranoia of which they accuse the pap and perhaps, an exaggerated view of their self-importance.

Anonymous said...

You're protected by the Constitution of the US to exercise your freedom of speech. To allow you to be extradited would be unconstitutional.

Fortunately, the US is the superpower and not vice versa. Its hard for Singapore to "pressure" the US to allow you to be extradited when so much of its exports are to reach American shores.

Anonymous said...

These things happen in any society or organization i.e. people tend to silent any dissident in order to achieve their own personal objectives. In addition, they will use all 'indirect' means to do it to show to public/law that they are innocent. Nothing new. That's what POLITICS and POLITICIANS do.

How I wish if Mr Nair/someone with his intelligence can challenge the government in economy planning. This will let the government to think harder or work harder to spin up the current economy again. Let the government be challenged in your monetary investments, etc.

Personally I believe a lot of Singaporean do see/understand/'agree with' what Mr Nair has experienced but they didn't challenge the government b'coz so far the government can still bring good economy and stability to Singapore. In other words, most Singaporean can still accept the level of 'corruptions'/'nepotism' that is done so far as long as everyone in Singapore is "taken care of". To accept is NOT to agree or afraid of!

Something to ponder about:
Even if it is not LKY or PAP, who can guarantee similar things/in-justice will not happen? Who can guarantee that worse corruptions/nepotisms will not happen? Take our neighbour countrie(S) as the best example.

Anonymous said...

Oh mr. nair, i'm beginning to see your point. Do ignore my previous comments.

Your recent blog posts have certainly increased my I.Q. by a couple of points. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Extradition is out of the question.

The jumpy Singaporean marsupial is not going to risk hopping over to the land where the term "Kangaroo court" is coined - (Yes) in the midst of the CA goldrush.

Long gone are the anti-Aussie sentiments of Californians of the olden days.

Good to know that you are in safe land.

The Kangaroo stands proud. No Kangaroo Court in CA.

(egalitarianism, mateship, fairness, democracy, freedom, republicanism and multiculturalism)

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Singapore Government extradite ex-NKF Director Richard Fan and his wife from HK? I guess Gopalan's critic of the Judicial system and the court judgements work only in Singapore against hapless citizens. Their judgements cannot stand up in other free countries, Privy Council on its own merits. Poor Singaporeans! The Judicial is the best of the best just as in a one horse race.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore Government don't have to extradite you. Why?

You were arrested in Singapore, made to apologize [and you did], and you also served a custodial sentence.

You have also been sent packing back to the US of A with your tail between your legs, and as predicted, have continued taking potshots at Singapore once again from the safe 'haven' of your adopted country.

Well, the fact that you apologized here just to put an end to proceedings, and have since continued your potshots at Singapore [as predictable as an open book] just underlines one thing...

Pathetic. You've lost all credibility in the eyes of Singaporeans. At least those fighting the PAP do so in Singapore, and don't scoot off to faraway lands to take potshots from afar.

So why extradite you? Better to save the time, effort, energy, resources and cash.

Your loss of credibility is simply... Priceless.

Enjoy your sad life while you still can.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Mika A,
Hate to dissapoint you. These are not pot shots. This is a sustained and permanent journal, continously pubhlishing reports on the sad state of affairs in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. Read all around the world. With Dr. Chee in Singapore, the valient activists, and writers around the world constantly exposing Lee Kuan Yew's dirty tricks, the situation is slowly but surely changing.

I have committed a contempt of court in the US of a Singapore court order, by delibertely defying the court order of Judge Leslie Chew because I have put up the blogs which were taken down and I have continued to attack the Singapore judiciary for their lack of independance.

It is interesting to see that they are not taking any steps to stop my actions here, since it makes no difference where I am physically since the consequence remains the same. That is, Singpaoreans and the rest get to read my blog.

So the bad news is, I am going to be a pain for Lee Kuan Yew. What I do may not be much, but it is the contribution of each of us that in the end makes a difference. And I can telly you one thing. I have already made a difference.

Gopalan Nair

Anonymous said...

Screwballs get a life.Read Subhas Anandan comments in Probono. He said that people are under the impression there are 2 laws in Singapore - one for the rich and one for the poor. He is wrong. There is a seperate law to fix dissenters like Gopalan and ASWJ.

Anonymous said...

Gopalan, if this is a sustained and permanent journal, why are some posts temporary removed when you are pressured by the Singapore Government? You have done nothing wrong in your opinion, so why not stick to that and get help from your country? You talk of courage, you talk of change, yet you show cowardice. Did the Singapore Government induce torture on you to force you to remove your posts? Nope. It was simply a few days in jail and your resolve is shattered.

The fact that the posts in your blog are subjected to removal and changes as and when when pressured by any courts already show that you do not display much courage nor ownership to your posts.

Which means any posts here are just petty posts aimed to create unhappiness among citizens of the country you are born in, but sadly, a country which will never welcome you again.

Anonymous said...

Russia and other countries do sometimes take actions to people who are not behaving properly overseas after changing their citizenship. However, those should have done something really serious for that. Your case doesn't seem to be important enough for anyone to even think about at a high level...

Anonymous said...

I think Gopal did the right thing. He apologived and then return to US so he can cotinously update his blog which remind us singaporean about how dirty our PAP government has become to ... as a singaporean I do enjoy reading his blog but with a mixed kind of feeling ... feeling good and bad about our nation espeacially there are so much incidents happening lately ... I really hope that all these critics knocks some sense into PAP so they can change themself to server the people better. Hate to say that I begin to dislike the PAP MP although I have vote for them for the past 30 years

Anonymous said...

Why go back to the US and then write all these stupid blogs?

If you really have the balls, come back to Singapore and challenge LKY and LHL again. Give them your hotel address and ask them what can they do to you? and ask them to come arrest you.......just like you so foolishly did the last time.

When you were stuck in Singapore you were pleading to be released, ask to go back to US as your business were suffering and your personal matters were not being attended to.

Now that you are back, you should be grateful that you got your freedom back, and keep your bloody mouth shut.

You never learn your lesson.

Remember your miserable days and nights in prison? remember all your plea to be released? remember your plea to the US government to intervene and nothing happened?

LKY and the Singapore Government should have locked you up in Changi prison forever and have you detained under ISA and don't even bother giving you a trial.

You had been god damn lucky.

Gopalan Nair said...

I cannot come back. I was deported.
Gopalan Nair

Anonymous said...

We don't and will never ever welcome you back.

Seelan Palay said...


Anonymous said...

Singapore is such a weird country... I hope I never go there again... They have not much to offer other than the MBS hotel...most ridiculous country ever.