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Brain washing young children. Lee Kuan Yew's Hitler youth.

Readers of this blog who are unfamiliar with the goings on in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, may think reading the comments that there are many who think Singapore is a democracy based on the rule of law. The reader is warned that they may be Singapore government employees whose job is to discredit those who criticize Lee Kuan Yew's authoritarian rule. Please use your discretion as to how much weight you will give these comments.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, great effort was spent in brainwashing young children to support the dictatorship by extolling the virtues of total obedience to his dictates. This was done by rewriting history and crediting Hitler with every achievement in Germany. And with this brainwashing and brute force, he managed to bring to heel an entire people.

Reading George Orwell's 1984, which I read twice over while in Lee Kuan Yew's prison, it becomes clear how powerful this tool is. If history can be re-written the way you want, then it becomes easy to justify your actions at any one point of time. So history is constantly re-written to suit the prevailing situation holding at any one time.

For instance, Big Brother is credited with having invented the aeroplane, even though most people who have lived long enough would know that aeroplanes were in existence long before the creation of Oceania, that country. Yet, it did not matter in the least what people really thought, since every record of the invention of aeroplanes were completely destroyed and the date of the creation is adjusted to the time when Big Brother took office. In this situation it would have been pointless for anyone to argue otherwise, since you could not prove it because no records existed.

The same believe it or not is happening in Singapore. History is being re-written in praise of Lee Kuan Yew. It is being done to young Singapore children. They will grow up believing that everything that Singapore achieved is because one man, Lee Kuan Yew. And their minds being permanently programmed into believing this lie, they would then, when adults work to perpetuate his dictatorship. That is the plan.

In Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times, like all the other newspapers in Singapore, an article appears "Little Red Dot packs a punch" Jan 05, 2009. Bertha Henson, a journalist who works for this propaganda machine, is in charge of putting together a 16 page weekly publication called the "Little Red Dot". In it, the newspaper article states "there is an increased focus on national education. Singapore's historical sites and people who have made an impact (on Singapore) are featured weekly in Big Chances and Big Heroes". If you guessed that "Big Heroes" and "people who have made an impact" would probably prominently feature Lee Kuan Yew, you are absolutely right.

You and I know what Lee Kuan Yew is. He is a man who ruthlessly grabbed power from his colleagues. A man who controls the entire press. A man who has completely politicized the judiciary and made them his servants. A man who has completely politicized the civil service to do his bidding any time he wants. A man who uses the police force not for legitimate law enforcement but to arrest torture and destroy his political opponents. A man who remains in power by instilling fear in his people. A thoroughly corrupt individual who pays himself and his minions $3.7 million a year, which he shamelessly calls a salary, not counting the several more millions he siphons off from state coffers. Yes a thoroughly corrupt individual.

Such a man, in my books is a corrupt tyrant. But Bertha Henson will paint a totally different picture. Young children in her "Little Red Dot" will be told that Lee Kuan Yew single handedly created this Singapore we have, that Singapore is a democracy based on the rule of law, and that we should all worship him as a Godsend and she will finish off with the rhetorical question as to what would we do without such a great man.

If parents of young children are reading this, they should be aware that their children are now being subjected to brainwashing, like Hitler's children, like Stalin's children and like the brainwashing that children in all past dictatorships suffered. I am not a psychologist and cannot definitely state what damage this does to their minds. But personally I believe this brainwashing is harmful resulting in their growing up with a completely warped sense of history. The problem is aggravated by the fact that Lee Kuan Yew does not allow literature that is critical of him to circulate in Singapore, leaving the people without much opportunity to see the other side of the coin. Francis Seow's books on Lee Kuan Yew just as many other books are banned in Singapore. This leaves most people including young children with no alternative but accepting the falsities put out by Lee Kuan Yew's agents such as this woman, Bertha Henson.

Parents no doubt would find themselves in a quandary. How do they tell the children who have been subjected to this brainwashing in school not to accept what is told them? And if they did, would not the children find themselves in the most unenviable situation not knowing whom to believe, their teacher or their parents?

If parents dare, they should demand of the teachers to stop this dirty practice. If not, perhaps they should leave the country to save their children. This is a difficult proposition one way or the other, in this fear ridden Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorship.

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Anonymous said...

Just like that Asi Hitler, LKY's legacy will come crushing down.

young-pap said...

I, YAP, am one of the brain-washed one. Read my blog, and you will agree :)

Anonymous said...

We need a devastating war, we must burn it all down. Hitler did just one thing right and that was to totally destroy Germany, he had even said that himself. And the result afterwards? Think also of Japan.

Anonymous said...

i've been through this system cos im 18 and waiting for enlistment.
First of all i concur that the education system in singapore is somehow not right. However, from what i observe, i believe that many youths are also aware of this and are simply sucking it up, pressing on to get what they need for employment into desired careers. While i cant speak for everyone, national education has been (honestly) quite useless, for such lessons in school are somehow reduced to sessions of idle banter and at best, just patriotics 101 with very low levels of enthusiasm. As you can tell politics in singapore is not very popular and soon, we will probably be getting more foreign talent to sit in as our future MPs. But i don't think LKY is as dictatorial as u depict him to be, at least not through NE. So far, NE has never been impactful nor impressionable to me, and i think for most youths too. School in singapore has always been simply an avenue to getting the much needed cert and CV. With much focus on that, NE has had very little priority to students. So i guess NE with the added 'propaganda' is really not so much of a worry.

Secondly, i feel that it is not really the paternalistic government that is at fault here if u are so very against it that is. It is the people. After thinking through this through my jc life, i concluded that the entirety of the problem lies in the fact that Singaporeans or people residing here want mainly security. People here do not wish to see other people brandishing weapons on the street and probably cherish the fact that Singapore is relatively safe from natural disasters and all that. Of course the security and safety here can be attributed to s'pore's manageable size, even if its by one man. Whichever the case, the point is that the people simply choose to live in security and peace of mind, and this apparantly is provided well by the current government. The political climate in singapore is a natural monopoly, just like the public transport system and communication system in singapore. And i think it would be very hard to change such a rule because i believe that PAP capitalises on security and safety of the nation, and i suppose they hav managed it pretty well. This is probably the same reason why political apathy is a concern in singapore. Anywho, singaporeans aren't ready for a 'liberal democracy', clearly because we cant handle it yet( i suppose) or we haven't showed we are ready for it. Its like, if it aint spoilt, don't fix it. (but i suppose the escape of mas selamat manage to dent that confidence )

Lastly i think you should focus your energy into doing other things you enjoy rather than trying to change the system here in Singapore. Yea, we might all feel there's something wrong. But thing is, i can live with it and those who cant simply leave.

Liberal democracy in the west wasn't developed over 43 years anyway. There's plenty of time and LKY is 85. If there's chaos after he's gone, then we know that he was really a tyrant/dictator, history will be written be it the Singaporean version or thru the eyes of foreigners.

Oh, and if LKY is gone would you come back to singapore and stay here? Or is it better over there?

Gopalan Nair said...

to anonymous,

"Lastly i think you should focus your energy into doing other things you enjoy rather than trying to change the system here in Singapore."

The very fact that you have such trouble to write to me is reason enough to do it.

Anonymous said...

'The very fact that you have such trouble to write to me is reason enough to do it.'

I suppose you like trying to change it then, haha. Well, Ghandi did mention about being the change you wanted to see in the world. Don't get me wrong im not a PAP fan nor SDP supporter, im just another one of those politically apathetic youths that so ails sg. LOL. But i would like to see the day some other party rules sg - that would be interesting. I conjecture that that day isnt very far away, unless LKY has clones of himself, heheh.

Gopalan Nair said...

"Don't get me wrong im not a PAP fan nor SDP supporter, im just another one of those politically apathetic youths that so ails sg."

Are you really?

Anonymous said...

I admit I used to idolize LKY. His speeches, his great intellect, his aura. Not anymore...

I was brain-washed by The Straits Times, by my teachers, by the TV, by my neighbourhood and grassroots leaders. PUI.

Anonymous said...

It is time to record an unoffical biography of Lee Kuan Yew: From colonial hero to "First" World tyrant.

The important question is : what sort of future does Singaporeans have, post Lee Kuan Yew.

Samuel Huntington may not live to see the post-Lee era, but he will not be surprised if Singapore turned out worse than what he predicted.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Hitler's propaganda recently in Cologne, and i have to say Singapore's pale in comparison to that of the Nazi Regime. The comparison is ridiculously invalid.

Remember, Hitler really crushed Human Rights by killing Jews and minorities, killed his opponents, reduced European cities to rubble as a result of WWII, and lastly, tried to introduce the Thousand Year Reich and develop his own religion, culture etc. None of this has happened in Singapore so far, and comparing Hitler to Lee Kuan Yew is so wrong. Hitler can only be compared to tyrants such as Stalin, Mugabe, Idi Amin and Mao. Lee Kuan Yew is best comparable with the likes of Mahathir, Hugo Chavez and Margaret Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

"Apathetic Youth":

It's one this for there to be societal weaknesses; its another thing for the political leadership to exploit them to serve their own PERSONAL, and not public, interests (i.e. their power ambitions).

That's not what they are paid by the public to do.

Lee Scum Yew is a master at exploiting societal weaknesses to entrench himself in power. He exploited:

1. inexperience in democracy and lack of political literacy to mislead the electorate about what judicious governance should be; and,

2. (a more specific example) he exploited Chinese racism as a way to deal with the threat that JB Jeyaratnam posed to him.

The list is much longer, but the above two should be sufficient to make my point.

Rushking said...

Sir, you should write a Book on your thoughts. Especially an E-book and post it on the net for all to read.
Good luck & God bless.

from: Rushking

Gopalan Nair said...

To Dex,
I did not say that Lee Kuan Yew killed 6 million Singaporeans as Hitler did. I said Lee Kuan Yew is using the same tactics of Hitler by brainwashing little children. In any case one wonders which is worse, jailing Chia Thye Poh for 31years or just killing him outright.You do an injustice to Mahatir or Margaret Thatcher by comparing Lee Kuan Yew to them. Neither of them embarked on a policy of brainwashing children.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nair,

I have spoken to many people including doctors and civil servants who waiting to retire. They expressed strongly that LKY must not, should not and cannot DIE. The reason for the doctor is he wanted to make enough money and migrate, so to him, LKY death will create chao and it will spoilt his plan. For the retiring civil servant, he said that LKY must not die before he can withdraw all his CPF monies. All this people think for themselves only. If that is his only purpose to live on and have a long life, I pity him. It seems that people who wish him dead care for the country and people who wish him long life care for themself. Poor LKY.

Anonymous said...

LKY may be many things and our hearts bleed for the terrible sacrifices he has made for us ungrateful Singaporeans — but 'poor' he most certainly is not.

Anonymous said...

I guess by now most of you would have heard the news about Member of Parliament Mr Seng Han Thong being set ablaze on Sunday Morning. Mr Seng Han Thong is no stranger to assaults. In July 2006, he was punched at a meet-the-people session.

My first reaction when I heard the news was “Him again?” There are 80 plus Member of Parliament in Singapore. Why is it that he always get assaulted? Is there something wrong with him to begin with? I did a google on his name and found some people calling him a bootlicker. He suggested a stupid taxi surcharge and fuel surcharge. He also side step question from WP. In fact, I couldn’t find anything good about him online. Perhaps that the reason why someone set him ablaze

For something to happen, there must be a reason. And perhaps Mr Seng Han Thong might want to use this time in hospital to do some self reflection to see why he keeps getting assaulted. Is he suitable to be a MP? Is he doing the right thing? If he isn’t, then perhaps he should resign before something worse happens. First punch, now burn. What’s next?

I do hope the old gentleman doesn’t get punished too severely.

PS: We finally got justification for our Member of Parliament’s high salary. This is a high risk job. Bush only got 2 shoes being thrown at him. Our Singapore MP got people set fire on him. Which explains why our MP are better paid than the American President

Gopalan Nair said...

Personally I think Mr. Seng better find another job.

Anonymous said...

Times are achanging. I sense and I know that S'pore will come to a standstill. Things are slowly becoming stagnant here. I an beginning to smell the stench from the closet. Sooner or later, my friends, LKY must go(I hope he meets JBJ and gets bashed up).

Anonymous said...

Does that Lee really thinks his way can go on forever? Does he believe that he has everything under control?

Anonymous said...

"PS: We finally got justification for our Member of Parliament’s high salary. This is a high risk job. Bush only got 2 shoes being thrown at him. Our Singapore MP got people set fire on him. Which explains why our MP are better paid than the American President."

Darned! I predict a huge pay rise for Millisters when parliment sits again.

Anonymous said...

Harry is going to destroy Singapore, along with his party and his family and all of us with him.

It's a big mistake to think that the Billions of reserve he hold is the answer to all the problems we face.

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm a malaysian an i'm 20 years old. as u know, singapore originally was under the malaysian govement. back then, malaysian patriots were sacrificing their lives to free 'tanah melayu' from the japanese. (including singapore!) but, what make me mad was when i asked my history lecturer where was lee kuan yew when japan invade singapore, he said lee kuan yew was at his family's vacation homes at filipina.
what a patriot he is!